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Author: Lithuanian

Necroing in Everquest

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 16 2016 at 2:12AM
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Everquest II

Tried to play with Fairie class. Tiny timny with psychodelic coloured wing. No good at all. She was AoE mage, but once again - little use. Deleted.

Then, Necromancer came to life. Chose random name, thinking she won't last long. I was wrong.

Necro is just my class. So far (lvl.11) has one tiny tiny skeleton. Little guy has some actions and does all combat for me. My Necro, in turn, has many Damage over Time spells just to support mian fighter, i.e. skeleton. Even one heal to make little guy last longer.

I can cast some diseases, also - ranged attacks. My guy is melee only and sometimes does not want to attack target. Sometimes he just swims (!).

Found out I missed one quest in evil guys starting area: I should have talked with NPC about gathering and receive quest. This would lead to a chain of quests and some cool rewards.

Fighting was easy: just go, tab-target, unleash skeleton, cast some spells, watch monster dying.

I was expecting more like Age of Conan type - me, controlling an army of undead. But little guy would be nice too.

The only nuissance are severe f2p restrictions. Cannot use chats, cannot mail anything, cannot use auction house...and cannot fill questionnaire for entering Guild. This makes EQ2 just an online single player game with zero social interaction. I guess developers should leave at least some socializing action for free players.

But overall - things are nice (so far) in EQ2.

Gorwe writes:

Well, once you discover Mecenaries(but you've to purchase that unlock with $$$)'ll discover every class is phenomenal in EQ 2. And Wizard is a really bad class to start without sub or unlocks or other players helping you(like REALLY BAD). Even its paired class-Warlock-is better for a solo start(those sweet, sweet AoEs + still very respectable single target).

I'd just sub to EQ(and other SOE games-you get them all for price of one) on a monthly basis when I feel like playing it(or any other SOE game, really). It should be worth it.

Tue Aug 16 2016 7:45AM Report writes:
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