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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro olympic:questing

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday August 8 2012 at 3:17AM
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The day was spent in Lotro again (Istaria, I do owe you and promise, will return!). 17 quests awaited me and I decided to finish everything I could in Bree-land.

Of course, there were some Hobbit quests "run from point A to point B". NPC's son was lost in the forest and was found, but the son wanted me to speak with other NPC in the forest and that NPC sent me back to son...lucky for me, this running soon ended. One of the most interested quest lines was "trouble in the forest" where I was entitled to investigate reasons of unrest, kill some spiders and 2 named monsters: tree and spider. Tree was relatively easy...spider was not. She (spider queen, therefore "she") was just shy. Did not show up for a long time. Met one Dwarf and we joked, killed monsters - but the Queen was nowhere to be seen. Even our wiki did not help.

My colleague left (besides - I am starting to like any Dwarf I meet, as if he/she was my friend. They are of my kin anyway) and soon I finally faced quee. Killed her...and started to lookj for way out. It was very hard to find it, but the quest line was finished.

I also took quests in Barrows, killing some enemies, gathering grave-moss and even helping restless shade to find the rest. Only lame escortable NPC was left alone - will do with her later.  And I also took some "kill monsters to gather NN stuff" quests.

Found some veins of rich iron which may be used to produce steel: when I was not hunting, I just gathered rich iron or gold to grow up my own weaponsmith.  And hunting "Snaper turtles" was a real pain. There are little of them and not every time do they drop trophies. Finished some quests with them, feeling almost no fun.

Finally there was only 1 quest left in Bree-lands, one of the most difficult. I know that at least 4 or 5 awaits me (escort lame NPC home + 3 or 4 to kill things in the Old forest).

And so the day has ended. I did have fun doing quests, I gained xp, Turbine points (now have some 450) and money...and my Bree-land quests are almost complete. When I finish last non-repetative quest, I will move home, to Dwarven lands to earn reputation there and gain so much needed Turbine points. I will need them to buy Mines of Moria (folks in the game does support this idea). Yet another happy (and bit grindy) day in Lotro.