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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian


Posted by Lithuanian Thursday August 16 2012 at 2:24AM
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All the day was spent in Lord of the rings online region, poetically called "Lone lands". I was doing local quests and running to finish some deeds.

Quests were difficult. I had to obtain some medaillion and I searched everything around, killing anyone I saw...yet no monster I needed. Asked several times for help and one Dwarf showed me a tiny pats to the mountain: I did not notice it. Together we killed monster, obtained medaillion and the quest was over.

Others involved "kill NN monsters", but since it gives xp -it is good. One quest I got stucked with: get 5 medaillions from war-singers. Oh, war-singer is an evil you must kill with first shots: otherwise he will just summon "summoned wight" to help him and you will be killed. I was killed twice and had to run several times. Asked for help - help came...but then real world called me and so the quest was half-finished. I do hope I will get some help today.

I also spent some time in the swamps hunting for Dwarven iron and platinium. First of all, I will get xp this way. Second, I will give them to a player whop made a lvl.32 armor for me: he needs platinium and dwarven iron. Of course, it is not easy: swamps are full of lvl.29-30 monsters and some of them summon other creatures before dying. There are some 4-5 nodes all across the swamp - so I had to run many times. However, no complaints: if was fun after all.

I did gain xp during this stay. My toon went to level 30 and my Prospector is now an Artisan (since he grabs any piece of metal he could find: Dwarves may be greedy, you know).

Was lucky enough to help Kinship (Guild) and supply one Jeweller with the gold bars. I did not need them anyway (no weapon can be made from gold). Also, received an email from Kinship that a hunting event is organized for lvl.18-24 with prizes for the best hunters. A pity I am lvl.30 now...but still it is good Kinship cares about members.

One letter was received from my trainer in Bree: urgent matter. I run to Bree...only to find my trainber want me to run back to Lonelands and do that hard "kill war-singers" quest. Got stuck with it, but rewards may be good. One quest was fun: "Support our scouts". I thought it would involve killing stuff...but when I talked to NPC, she just answered I was very kind and she enjoys that town leaders care about scouts. Quest was over, reputation was earned.

Turbine introduced double xp weekend (effect starting August 15). So, my toon just kills anything that moves and enjoys faster growing. I have to reach level 32 to wear quality armor Kinship member sent me.

Turbine points collecting is also going good: having 2x xp I kill all the monsters I need for deeds and now have some 720 points: some 1900 remains, but I will make it and then...then it would be easier to level up other toons and unlock other quest packs/expansions.

And so the day ended: i was satisfied with almost anything, except hard quest which I won't be able to handle alone...