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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian


Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 9 2016 at 3:43AM
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Everquest II

My toon continues her evil journey (I am evil there, after all). Human, somehow evil, Wizard, level 13. I managed to finish some quests to kill dragonflies, then some fairies, finally - some cultists (too hard to pronounce). Had to go to one crater,kill local cultists and then gather some ore.

Cultists spawned too quickly, sometimes my health was dropping too low and I still have no self-heals.To make  things worse, next quest is to go to same cultist-infested crater and kill their leader. I doubt cultists would just stand and look. They would attack and have too high chance of killing me, And I have no chance to oover-kill them all, then 3-shot their leader.  Not sure how would I finish this quest: maybe grind 10 levels to be able?

I started gathering materials and faced 2 problems:

  1. I was gathering metal and stones for some reason
  2. I am not sure which crafting school to pick. I can't pick just a set of 3 (like in Lotro). Only one and I do need everything. Weapons, armour, jewellery, spells, inventory bags.
For f2p it is impossible to use mass chats or auction. Not sure if I can use other means to communicate, liko posting job offer. I am low on money, because can rely only on vendor trash. And finally, my bags are almost full: lots of stuff, many housing items.
Forsaken world: uninstalled. Sorry, my nice shiny Asian grinder, you did not fascinate me.
Terra: would be uninstalled in the neariest future.
Lotro: still playing, having fun, but feeling like game actually ends. Right now many of new content is closed for me. I do lack firepower and morale to get through tens of grouped/aggroed monsters, ruide throuigh deadly enemies within unexplored territory only to finish one (!) quest. I calculated: in order to enter, I need every single monster killed. To do that, I need groups. if we have 20 monsters, then I need at least 60 player (one tank, one ranged dps, one healer). 60 players in one small plot -->server crash. All I wait is lvl.110 - maybe then I could, with all precaution, try to finish this quest. writes:
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