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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Everquest 2, Forsaken world

Posted by Lithuanian Monday August 8 2016 at 3:53AM
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Forsaken world

New mmo I have tried.

Customization:little. From visuals, was able to change hair style and colour. There are several races, some classes limited to races (just not gender). I picked up Human Mage - lucky for me, she was weavering kind of bikini armour (nobody complains though...).

World: shiny shiny, bright bright one with Asian style. If someone dislikes Asian style - do not enter this game. Each quest may provide autotracking: you click, you go to quest giver/territory. Easy. Experience is nice, I levelled to lvl.10 in no time. Attacks were nice, including one AoE. However, mana depletes very quickly and does not auto-restore easily.

Controls: a bit clumpsy. Once again, "look" and "run" are 2 controls, not one. From this point of view, EQ2 and Lotro are just superb. I had only 2-3 attacks, but once again - combnat was like "press button and go drink coffee". Monsters were kind enough not to touch me unless I attacked.

Game may be considered either pay-to-win or with very intrusive cash shop. Bag is a bit of mess. Chat is organized in weird way and local chats are mostly empty. I tried to communicate - no results.

Would probably uninstall. A pity, but this game lacks warmth and soul. It could be played just to kill time.


Everquest II

My evil mage continued her journey. Killing fairies, then some animals and alike. Doing dailies, earning Loyalty tokens (what to do with these?), collecting collection items. Yes, getting new skills and going better with Disruption.

I managed to finish some quests, receive some nice equipment and many housing items. Unfortunately, I can't own a house and won't be able to pay upkeep. Not easy to live entirely from vendor trash + being unable to communicate with others.

My mage is still really noobish and weak. Almost always I involve into melee and get almost killed. Not sure what am I doing wrong though. I stun targhet, use Immolation, then some kind of lightining...and if enemy is alive, I use all other attack spells. Not working as I expect.

Started to read some quest texts. Liked ne grumpy fairy that went on revenge.

Housing is still not an option.  It is expensive and I won't be able to pay upkeep. Getting lots of gold is problematic.

I need some clan/guild in EQ2 at least to communicate with others and receive advice about my toon.

Gorwe writes: What class are you playing? Because "evil mage" can be anything(even Evil affiliated Wizard). To me it sounds like a Necro, but he certainly does not have ltng bolts. Mon Aug 08 2016 7:45AM Report
Lithuanian writes:

Now I am at work, so - no mmos...

Theoretically it should be Wizard. Spells: some "Magma chamber" for stun, Immolate for burning, then "Solar flare" for just using. Yesterday started using Shackle, but it just does not work as I think.

Mon Aug 08 2016 8:48AM Report
Lithuanian writes:


Human Wizard, lvl.13

Maj Dul server.


Attack sequence: magma chmaber-->Immolation-->Solar flare III.

If that fails to kill (and ,mostly fails) - any other attacks, like Incinerate, Ice Spears.

Mon Aug 08 2016 11:38AM Report writes:
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