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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Tera: (mis)understanding

Posted by Lithuanian Friday August 5 2016 at 5:45AM
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My toon has finally started adventures in Tera. Yes, my little Human Sorcerer with light armour.

First quest was a bit confusing untill I went closer to some "root", then root changed colour to blue grind pattern which meant I could interacti with it. Then proceeced to gather, talk,. kill some trees, talk, kill named tree and finally go to some dungeon.

At the dungeon I had hard times dealing with lots of enemies, then went to some village, killed more enemies untill some "destroyer" came, overpowered me, I felt only to wake up and receive a new quest.

Initially things were just half-normal. Controls in Tera are really very hard. You have to calculate many things in each combat second. And yes, there is no way to bypass separation between looking and going.

And so, things started to become a total mess. I got some attack skills: simple attack, then some fire tower in front of mer and some "magma bomb". Magma bomb could not be used often or in close (melee) combat, so it did only symbolic damage. Rest attacks were quick, though not devastating for monsters. My toon had to sue valuable hp potions every now and then.

Equipment was "so-so". No option to go half-nude (maybe there is store item, not sure. Not going to spend real cash anyway).I received some new, but it was only a bit better than starter one.

And my head. After I logged off, I found a feeling - like when I close my eyes, the world starts rotating. Maybe it's not Tera to blame - yet had no such feeling after any other mmo.

Tera could be my game if not very confusing and hard controls. You got to see to where you go, where you look, what is your hp/mana, what strange circles and pointers enemies throw at you, what cooldown is on your skills...and all this within each second of combat. You just can't stand and move to one direction with one key. Now, when I can't control and have little skills - I cannot play Tera.

Yes, it is a nice game. I don't mind things being cartoonish. I care little about "save da childrenz plz" story. I don't care about grind, since I grinded many many things in Lotro. But I really dislike controls which are very hard, clumpsy, non-intuitive. Every experience with any mmo just spoils everything.

Unfortunately, Terra would be uninstalled. A pity. Would have to look for other pve f2p easy tab-targetting mmo...

Gorwe writes: TERA is very natural to me. Idk about the rest, but I prefer these controls by FAR to most other things. Especially top down, micro heavy shit like StarCraft and the like(ok, I don't like UT's speed either). My beef with TERA is that the lore is basically massacred from Korean version and is too cartoony for me...nah scratch that. It only looks cartoony, but mostly feels that way(silly) because of butchered translation. That much I've gathered. Fri Aug 05 2016 6:23PM Report
Lithuanian writes:

Tera is nice. Just controls. If only they had 2 types of controls: standard with run-look and nonstanard "you look where you go".

Grind does not botrher me. Sometimes I need to kill 360 enemies in Lotro. No problem, sometimes even fun time sink...

Sat Aug 06 2016 11:51AM Report writes:
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