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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro:second char - interesting

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday August 2 2012 at 1:33AM
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My main toon "Vilnietiz" was a bit lazy. I turned in some stuff like "Bulbous goo" and reached my quota of 5 per day (it's only for the vanity to have one more deed accomplished). Asked people what race is the best, and the answer was "go menestrel". Menestrel is a combat school, not race...

I chose Dwarf, customized a bit and then it all started. However, Dwarf is supposed to be grindy and crafting toon, he's not destined to be a fighter.

First quersts were a bit painfull, because I did not want to immerse into Dwarven world, just to rush with crafting. But first I had to go with Gendalf...and then yet another genocide by Turbine. Whatever person starts the intro quests - he has to die. Of course, Thorin, Dwarven king was dead. And some dwarves were killed by Troll. Come on, Turbine, why you have to kill and destroy anything that starts intro? Archet was burned, Thorin was killed, Amdir was kidnapped by Mordor hordes...

I was offered a very interesting quest: after listening to NPC, I was given 10 Turbine points to buy some quest from Lotro store (and start another quest). I declined. I need to accumulate TPs for Moria expansion, not to spend them on some vanity things.

I ran forwards and backward. Dwarven capital is just huge and I got easily lost. To make things worse, I could not enlarge map so had to remember or just blindly search for quest NPCs.

I took Armsman "vocation" and Weaponsmith profession. Received 2 quest - one was done immediately...and with another some problems began.

Thorin is a Dwarven capital, I think. And I thought that: a) it would be plenty mines nearby; b) crafting would be like Istaria: just stand near node, harvest tens and hundreds, then make stuff.

I was totally wrong. No mines in Thorin or nearby (come on, these are Dwarven lands! where have the mines gone?). One node typically has 1-3 ores and for one blade I receive entire 6 xp. It would just take forever to advance a bit. And yes, nodes are scattered and the only thing that helps is "node finder" - it shows node a  big green square on the map, if node is near.

So, I ended up with 1 bronze ingot, 3 copper ingots and zero tin ingots. Things are gonna to be a bit slow before my Dwarf would supply my own Human with some weapons.

Fighting was interesting. There was one Elf hunting near me and always helping. he was level 17 and it happened that he just covered me up. A really nice and helpfull person, only thanks to him I was not defeated.

Quests were a bit different: one Dwarf lost his tools, another wants his armor to be polished and third wants to fix damb. A pity I do not want to immerse into Dwarven world, I want to craft.

Overall, Dwarven experience was an interesting one. Story was good and somewhat interesting, although maps were too big (it's beginner area, come on!).

And so the day has ended with some TPs grinded and many to be grinded. What awaits me is a big big crafting...and trying to stay alive all this time.