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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian


Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 7 2012 at 3:58AM
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All day in Lotro - and all the day questing.

Currently my Dwarf-Weaponsmith resides in Barrows near Bree making almost any quest he could find. Currently I have 17 active quests - that's a big amount, throughout several lands of Lotro, from Torin's hall to the very begining of Lonelands.

I am happy because of this. Of course, barrows were a bit risky, but I knew what I was going for.  Various locations, many kinds of undead, too many times I had to run and pray I would escape. But it was anyway - once again I re-read various NPCs stories, re-visited locations and avoided the same quest to protect some noobish NPC.

Of course, some quests were difficult for lvl.20 player. Was killed several times, but maybe it was a bad idea to fight several monsters of my level - at the same time. After second kill decided to take a break: returned to Bree, went to swamps to do some quests there.

It were old good quests and having a bow made it very easy to kill monsters, especially nasty Goblin sappers. I hit them, they throw incendiary pot near themselves and run to me: I'm not hit by their fire. Even killing spider Queen was an easy task: I just used bow and when weakened enemy approached - it was killed by deadly strikes. When swamps were finished - went to Lone-lands and did some quests there: yet this territory is still dangerous for my lvl.22 players.

Bree and Stadle offered some low-level "run from point A to point B" quests. I took them only for xp and deed "make all quests in Bree-land". What I dislike - hobbit quests, they are of little fun and very noobish (like "plz take da bag from poin' A to poin' B and hurry u must").

After all I returned to "my" Barrows. There I have one quest that may be over-grindy or over-risky. I chose grindy: now I just stand in corridor awaiting monsters and killing every of them (well, there are 3 of them spawning).

Once again I have to notice invisible walls: even in local market there is one. A game like Lotro should avoid it at all costs: I just hate it when in the forest I come to invisible wall or in mines I just can't jump down (and kill myself) because of invisible wall.

I have also some conversations with the Guild (Kinship). Unfortunately, I still can't help any new player: world of Lotro is hard for me to fully understand. Call it "ex-GF syndrome", but things are way easier in Istaria...

And so the day has ended. I left game very satisfied - so many quests, so many things tgo do in one land before moving to another! I feel almost excited about this.