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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Thoughts on

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday August 8 2018 at 2:14AM
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It's me once again.

Lord of the rings online

Long story short: despite all initial fears, I do enjoy LOTRO's Mordor. So many things to do, most things are doable, even if hard. I am efficient at getting Mordor keys for local lootboxes and thus grinding valuable ash. Nothern Mirkwood - purchased and finished, I am good at doing dailies there. The only thing I dislike: so-called "refugees" theme in Dale. Politics should have zero place in MMOs.


I  thought about returning here. To my Universal Soldiers Guild. To my grinds: gather materials, store them, craft stuff, deposit, transport, aid somebody's plot - and enjoy seeing new buildings appearing.

And then I read about changes.

Free players must log into once a month to confirm their account.

New Free players can advance to lvl.15 only. After that - no xp, no quests.

Free players cannot access open public storages "due to theft". (exceptions maybe to old accounts made when f2ps could be only Human and are > lvl.50).

Free players cannot lead Guilds.

In short, istaria's f2p switched from the best model - one I always reccomended - to only a limited demo. A pity. A game that does have potential, that has loyal (yet small) playerbase - it can grow up, it just needs to thing what is it willing to sell for cash. Shiny things for plots? Fluff items? Or even some races for, say, 10-20 $ each?

Now, I have no sense in returning. No advancement, no quests, the only activity - to aid other players' plots. No more use of public storage which was so efficient.  I feel really sorry I must leave that game. Thought about saying "good-bye", but did not do so.

Perfect World

Somehow thinking about it. Asiand grinder - alas, yes. Race-locked classes - yes. Not sure about real PvP and controls. Like - is it "camera follows you, where you look, there camera looks" or "direct your run and camera with separate controls"? As far as I heard - not too restrictive f2p.


If anybody has thoughts, feel free to share.