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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Everquest II:return

Posted by Lithuanian Monday August 1 2016 at 2:51AM
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Everquest 2

Returned there. Created two toons. One - mage, some AoE one. Disliked, it seemed too weak for me. Second - mage, single-target one. This one I enjoyed.

Races: really many. Choose whatever you want, animal-looking, fairy or some giant.

Classes:many. Some locked behind paywall.

Customization:almost non-existent. EQ2 creators probably disliked idea of customization or hated it. Result - only cosmetic things like face. No wardrobe to change your appearance. Graphic is really outdated. Problematic UI, once again non-intuitive.

User interface: non-intuitive, I would describe as user-non-friendly. Spells are easy to cast, enemy may be targetted with tabs - which is good. Toolbars are hard to customize for newbie. Some things with equipment leaves space for improving.

Spells: some 40% are usable, others provided non-important things I would never use. My ST mage (forgot sub-class) had one lightining attack, one weak lightining attack, then some ice shards, some 2 other attacks; one root and one immolate spells. Used maybe 3 of them.

Community: chats are half-active. Social life almost non-existent. No news about player-based social activity, no Guild recruitment. There were some newbies around me, but only few,

Economy:Istaria-type. Coins are rare, you won't become a millionaire quickly..

Special conceptions: things advance as you use them. I got top at Disruption (not sure why).Then - at fishing (one quest required) and swimming (same). This is really nice conception. Then, we have Collections: gol to some shiny node, pick up stuff, add to collection anc finish collection for some nice stuff.

Unclear things: there are lootable items that are needed "to be traded with certian NPCs for status". However, I was unable to lokate them in starter areas.

Playing: good side playing was boring. At the same time - "dark" side is better. You may live there, immerse there. Many, many quests from variuos NPCs and you really could feel what it means to be "bad", like - "these guys did not like me, so you go and kill them".

is a nice single-player game. One you could play untill first (forced} group quest  and themn just stop. You cannot ask other players, cannot use auctionm, you are limited in post. it's not the game I would pay, say, 1,49$. It has nice words, nice ideas and is worth playing, at least form time to time. It's in case you do not mind being in single-player silence

drowelf writes: all actcess gives you all of Daybrake's games for 14.95  a month. Mon Aug 01 2016 6:06PM Report
blueturtle13 writes:

Very truncated review considering what the game has to offer content wise. This is a game that is technically F2P but is really a soft sub game like LOTRO is.

The housing is a big feature in this game as is the crafting. Which many consider those two features to be some of the best in the genre. The community is active enough if you find a guild of which there are many. Some even require an interview to join.

Also the game is coming up on12 years old so of course it is dated graphically and mechanic wise.

The crafting,housing and heritage quests alone make the game worth playing for those who have never played it.


Wed Aug 03 2016 6:42AM Report
Gorwe writes:

You forgot the lore turtle. We are talking about Norrath after all. It is worth for that reason as well.

And, truth be told, objectivelly I can't find a better MMO with a possible exception of WoW but it regressed rather drastically. And EQ2 allows the freedom of playing alone vs playing with others while still boasting a lot of group oriented tasks. Objectivelly, it's very good, if outdated(namely the number of skills, button mashing etc).


Sun Aug 07 2016 9:46AM Report writes:
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