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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

freemium bites...

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday August 9 2012 at 1:16AM
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Lotro was played once again and once again Istaria was left behind.

Did some quests in the Barrows as well as near the Old Forest (all in Bree-land). I made my goal - to finish all the quests in Bree-land, so that only repetative quests remain. There was one set of them - to go to the outskirts of Barrows, kill some animals and some warped trees. Animal killing was a bit grindy (24 + 8 to kill), but a bit fun.

Then I turned to deeds: there was only one quest in Bree-land, too difficult for my lvl.23. I hunted "barghests" in Barrows, untill managed to make my quota of 60 barghests killed. I went to one grave to kill spiders: encountered at least 3 competitors, but finally made my quota of 150 killed spiders in Taradan. By the way, killed named spider in same Taradan - and did it at least two times. Soon, deed to kill spiders was finished and I received new deed (advanced) - to kill 300 spiders in same Taradan.

I will do it, no doubt: for xp, for money, for Turbine points and even for fun, because it is nice to see how I fight 3 spiders at the same time and killing all of them without being seriously wounded.

Lotro's freemium content first time bited. I managed to sell stuff for more coins that I was allowed to have. Was informed, that some 30 silver coins were moved to "cash overflow" and I may unlock cash cap in Lotro store for some 395 points.  The strangest thing was - my "overflow" was not moved to main wallet even when I had less than cap (1 gold 910 silver). Yet another, though not subtle, freemium: buy or... However, othrer players may have 30 or 48 golden coins in "overflow" and yet they do not buy caps removal. 395 TPs is a lot: it's something one character may achieve in Bree-land. And I do need all the Turbine points for Mines of Moria (and unlockable two character slots and 2 schools available).

(Footnote: I have some 530 Turbine points now. Grinding for deeds and quests does a good job).

And when I finish all the quests in Bree-land - I will return home, to Thorin's hall to earn reputation with my homeland and do all the possibl quests there. I am strong enough to do even Fellowship type quests myself.

I also discussed some questions on game etiquette. It was many times I got invited to group ("Fellowship") and I always declined. I do not knoiw what do those people want and why do they want me. I asked in chat and got respnse that such behaviour may be considered rude and that my declination was not bad. Also - it is good to call the game (while in-game) - "Lore", not "Lotro".

And so the day has ended with more Turbine points and more fun. Today it would be grind to finish deeds and maybe ask Guild for some help in Great barrow.