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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro:crafting experience

Posted by Lithuanian Friday August 3 2012 at 12:59AM
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All the day was spent with my Dwarf in the snowy lands. Did some fighting quests, growing up to level 10 (and learning not to buy every ability: there are some I will never need).

Main thing was crafting though. I travelled, searching for copper and tin nodes and gathering as much as I could. The process was relatively slow: nodes appear rarely, typically they seem to travel and have a maximum of 3 ores plus bonus materials.

Finally, I thought I gathered enough materials to make quest items: 2 bronze blades and 2 bronze hilts. Went to "Legendary" Forge"...and then I had to make tin bars first (2 ore - 1 bar; reminds Istaria), then copper bars (2 ore - 1 bar) and finally chose "refine" and make bronbze bar. 2 bronze bars make one blade or hilt.

Quest was done, I went to some "Stonemaster" for xp and reward: as a reward I chose bronze bars.

The problem arose with tools, my training "Inferior" class tools. They damage too quickly, so I told in Trade chat I'd like to purchase player made ones. One player almost immediately contacted me - he had those tools and wanted 4 bronze bars for each.

Which meant Great Search: I travelled in a rather safe areas, mining anything, waiting, then going back, mining and so on. Took some fighting quests...and finally went back to "Legendary Forge". And there some things began to happen. First, there was some "Critical success" which made additional bars for me, so that in the end I had 28 bronze bars. Decided to use Lotro's post office: standard letter costs 50 copper coins, with 8 bronze bars attached - some 1 silver coin. Sent them to that player and hope he will receive it.

Made some weapons: bronze great sword (useless, since two-handed: sold it) and 2 bronze swords. Now I am armed with my own weapons which is pretty cool. My Prospector is now Journeyman, not Apprentice and I am able to make iron and silver ingots; Weaponsmith is still low, I just need tons of ingots to advance it.

Fighting quests were something...sometimes disappointing. I'm not against "kill NN monsters" type quests. Just  monsters to kill were rare, I had to walk long distances to find one, then just guess where second will pop up. Did those quests, received some xp and, what is more important - better armor. Received a long-awaited title "Undefeated" (i.e. I was not killed up to level 10). What I did not like was some strange names. If I have monster "vale wildcat" - I don't call it "lynx". Or maybe it is some trick with English language. I was directed to another quest hub and it was interesting to see how winter in one region changes to the spring in another.

Received some Turbine points, so now I have >300 points. Only some 2000 to go and I would be able to purchase Moria pack, as folks adviced.

I also received question about joining one Guild. I think my both toon will join. However, I warned that I will constantly ask questions like "how is it made", "what's this for" and alike. Looks like it would be no problem for them.

And so the day has ended Overall it  was good. If only there were more copper and tin - my Dwarf will be very happy. And when I will be able to help other newbies, just like I do in Istaria - I would be really happy.