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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

addicted to the Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Monday August 6 2012 at 2:01AM
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Did not play - all of good weeekend was spent in Lotro. Instead, read their news: Istaria implemented "counter" technology for some quests. If you have to collect, say, 2 components - game won't allow you to get them from your vault. However, this is for some archer-type quest which I will not be doing in near future.


And the truth is, I am almost addicted to the Lotro. There is such plethora of things I can do without grinding too much - I am just lost amongst them. So - all weekend was dwarfish levelling one.

Levelling my Dwarf-weaponsmith was a bit hard initially. I lost first 8 bronze bars and don't know how to call it. Player promised to make tools for me in exchange for 8 bronze bars. I sent him those bars...and received nothing in return. The player's level is too high to scam me for 8 bronze bars. Strange thing, it is. However, soon I was able to smelt silver and barrow-iron. That was the greatest fun since barrow-iron is at the same fields where I did my quests. I gathered lots of such iron, made bars, then - blades and from blades I made swords.

Result: I reached Expert (tier 3 out of 7) level within some 2 days without working too much and doing only one qcrafting quest. Yesterday started refining another 80 barrow-iron bars...when realised I gain no xp from them. Deposited to vault, would give to someone in Kinship.

Speaking on Kinship: it gave me very good tools, heavy armor - and all this for free, just to help newbie. Of course, I feel a bit shy, because Big Guys are helping me and I still am not in position to help anyone. But I will. One day my Weaponsmith would be high enough to supply anybody with quality weapons.  Higher levelled players do raids, as far as I understood - often. Well, good news for me when I am big.

I did many quests and that's what I like most. Logged off yesterday with 15 active quests out of 50 possible. Of course, I dislike hobbit ones - these little folks always starve, always ask to bring something like "wolf pelts" or "bear-carcasses" and still are huingry. Yes, I will do any quest they ask, just to get xp, but it is hobbits that I dislike most. They have one deed - "QUick Post": to deliver letters from village A to village B without being noticed by "nosey hobbits". And of course, distance goes greater and if you go throughh water, you lose contents of sachel.

However, this diversity is very good. Deliver letters to villages. Find fallen person. Escort various NPCs to the freedom while fighting any opposition. Find waterfall and deliver fresh water to the village. Feed some pet with things, found in the forest. Search for valuables in the barrows. Make copies of ancient texts (and persuade monsters not to disturb you).  I found myself...lost my head over this. So many things to discover, so many quests to make, so many deeds to achieve - and I have limited time to do this. Call this immersion or addiction - it matters not.

It was good to refresh memory with some old good quests already done by my main toon. And it was better to see number of Turbine points growing: noe some 420 and I haven't completed many deeds yet. Maybe it would be possible to accumulate these magic 2500 for Moria.Not sure about other expansions: number of Turbine points one player could gain is limited, so I must preserve each point for only very important things.

However, crafting revealed one thing: my battle school will outgrow my crafter. So, I have to level up Dwarf-weaponsmith to deliver quality weapons to my Human (main toon, so to say).  Now I have to go to Lone Lands to gather rich-iron and gold...and those are home for lvl. 24-30 monsters. A bit early for lvl. 21 adventurer.

And so the weekend was over. I left very satisfied with it and can't wait untill today.