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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro:new deeds and fun

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 14 2012 at 3:41AM
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Istaria was not played - decided to take all the time in Lotro.


Spent all the day in Lonelands, trying to do quests. As usuall - I take almost all quests I could find, except most deadly ones (these would be for better times when I am stronger).

Some quests were a bit standard ("you have to kill NN of these mobs otherwise all is lost"), some - fun. Example: go to bridge and fill a bag with water, then run back to quest-giver.  Go to ruins, fight off  monsters and burn corpses of the slained Eglain people. Go to swamp and take some stuff from spiders' nests (believe me or not - managed to do it without killing any spider).

I took some very risky - maybe too risky - quests. One was to kill 24 monsters in the abandoned fortress. Monsters were a bit hard to kill, some of them - 1 level above me and most went in pairs: melee and ranged unit. Was killed at least 3 times before I finished those twenty four - and only with the help of the others. If I saw a group, I helped them to kill monster, sometimes scoring kill or just followed them. Found one character and together we made our way through that fortress - and killed the named boss,  some kind of leader. This was very hard, I had to run, use health restoration potions and alike. Finally, I was victorious.

Of course, I have new deeds there: to kill some 160 crabains, to kill 120 orcs, about 60 warghs and so on. When I had no idea  what to do - I went for these deeds, at least some fun with killing poor monsters.There's no lack in monsters...and lack of Turbine points.

While travelling, I collected every piece of iron and gold ore I could find and later advanced my Prospector greatly.

I also got helped by one friendly person from the Kinship - he arrived to me, covered me and we travelled to the swamps: here, Dwarven ore spawns. Of course, nodes are rare, enemies are plentyfull, so I would have a hard time collecting ore and then making dwarven iron bars for him. He alos showed me one quest-giver and adviced a rather easy quest. Our Kinship is just great: a pity I could not repay them with something usable yet.

My wallet is too close to the limit of 2 golden coins: it means I have to invest into my own house or buy one (if I am allowed to) or just buy, for example, coal (it is not found in Lotro: only purchasable from vendors) to make high-grade steel.

And so the day ended. It was full of fighting, crafting, running, collecting trophies, repairing armor, selling trophies and alike. I felt happy and satisfied.