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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Group fighting, helping

Posted by Lithuanian Friday August 10 2012 at 1:49AM
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The day started with the very nice message: to go to Barrow of Taradan and kill 300 spiders there. Oops, 298 only. Before that tried to escort lame, noobish, trouble-seeking NPC (first time I failed, second - was victorious) and then - to the barrow.

For some, unknown for me, reasons this Barrow is always popular, I see groups of players having fun with killing spiders. It won't that bad...but I really needed that 300 within one day. Soon my Guild (Kinship) folks asked if they could join the fight. I agreed and we went on slaughtering, killing anything that moves and counting. Whether they killed monster - it counted to me and if I killed - it counted to them, I suppose. very soon I killed spider number 300 - received new title, some valuable Turbine points. Then, we continued to fight untill my folks left.

It was also the first time I helped my own Guild. Gave away some formulas I did not need and gave away some Barrow treasures that may be ecxhanged to reputation. However, I have top reputation with the "men of Bree" and it can't grow any higher. I was satisfied with that.

Of course, freemium does bite and its money cap is not very good, I could earn more and more. But I have to preserve all Turbine points for Mines of Moria.

This is where we had a discussion: one Kinship members adviced to buy quest pack only (for some 1500 TPs), ohers - to buy expansion pack (some 2500 TPs). They tell I will have to have a lot of patience to grind those Turbine points - but patience I do have. So, the question remains open and I would appreciate any suggestions, especially with arguments "pro et contra".

I will stay in Bree-land doing deeds and last non-repeatable quests. When everything will be finished there - I will travel to my own Thorin's hall to make all quests and deeds there. And after Torin's hall - Lone lands awaits me, with both crafting and fighting experience to grow up. After all, my own Weaponsmith should equip my main character with quality weapons so  that first toon grows faster and better.

And so the day ended. I left  very satisfied with it, even grinding was not bad. Looking forward for today's deeds and quests.