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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro:home sweet home

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday August 29 2013 at 9:10AM
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Lord of the rings online

…and the vacations are over, I’m back to my PC and Lord of the rings online.  Turbine introduced some updates – and new currency. Bounders’ Tokens, that are drop-only. However, the mechanic of these tokens are interesting. Player is to donate tokens to NPC in Michel Delving and NPC won’t accept less than 50 tokens. Donate 250 tokens – get 5 Turbine points and access to tier I barter items; donate 1000 tokens – access tier II and with 2500 tokens comes tier III. Barter items offers valuable Symbol of Cerebrimbor and (not so valuable) steed of Michel Delving. Also, some jewellery is offered, but all for lvl.85 and nothing too good for my Champion.

This mechanic is weird. it’s the same like you go to McDonalds and give 5 times the price of burger…to be able to purchase BigMac. In normal world things work another way: if you have money, you buy. Also, Turbine told that if players donate 2 million tokens, steed will become avalaible (at the price of 1500 tokens) etc. So, in order to purchase mount and symbol, player has to donate 3750 tokens and yet pay 3000 tokens.

Looks like Turbine repaired Dragoich: a loss for me, because I did not purchase Isengard expansion, only quest pack. But – it may be for later purchases.

My NaktiesKarys went to do some deeds, then slayed some monsters in Enedwaith. At the end of the day I had 899 Turbine points, some 80 Bounder tokens.

And so the day has ended. I left satisfied (kind of) with thoughts about grinding more TPs and tokens. Have to do lots of slaying, but this is not bad as long as I get TPs or even xp. Life is normal in Lotro.

Lost in adventures

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday August 15 2013 at 8:53AM
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Lord of the rings online

Yesterday had some…well, not too many time to play. Played from 23:00 to some 01:00, hunting in Dunland. Quests were interesting, everything was doing just fine. Much loot, bags are almost full and sometimes I had to decide which item is to be thrown, not sold.

One kinnie was very kind to craft me new Rune – so now I have lvl.75 rune of champion. Unfortunately, I could not afford myself lvl.85 Symbol of the Elder king. Just too expensive: I had some 260 gold coins, item cost was some 400 gold.  But I got it and levelled to lvl.50s very quickly: this is the case my runes of heritage were usefull.

Mood is very optimistic: i do enjoy the content, paying no attention to the fact I did not get any Turbine point and my deed progress was a bit slow. It is nothing, if I have quality content.

My holidays are soon – two weeks without internet and Lord of the rings online. But then, Dwarf will return to slaughter more Mordor lackeys and grind for even more TPs: Rohan awaits.

Lotro:mounted combat, world renowned

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday August 14 2013 at 6:18AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys once again fought along with Rohirrim, standing against hordes of Mordor. Many Orcs met their doom, but this came at a price: another settlement burnt, defenders killed – luckily, women and children escaped the massacre.

Meanwhile, I got my first mount – medium warsteed. First quest to ride it, first quests to use mounted attacks. First impressions: great. I can customize my steed appearance (every festival offers some stuff), horse rides much faster and I can perform ranged/melee attacks as well. Jumps higher and lands far away than standard horse. Yet controls are still to be managed, they at some point differ from standar horse. I also got legendary items – bridles, now have 2 of them and levelling as fast as I can.

Also got some quality Rohirrim armor, all in iconic green with horse signs: this one is better. On this occasion, crafted myself a new weapon, lvl.75 Champions axe of the Third age. Deconstructed severalm useless weapons – and voila, my weapon is at level 60 within few minutes.

I am so excited about Rohan. Have so much to learn about mounted combat – and when I learn, I will probably hunt there, in these nice green fields, slaying any monster in sight. My war steed is far better than any top-level horse and when I master mounted attacks – monsters in Rohan, beware! Cannot hide my excitement from the Kinship – everyone agrees with me, adding about >400 quests to do there. Rohan can be called a masterpiece of Middle Earth. I will grind every single TP and buy this region:the sooner, the better.

While outside Rohan – finished last quests for the Grey company. Got kindred reputation with them: World Renowned mega-deed completed, I got a free “Mount of Eriador” and 75 Turbine points.

Later participated in lvl.50 skirmish, defending Gondamon. Once again, our group of 30 players (lvl.50, lvl.60 and one lvl.75) was victoriuos. Sometimes health was running a bit low, but we prevailed, earning marks, medaillions and even some silver. Folks told me my Champion performed good – maybe this class is not that bad after all.Then tried epic quests, did some, but dailed Laerdan session play. A pity.

And so the day, full of adventures, has ended. I got 739 Turbine points, got 1 war steed, new quality armour, 2 warsteed bridles and was still at lvl.75. Life is just awesome with Lotro and green, inviting Rohan.

Lotro:the beauty of Rohan

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 13 2013 at 6:54AM
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Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys ran across Dunland and Enedwaith…only to see he has forgotten one repeatable quest. Simple little quest gives 1 golden token and my toon needs 16 of them:two weeks to grind, but once again, that mean slayer deed advancement.

I ran through Dunland content, untill got a bit bored and reached Kindred with Men of Algraig. Only Grey Company kindred remains to World Renown completion (which means a mount and 50 Turbine poins). Rode to to Rohan to gather Riddermark ore, fought some monsters and I was not afraid to do so: I was equal to them, my level 74 versus theirs lvl.76. Then, unexpectedly, one toon wellcomes me with the quest. Is this region bugged? I  did not purchase Riders of Rohan expansion – but kinnies told it was ok, it was epic quest line. I got a chain of nicely done quests. Deal with evil Salamanders (was killed two times), finish their Queen, then listen to farmer’s problems…and at the same time – show some respect to settlement’s landlords, even play with children: they were “bandits” and me with some wooden “weapon” had to chase them. Thenm – a rider approaches and tells that he was sorry to interrupt such serious matter, but there were real bandits nearby…All this was very nice, very inviting and immersing. I stopped only at last quests that involved serious and dangerous fighting.

Then there was abig big “ding!” . I was level 75. A magic level at which player is eligible to purchase War Steed. Galadriel of Lothlorien summoned me and I started a chain of quests. Talk to various NPCs, think about future of the Elves (since they are departing), run to Galadrielle again…when finally, a voyage in boat.

And there, the beauty begins. I travelled with known NPCs, listened to their stories, watched some history of Middle Earth. We reached some coast, with iconic two Kings statues,…and then, some session play. I was Frodo with the One Ring, I felt madness of Boromir, was sad when he was almost killed and back again I was little hobbit having but “Hobbit common sense”, talking to Frodo and seeing Frodo’s decision to go “the way of Fire”. It was very nice, landscape was pretty and inviting, interesting and challenging.

Rohan looks like a masterpiece for me. Beautifull landscape, bountiful resources and very nicely done quests. Danger is everywhere, you could feel it by guard towers or ravaging orcish War Bands or even presence of black evil Dragon in local Eastlanders’ camp. Fight is doable, I even fought two lvl.76 at once and still was victorious. Fought local named monster…and once again, victory. Rohan is inviting, it offers almost everything to everyone. For hardcore players – a place with giant monsters, for PvPers – WIldermore, for crafters – tons of resources, for completionists – tons of monsters to slay…and finally, interesting, immersing quests. Now it is clear Rohan should be my target for endless TP grind. I was not wanting to go to bed – just one little quest or two…

And so the day has ended. I had 664 Turbine points, advanced to lvl.75 and am on my way to level 76. Life is just amazing in the beautiful planes of Rohan.

Conquers and disbalances

Posted by Lithuanian Monday August 12 2013 at 5:51AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys, my main toon, was active:other toons were sleepers, used mainly to check how many Turbine points I had.

I usually start playing with Enedwaith daily quests: had to build reputation with Men of Algraig and Grey company. First faction is an easy one, some 4-5 repeatable quests; Grey company has only 3 quests. After doing that – at full speed to Dunland.

Dunland is a part of Isengard (I was wrong about it being “free region”), but very rich of content and things to do. Every settlement has things to do, some even have daily quests (Men of Dunland reputation is important, after all). Galtrev had to be liberated from they yoke of Saruman, then another settlement, then some poor NPC in need of bandages, and yet later – a village of local folk that has great needs too. The war is close and locals are to decide, whether to live peacefully or aid Free Peoples. Of course, they join Free Peoples. What I was really impressed of – was one metalsmith (in Galtrev?). He told frankly – I am producing weapons for Saruman. And then adds: but I have friends and they will see to it that these weapons would be of not so good quality. That is what really impressed me.

I can’t remember all the quests I was asked to do: too many of them. Scout enemy village; confront local named mobs; aid miners (half of them are dead) and so on. Each quest rewards with valuable reputation and items, sometimes too many to fit into my backpack. I felt very satisfied with such rich content.

Yes, it’s about deeds. In isengard, you almost do not worry about slayer/exploration deeds: quests will sent you right there, to kill mobs, sometimes you will have to self-defend. Never had a need to grind by far – quests and only quests. TP are almost flowing from the air, I do not have a need to look what to complete: it is very nice and I feel like Isengard quest pack will be most profitable and I feel really great when adventuring there.

I felt challenge. Fighting one serious enemy, fighting even 3 of them at once. All bracing attacks, hp “bubbles”, frequent use of Dire Need – everything was cool, sometimes me being victorious with only 200 health…but still victoriuos, standing on the bodies of slained orcs.

I advanced, reaching level 74, almost half a way to legendary level 75, very soon I will ride in Rohan on my war mount!

However, there is one dark side: my own class. I still remember my fight: i run from a company, maybe 3 wargs and some 5 goblins. All wanting to discuss something with me, my health being at some 60-70%, heals not ready yet…still I stop to make (almost) last stand. AoE attacks, sopme heals…and dout of nothing – fire appears, devouring my goblins. Then some lightinings, finally – overgrown tree that stomps monsters. Warg-goblin horde is a history: 3 attacks and they are dead. All this was done by lvl.68 Lore Master (me being lvl.72 Champion).

I am disappointed of my class. I saw many classes in action, have no need to read wikis. Burglar’s insta-kill: one attack, mob dead. Hunter raining arrows at monsters so that few remain alive; captains and guardians tanking and being requested in any instance. Minstrels healing and saving the raid, being in high demand. Just not Champion. Champion can play solo – I can confirm this – but in any company Champion will be outperfomed by any other class, even 5 levels lower. A pity I can’t change class to something normal. Due to this – I decided not to take part in any raids/instances: it would just deepen depression and grumpyness.

And thus weekend has ended. I reached level 74, had 644 Turbine points, completed many deeds and on my way to completing “World Renowned” meta-deed. Except for my class – life is excellent in Lotro.

Lotro: fun and joy

Posted by Lithuanian Friday August 9 2013 at 6:38AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys continued his adventures in Enedwaith. Almost all single quests finished, now only daily ones remain: have to grind reputation with 2 local factions, Grey Company and Men of Algraig. However, these quests are very positive for me: they do help advance slayer deeds, give valuable xp and money.

Of course, it does not concern evil hobbits with their “collect boar droppings plz” quests! I wish I could slay every single Enedwaith hobbit and turn them into fertilizers…

And then epic quest brought me to Dunland. It was a free region for me – no need to buy separate content. And I immersed into local content. It was just superb, I ran in Galtrev, helping local people to work for Isengard (!), then to free themselves from Isengard, finally – fighting one wizard believeing he is more powerfull than Saruman.

It was the most fun. I had to make One Ring (i.e. simple ring), then – make some stuff from crabain etc…and finally kill the wizard, just because he wanted to kill me. I really enjoyed comments, like “you made a simple ring, considering time investment it is a success” and evil guy believes he feels energies flowing through him, asking why did I give up The One Ring?

Content was everywhere. Every settlement, almost every met NPC had something to do, be it locating bandages or killing overgrown boars.And yes, all these quests give reputation with the Men of Dunland.

I also teamed with one kinnie, we hunted a bit, but I had to do soo instance, he was killed and disappeared without answering. Weird. Kin also organizes several events – I wish I could join these. In recent days, every day we have activities which is just good.

And so 2 days in Lotro ended.  I managed to level up, ending the day with level 72 Champion. At August 07 I had 454 Turbine points, August 08 – already 504 Turbine points, gained new Champion abilities and even upgraded my equipment. Am very satisfied with Enedwaith/Dunland and instant flow of fun and TPs. Life is just superb in Lotro.

Enedwaith:no end for fun

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday August 7 2013 at 5:39AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent entire day in Enedwaith, questing and completing deeds. I have lost count how many deeds have I completed and how many are to be done. Taking all quests I could take, even managed to take epic ones (though they tend to be most boring).

I ran, I slaughtered, looted many stuff, some of it was in demand for our Kinship crafters. First day in Enedwaith I became lvl.69 – yesterday, I became lvl.70. Things are going interesting and pretty fast. Quests are interesting – like come and patrol – oops, something interesting, report to NPC right now and NPC tells to scout entrances, then kill some guards of inspect some cottages. And I remember that each wolf or half-orc I kill for quest gives me fun – therefore, slayer deeds are by far fun and interesting.

Took part in one meeting: one faction, distrustfull of both Free People and Sauron, took a meeting to decide whether to ally with Isengar or with Free People. First – Isengard ambassador, offering wealth and power and protection…in exchnage of just some troops and supplies. There were some hot discussions and I thought these lame persons will sell themselves to the slavery of Isengard! Fortunately, my toon hunted before and brought some evidence. Locals decided not to ally with Isengard. Of course, emissary was angry and told he would teach a lesson: NaktiesKarys will pay for the insults! A duel between me and “Isengard Champion”. I killed him to much joy of the locals: they saw, Isenagrdians can be beaten and understand they have little to afraid.

That was really good scene, not tiring one and full of tension. I saw how these folks think, doubt, how they distrust everyone around one them. If only there were more of these, not just the “we are the heroes, let’s kick some Mordor arse” or “would Frodo make it to the Settlement?”.

I had some other things to do – most of them were insteresting and twisting. And when I thought all quests were over – I ran to skirmish settlement, there were some quests too.

And so the day, full of adventures, has ended. I had 444 Turbine points, was very satisfied with the new region and new adventures there. Even if I finish its quests, I will continue with daily ones and slayer deeds. I am having fun there and feeling satisfied – even at the cost of not participating in Kinship events. Life is full of adventures and joy in Lotro.

Great fun:Lord of the rings online

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 6 2013 at 5:57AM
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NaktiesKarys started his day in Bree, thinking about the future. Rise of Isengard expansion pack – or quest pack? Or maybe risk and buy Enedwaith, since it’s on discount? Adressed Kinship chat, almost everyone adviced Isengard quest pack.

And so it was. Purchased:

  • Rise of Isengard quest pack: 1495 Turbine points
  • Enedwaith quest pack: 556 Turbine points

Grand total: 2051 points, saved some 140 Turbine points on Enedwaith quest pack.

I rushed into Enedwaith, spending money on stables (somehow I believe stable horses are faster than my +68 one). And content started. I took every quest I was asked and these quests appeared interesting to me. One faction and another faction – both do not like each other too much. Decisions to be made: you can hunt and thus hurt othger faction…or stop the hunt, apologise other faction and do lots of quests on thei behalf.  Had to investigate surroundings, made some solo-only instances, fought named and nameless monsters, even investigated slaughtered animals and helped to kill evil creatures who attacked those animals. Had to collect various things and was attacked by “angry bees” 3 times (apparently no ones like their honey to be taken off). Experienced several “escort me, ’cause I am lame NPC” quests. All of this was fun, I was immersed into new content, wanted to get as much as I could of it. Even grind was not bad: slayer deeds require 120 monsters for simple, 225 for advanced deeds, so I have to take every “grind” quest seriously – it helps me to have fun, grow up my toon and advances slayer deed. I enjoyed interesting atmosphere there: I wasn’t a Hero with Big Axe for them – instead, Daurevodian, a stranger. Initially local folks had almost zero trust to me and only through continous quests could I prove myself worthy. One NPC still curses me wishing me death though.

Landscape of Enedwaith is nice and interesting. I met some “spell casters”, blueish spell casting spirits in groups with evil black goats. There are some nice architecture, like old brick road there. When I am high enough, I may come there for some relaxation.

After finishing one area, entered another – this time lvl.62-65 one. Wood trolls, something like Limfavrns (just agressive), local wild dogs. There I met the only quest line by far I did not like. It involved some Great Hunter who challenged me to “hunt the spirits of 3 elves”. I thought it would be about fighting…but it wasn’t. First spirit: arrived as a bird and challenged to a race. No doubt, bird was immune to slowing effects as well as evil birds. I used my speed run once, made it to the first stone…and then failed. Bird qas quickier, I could not make it every time I took the quest. Result: cancelled quest line. it is just ridiculous to have race with bird, since no one could run quickier than bird flies – therefore, this quest is impossible.

Despite of this – further quests were interesting and doable. Some of them granted me valuable reputation with they Grey company, almost all of them – with Runes of Legendary item experience. Monsters were kind enough to drop items that started new quests. At the end of the day I had 40 quests finished, got some Turbine points and reputation with both faction.

I am satisfied with this region. Folks say in won’t pay off, but they are a bit wrong. Taken basic doable deeds, this region offers some 205 Turbine points, so almost 50% of investment returns. Also, when I finish The world renowned – I would earn additional TPs.

Enedwaith aside, my DunedanMule helped one kinnie with Council of the North reputation items: gave every single item I had in my vault. A pity, I could not participate in Forochel hunt for Lossoth rep. items.

And so the day has ended – I felt very satisfied with the new content and new challlenges. Once again I was able to fight and experience danger, once again my trustfull axe made some justice to monsters. I had some 414 Turbine points and am already bookmarking Great River quest pack and Mirkwood expansion pack, Rohan being top target. Days are excellent in Lotro.

Graph on my progress with TP grind below:

TP grind

Lotro:run for Turbine points

Posted by Lithuanian Monday August 5 2013 at 5:51AM
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Lord of the rings online

Weekend was very intensive. WoneI did all deeds she could in the Shire, then paid for house upkeep and bought at inflated prices some Mathoms in Auction house. Then, she was deleted.

NaktiesKarys fought in Carn Dum and Vile Maw: both were awfull. In Carn Dum, we somehow went to local sewers: one step aside, you are dead, I went dead too many times. Completed some deeds by the way, but the last thing was when we stopped to wait for one kinnie. I went to Youtube, found a song, back to game- nothing happens. Back you Youtube, then to game – everyone out and far away…and no exit to them. Left the group highly unsatisfied with myself. Then – Vile Maw. Needless to say, it is impossible to finish. Our group was a strong and experienced one, almost all – tanks…and still, wipes 4 or 5 times in a row. I survived first wipe, then was killed in a second one. Which lead me to solution, taken from military sources. If someone attacks city (military says, not me), then attackers must have 3 times more forces than defenders. Therefore, any instance attacking group must have 3 times natural health (without buffs) that monster and all his guards has. Example: if Vile Maw has 100.000 hp and spawns 10 guards with 10.000 hp each, total hp is 200.000; therefore, any group should have a total og 600.000 health in order to have chance.

After that I grinded for reputation items. Gloomy Sarnur and tons of First age relics. Easy barrow of Haufht Iarcith with mathoms and Cordolan trinkets. Annuminas with almost instant black badges/band of Numenor drops. And finally, unfriendly Lossoths and very rare drops of their rep. items.  Also, had to kill lots of Angmar undead for COuncil of the North rep. items.

Result: DunedanMule became Ally with the Lossots and now lacks few thousand xp to Kindred; also, kindred with Council of the North. WoneJ was mailed lots of items and within some minutes became kindred with Men of Bree, Thorins Hall and Wardens of Annuminas. Even WoneI reached Friend reputation with Mathom society (ie. 14 well preserved mathoms used).

NaktiesKarys also helped one kinship member to hunt in Midgewater.  it was veyr good and fun ride: my kinnie ran ahead to the monsters, I insta-killed them. Things were going very good and very fast, we finished some deeds…but I had to go to do some things in real life. Killed some quests boses by the way and have to leave.

Returned and rode to Angmar for undead run. Things were going good untill I met one player. He invited in fellowship, I refused, he inviterd second time explaining what he was for. I entered…and regretted it. Well, group was strong (lvl.68, lvbl.65 and lvl.60). We went through monsters very easily. The problem was the worst performing person in group.


My champion performed like a chicken versus tank. Level 60 Burglar insta-killed any creature with one hit and did not get hurt if fallen from cliff. Lvl.65 Hunter rained down arrows so that there was little fight after that. And only I was to fight in a traditional and highly ineffective way. I left dissatisfied with my Champion, cursing myself why have I chosen this class, un-needed in groups, undemanded in any instance/fight. Some time later I left group – stressed, grumpy Dwarf champion.

And the weekend continued in a grumpy mood. I did not take part in Kinship activities, even those I realised I could take part in. Everything was grey and sad. However, my TP runs were highly effective: 215 Turbine points is by far top result for me. I have 2390 Turbine points now with only 105 TPs away from Rise of Insegard expansion…and if I try hard, I still could purchase Enedwaith with discount.

In short, weekend was very effective in terms of TP and kind of grey in terms of fun. Anyway, life in Lotro is good, I am closing to Isengard and possibly – new adventures, quickier levelling.

Lotro:new forums, low activity

Posted by Lithuanian Friday August 2 2013 at 6:08AM
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Lord of the rings online

Lotro forums are finally upgraded! Impressions:mixed. On the one side – they look better, developers primise would load faster on mobile phones and are easier to understand. Lotteries finally have their own page and I even participated (gained some silver and fireworks, yay!). On the other side: some pictures loading , like in lotteries page (if page is to load faster, loading picture of 2/3 screen won’t help it); somehow I cannot add attachements in the forums (why?). However, overall impressions are good.

Festival is at its end and reminds me instantly:go to festival, go to festival. No, thanks, it is boring, uninspiring and grindy.

WoneI continued her adventures. She finished spider and brigand slayer deeds, as well as completed 15 quests in Bree-land. Was awarded with 2 heavy bronze swords made by NaktiesKarys. Now she is ready to do some run-around quests in Combe and leave to Staddle as soon as possible. Only in Staddle will I be able to do many quests and start neeker-breeker slayer deeds. I also started to accept side quests like “go to crafting hall, speak to NPC”:they give valuable xp.

NaktiesKarys was kind of sad, unlike WoneI. There was almost zero activity. Too little players to form even the smallest group and there were only two of us that wanted any group to be made. So – zero activity, my toon either grinds for reputation items or stands senselesly in the vault.

Enedwaith is on sale – some 550 TPs instead of 695…but I was adviced to wait for Isengard sale. In fact, if it was today, I would be abel to purchase. Maybe it has some logic: I’lll return to Enedwaith as a stronger Dwarf and will easily do all the quests/deeds there.

I am running low on the time: need more TPs and need to grind some 40-50 TPs per day. That means kind of boring scheme “grind for rep items-deposit-create new toon-lebvel up to the burned Archet-sent rep  items – use them” being repeated many times. Sometimes I feel stressed in Lotro. There are many things to do and no one to do these things with.

And so the day has ended. I had 2030 Turbine points (465 remaining) and some 2 days to finish all planned deeds on WoneI. Life is a kind of good in Lotro.

Forwards, forwards!

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday August 1 2013 at 6:32AM
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Lord of the rings online

Lotro forums are still on update: new look is promising, less weigh and better to browse from mobile phones. New rules are posted – they are more clear though some statements are provoking discussions (no more “farewell” threads). Auto log-out is set to 45 minutes of inactivity (writing counts as inactivity). However, it’s not bad, rules are needed and each can survive those 45 minutes.

NaktiesKarys went to Annuminas, slaughtered all Angmarim in sight. Later I teamed with lvl.42 Guardian: why compete when we can work together? Loot was flowing, soon I had 101 ring of Numenor and maybe 200 Black badges. Deposited, shared vault was overflooding.

Time has come for my new girl, new Human champion, WoneI (well, WoneH was deleted). She started, finished intro quest as quickly as possibly, enjoying dream about Lady of Lothlorien. It’s mostly impressive, promising intro thing, once more kudos to Turbine for this. Then – burned Archet and my joy, Lotro post. NaktiesKarys used mail and soon, WoneI became kindred with Thorins hall, Wardens of Annuminas and ally with men of Bree (only 100 cordolan trinkets used).

My investment has paid off:some 130 TP within half day is good. Now, my WoneI should fight her way through remaining 12 deeds in Bree-land and 5 deeds in Shire/Ered Luin to gain 125 Turbine points. 225 TPs for one toon is not that bad after all.

Summer festival is ending, too much people complains about it being grindy and boring. Why not Turbine ask players what they was to see ?

And so the day has ended, I felt satisfied. 1990 Turbine points gained,  only some 605 remain to my Rise of Isengard. Life is just good in Lotro.