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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Great fun:Lord of the rings online

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 6 2013 at 5:57AM
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NaktiesKarys started his day in Bree, thinking about the future. Rise of Isengard expansion pack – or quest pack? Or maybe risk and buy Enedwaith, since it’s on discount? Adressed Kinship chat, almost everyone adviced Isengard quest pack.

And so it was. Purchased:

  • Rise of Isengard quest pack: 1495 Turbine points
  • Enedwaith quest pack: 556 Turbine points

Grand total: 2051 points, saved some 140 Turbine points on Enedwaith quest pack.

I rushed into Enedwaith, spending money on stables (somehow I believe stable horses are faster than my +68 one). And content started. I took every quest I was asked and these quests appeared interesting to me. One faction and another faction – both do not like each other too much. Decisions to be made: you can hunt and thus hurt othger faction…or stop the hunt, apologise other faction and do lots of quests on thei behalf.  Had to investigate surroundings, made some solo-only instances, fought named and nameless monsters, even investigated slaughtered animals and helped to kill evil creatures who attacked those animals. Had to collect various things and was attacked by “angry bees” 3 times (apparently no ones like their honey to be taken off). Experienced several “escort me, ’cause I am lame NPC” quests. All of this was fun, I was immersed into new content, wanted to get as much as I could of it. Even grind was not bad: slayer deeds require 120 monsters for simple, 225 for advanced deeds, so I have to take every “grind” quest seriously – it helps me to have fun, grow up my toon and advances slayer deed. I enjoyed interesting atmosphere there: I wasn’t a Hero with Big Axe for them – instead, Daurevodian, a stranger. Initially local folks had almost zero trust to me and only through continous quests could I prove myself worthy. One NPC still curses me wishing me death though.

Landscape of Enedwaith is nice and interesting. I met some “spell casters”, blueish spell casting spirits in groups with evil black goats. There are some nice architecture, like old brick road there. When I am high enough, I may come there for some relaxation.

After finishing one area, entered another – this time lvl.62-65 one. Wood trolls, something like Limfavrns (just agressive), local wild dogs. There I met the only quest line by far I did not like. It involved some Great Hunter who challenged me to “hunt the spirits of 3 elves”. I thought it would be about fighting…but it wasn’t. First spirit: arrived as a bird and challenged to a race. No doubt, bird was immune to slowing effects as well as evil birds. I used my speed run once, made it to the first stone…and then failed. Bird qas quickier, I could not make it every time I took the quest. Result: cancelled quest line. it is just ridiculous to have race with bird, since no one could run quickier than bird flies – therefore, this quest is impossible.

Despite of this – further quests were interesting and doable. Some of them granted me valuable reputation with they Grey company, almost all of them – with Runes of Legendary item experience. Monsters were kind enough to drop items that started new quests. At the end of the day I had 40 quests finished, got some Turbine points and reputation with both faction.

I am satisfied with this region. Folks say in won’t pay off, but they are a bit wrong. Taken basic doable deeds, this region offers some 205 Turbine points, so almost 50% of investment returns. Also, when I finish The world renowned – I would earn additional TPs.

Enedwaith aside, my DunedanMule helped one kinnie with Council of the North reputation items: gave every single item I had in my vault. A pity, I could not participate in Forochel hunt for Lossoth rep. items.

And so the day has ended – I felt very satisfied with the new content and new challlenges. Once again I was able to fight and experience danger, once again my trustfull axe made some justice to monsters. I had some 414 Turbine points and am already bookmarking Great River quest pack and Mirkwood expansion pack, Rohan being top target. Days are excellent in Lotro.

Graph on my progress with TP grind below:

TP grind