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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Necroing in Everquest

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 16 2016 at 2:12AM
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Everquest II

Tried to play with Fairie class. Tiny timny with psychodelic coloured wing. No good at all. She was AoE mage, but once again - little use. Deleted.

Then, Necromancer came to life. Chose random name, thinking she won't last long. I was wrong.

Necro is just my class. So far (lvl.11) has one tiny tiny skeleton. Little guy has some actions and does all combat for me. My Necro, in turn, has many Damage over Time spells just to support mian fighter, i.e. skeleton. Even one heal to make little guy last longer.

I can cast some diseases, also - ranged attacks. My guy is melee only and sometimes does not want to attack target. Sometimes he just swims (!).

Found out I missed one quest in evil guys starting area: I should have talked with NPC about gathering and receive quest. This would lead to a chain of quests and some cool rewards.

Fighting was easy: just go, tab-target, unleash skeleton, cast some spells, watch monster dying.

I was expecting more like Age of Conan type - me, controlling an army of undead. But little guy would be nice too.

The only nuissance are severe f2p restrictions. Cannot use chats, cannot mail anything, cannot use auction house...and cannot fill questionnaire for entering Guild. This makes EQ2 just an online single player game with zero social interaction. I guess developers should leave at least some socializing action for free players.

But overall - things are nice (so far) in EQ2.

Open taping, Everquest 2

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday August 10 2016 at 6:09AM
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Everquest II

My Wizard continued slaughtering. This time had to kill some Cultists in some crater and eliminate their leader. Figured out most safe path, went there, killed one after another,....untill I was aggroed and killed. Wizards at lvl.13 have zero selfheals, so I was doomed.

Met one player, she was killing same monsters. I tried to help her, but my kills did not count. This is what EQ2 lacks - open taping. If I attack monster and you attack monster: in EQ2 only one of us grets credited; in LOTRO both of us are credited. Later I killed that named monster and returned to quest givers. Now I need to return to that crater and envoke some daemon. I saw him in action - cultists won't be happy...

Have one new spell - some AoE fire circle. I wish i better had any, even most weak, healing spell.

Got one more point in Alternate Advancement, but I have no ideas where to use it. If loyalty points are much like LOTRO's Turbine points...AA is just a mystery, Something not really needed, at least for me for now.

I do lack any form of socializing in EQ2, an option to chat, ask for help or even give help. But this single-player game is just a single-player game, no matter what the arguments are.


Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 9 2016 at 3:43AM
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Everquest II

My toon continues her evil journey (I am evil there, after all). Human, somehow evil, Wizard, level 13. I managed to finish some quests to kill dragonflies, then some fairies, finally - some cultists (too hard to pronounce). Had to go to one crater,kill local cultists and then gather some ore.

Cultists spawned too quickly, sometimes my health was dropping too low and I still have no self-heals.To make  things worse, next quest is to go to same cultist-infested crater and kill their leader. I doubt cultists would just stand and look. They would attack and have too high chance of killing me, And I have no chance to oover-kill them all, then 3-shot their leader.  Not sure how would I finish this quest: maybe grind 10 levels to be able?

I started gathering materials and faced 2 problems:

  1. I was gathering metal and stones for some reason
  2. I am not sure which crafting school to pick. I can't pick just a set of 3 (like in Lotro). Only one and I do need everything. Weapons, armour, jewellery, spells, inventory bags.
For f2p it is impossible to use mass chats or auction. Not sure if I can use other means to communicate, liko posting job offer. I am low on money, because can rely only on vendor trash. And finally, my bags are almost full: lots of stuff, many housing items.
Forsaken world: uninstalled. Sorry, my nice shiny Asian grinder, you did not fascinate me.
Terra: would be uninstalled in the neariest future.
Lotro: still playing, having fun, but feeling like game actually ends. Right now many of new content is closed for me. I do lack firepower and morale to get through tens of grouped/aggroed monsters, ruide throuigh deadly enemies within unexplored territory only to finish one (!) quest. I calculated: in order to enter, I need every single monster killed. To do that, I need groups. if we have 20 monsters, then I need at least 60 player (one tank, one ranged dps, one healer). 60 players in one small plot -->server crash. All I wait is lvl.110 - maybe then I could, with all precaution, try to finish this quest.

Everquest 2, Forsaken world

Posted by Lithuanian Monday August 8 2016 at 3:53AM
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Forsaken world

New mmo I have tried.

Customization:little. From visuals, was able to change hair style and colour. There are several races, some classes limited to races (just not gender). I picked up Human Mage - lucky for me, she was weavering kind of bikini armour (nobody complains though...).

World: shiny shiny, bright bright one with Asian style. If someone dislikes Asian style - do not enter this game. Each quest may provide autotracking: you click, you go to quest giver/territory. Easy. Experience is nice, I levelled to lvl.10 in no time. Attacks were nice, including one AoE. However, mana depletes very quickly and does not auto-restore easily.

Controls: a bit clumpsy. Once again, "look" and "run" are 2 controls, not one. From this point of view, EQ2 and Lotro are just superb. I had only 2-3 attacks, but once again - combnat was like "press button and go drink coffee". Monsters were kind enough not to touch me unless I attacked.

Game may be considered either pay-to-win or with very intrusive cash shop. Bag is a bit of mess. Chat is organized in weird way and local chats are mostly empty. I tried to communicate - no results.

Would probably uninstall. A pity, but this game lacks warmth and soul. It could be played just to kill time.


Everquest II

My evil mage continued her journey. Killing fairies, then some animals and alike. Doing dailies, earning Loyalty tokens (what to do with these?), collecting collection items. Yes, getting new skills and going better with Disruption.

I managed to finish some quests, receive some nice equipment and many housing items. Unfortunately, I can't own a house and won't be able to pay upkeep. Not easy to live entirely from vendor trash + being unable to communicate with others.

My mage is still really noobish and weak. Almost always I involve into melee and get almost killed. Not sure what am I doing wrong though. I stun targhet, use Immolation, then some kind of lightining...and if enemy is alive, I use all other attack spells. Not working as I expect.

Started to read some quest texts. Liked ne grumpy fairy that went on revenge.

Housing is still not an option.  It is expensive and I won't be able to pay upkeep. Getting lots of gold is problematic.

I need some clan/guild in EQ2 at least to communicate with others and receive advice about my toon.

Tera: (mis)understanding

Posted by Lithuanian Friday August 5 2016 at 5:45AM
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My toon has finally started adventures in Tera. Yes, my little Human Sorcerer with light armour.

First quest was a bit confusing untill I went closer to some "root", then root changed colour to blue grind pattern which meant I could interacti with it. Then proceeced to gather, talk,. kill some trees, talk, kill named tree and finally go to some dungeon.

At the dungeon I had hard times dealing with lots of enemies, then went to some village, killed more enemies untill some "destroyer" came, overpowered me, I felt only to wake up and receive a new quest.

Initially things were just half-normal. Controls in Tera are really very hard. You have to calculate many things in each combat second. And yes, there is no way to bypass separation between looking and going.

And so, things started to become a total mess. I got some attack skills: simple attack, then some fire tower in front of mer and some "magma bomb". Magma bomb could not be used often or in close (melee) combat, so it did only symbolic damage. Rest attacks were quick, though not devastating for monsters. My toon had to sue valuable hp potions every now and then.

Equipment was "so-so". No option to go half-nude (maybe there is store item, not sure. Not going to spend real cash anyway).I received some new, but it was only a bit better than starter one.

And my head. After I logged off, I found a feeling - like when I close my eyes, the world starts rotating. Maybe it's not Tera to blame - yet had no such feeling after any other mmo.

Tera could be my game if not very confusing and hard controls. You got to see to where you go, where you look, what is your hp/mana, what strange circles and pointers enemies throw at you, what cooldown is on your skills...and all this within each second of combat. You just can't stand and move to one direction with one key. Now, when I can't control and have little skills - I cannot play Tera.

Yes, it is a nice game. I don't mind things being cartoonish. I care little about "save da childrenz plz" story. I don't care about grind, since I grinded many many things in Lotro. But I really dislike controls which are very hard, clumpsy, non-intuitive. Every experience with any mmo just spoils everything.

Unfortunately, Terra would be uninstalled. A pity. Would have to look for other pve f2p easy tab-targetting mmo...

Return to Tera

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday August 4 2016 at 1:27AM
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Yes, the same mmo with huge client and >30 Gigabytes download. Took me some time to downolad and patch. PC still can run it, though a bit problematic.

Several races. Humans, some elves, some half-robotic. Not forgetting pandas and some little anime-style creatures.Everything looks a bit cartoonish, but that's not a problem for me.  Ok, let us pick Human female.

Customization: mostly from pre-defined models. I was unable to change, say, eye colour (but could choose some predefined tatoos). Otherwise you are similar to others.

Class: Sorcerer. Same disk-wielding "mobile artillery".

Since I had very little time to play - only deleted my 2 toons, created a new one.

Controls: hard to master for me.  You run, but you would run where your mouse looks. Not too good. Then, targetiing - I have one crosshairs, then if I can hit, they change to another. Movement - ASDF, but luckily, arrows can move my toon too. Left mouse button is for attack, not for picking anything. For talk, press F, not just your mouse. Why the f*** press f? Want to run in-game menu? Press "escape".

Social aspect: did not pay much attention.

Since I was really tired, I hardly managed to do the very first quest - go and pick some weirdo stuff. I had rabbits with some signs over their head, but if I enter close enough and press "F" - nothing happened. I killed few, pressed F - nothing too. Something went wrong, just - what?

Overall, Terra is shiny, a bit cartoonish, maybe playable (if one is to master controls). It does lack good customization, but looks like their f2p model is very acceptable.

So far: EQ2 - may be an option as single player game (mmo with no chat/auction house -->single -player game). Tera may be an option for spending some time in cartoonish world (they have maid dress sale, by the way...).

And yes, note for those who find my reviews...not good. I write what I feel. If I feel game is too hard for me (not for you) - I write that game was too hard. If I like quests - I will write that I like quests. SImple :)

Everquest II:return

Posted by Lithuanian Monday August 1 2016 at 2:51AM
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Everquest 2

Returned there. Created two toons. One - mage, some AoE one. Disliked, it seemed too weak for me. Second - mage, single-target one. This one I enjoyed.

Races: really many. Choose whatever you want, animal-looking, fairy or some giant.

Classes:many. Some locked behind paywall.

Customization:almost non-existent. EQ2 creators probably disliked idea of customization or hated it. Result - only cosmetic things like face. No wardrobe to change your appearance. Graphic is really outdated. Problematic UI, once again non-intuitive.

User interface: non-intuitive, I would describe as user-non-friendly. Spells are easy to cast, enemy may be targetted with tabs - which is good. Toolbars are hard to customize for newbie. Some things with equipment leaves space for improving.

Spells: some 40% are usable, others provided non-important things I would never use. My ST mage (forgot sub-class) had one lightining attack, one weak lightining attack, then some ice shards, some 2 other attacks; one root and one immolate spells. Used maybe 3 of them.

Community: chats are half-active. Social life almost non-existent. No news about player-based social activity, no Guild recruitment. There were some newbies around me, but only few,

Economy:Istaria-type. Coins are rare, you won't become a millionaire quickly..

Special conceptions: things advance as you use them. I got top at Disruption (not sure why).Then - at fishing (one quest required) and swimming (same). This is really nice conception. Then, we have Collections: gol to some shiny node, pick up stuff, add to collection anc finish collection for some nice stuff.

Unclear things: there are lootable items that are needed "to be traded with certian NPCs for status". However, I was unable to lokate them in starter areas.

Playing: good side playing was boring. At the same time - "dark" side is better. You may live there, immerse there. Many, many quests from variuos NPCs and you really could feel what it means to be "bad", like - "these guys did not like me, so you go and kill them".

is a nice single-player game. One you could play untill first (forced} group quest  and themn just stop. You cannot ask other players, cannot use auctionm, you are limited in post. it's not the game I would pay, say, 1,49$. It has nice words, nice ideas and is worth playing, at least form time to time. It's in case you do not mind being in single-player silence