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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

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Posted by Lithuanian Thursday August 4 2016 at 1:27AM
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Yes, the same mmo with huge client and >30 Gigabytes download. Took me some time to downolad and patch. PC still can run it, though a bit problematic.

Several races. Humans, some elves, some half-robotic. Not forgetting pandas and some little anime-style creatures.Everything looks a bit cartoonish, but that's not a problem for me.  Ok, let us pick Human female.

Customization: mostly from pre-defined models. I was unable to change, say, eye colour (but could choose some predefined tatoos). Otherwise you are similar to others.

Class: Sorcerer. Same disk-wielding "mobile artillery".

Since I had very little time to play - only deleted my 2 toons, created a new one.

Controls: hard to master for me.  You run, but you would run where your mouse looks. Not too good. Then, targetiing - I have one crosshairs, then if I can hit, they change to another. Movement - ASDF, but luckily, arrows can move my toon too. Left mouse button is for attack, not for picking anything. For talk, press F, not just your mouse. Why the f*** press f? Want to run in-game menu? Press "escape".

Social aspect: did not pay much attention.

Since I was really tired, I hardly managed to do the very first quest - go and pick some weirdo stuff. I had rabbits with some signs over their head, but if I enter close enough and press "F" - nothing happened. I killed few, pressed F - nothing too. Something went wrong, just - what?

Overall, Terra is shiny, a bit cartoonish, maybe playable (if one is to master controls). It does lack good customization, but looks like their f2p model is very acceptable.

So far: EQ2 - may be an option as single player game (mmo with no chat/auction house -->single -player game). Tera may be an option for spending some time in cartoonish world (they have maid dress sale, by the way...).

And yes, note for those who find my reviews...not good. I write what I feel. If I feel game is too hard for me (not for you) - I write that game was too hard. If I like quests - I will write that I like quests. SImple :)