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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

wighs, war-singers and unfriendly maiden

Posted by Lithuanian Friday August 17 2012 at 4:00AM
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Lotro was played all day long, everything in Lonelands.

Initially I was just killing monsters to finish some deeds and earn Turbine points. At the same time - asked and asked for some help: needed top get 3 "sigils" of war-singers. Finally, one Kinship player arrived and he just slayed those mobs. War-singers could not even think about using their dreadfull summoning ability. Quest was over very quickly.

I returned to my deeds...when one player asked for some help with one quest. I knew it and I did it with small group. We started: i was the biggest guy in the group (level 30). However, lack of discipline made us suffer a bit: some were killed en route. I enjoyed "crowd control" (AoE attacks) and the fact I could handle several lvl.22-23 enemies at one time without taking too much damage.

Then the top of Weathertop came. One named enemy and a horde of folks he summons + troll. We managed to kill named one, even managed to deal with his companions, but troll with his 5000 health was just out of the question. My thought was - I fight, my colleagues support me wioth long-ranged attacks or heals. But it just did not work. We tried several times, employing different strategy and each one failed: our group was just too weak. So, had to leave the Weathertop - but we will return one day and we will have our revenge.

Next quest called for me to return to swamps where Dwarven-iron is found and to speak with one "Stone speaker". He gave me a quest I thought was impossible to do alone: Red maiden one. I gad to talk with undead warrior in the same ruins and that warrior just unleashed several his guards on me. After I defeated guards, he was kind enough to talk to me and pointed to the location of Red Maiden.

While I think talking with maiden (red or green, no matter) in her apartments is good, this one had many angered body-guards, was ugly and summoned some 5 undead warriors. And yes, route to her was guarded, sometimes over-guarded with various undead creatures.

I panicked. Level 30 monster with some 1200 health + four bodyguards with some 500 health each means that I have no chance. However, after seeing how one Dwarf easily killed maiden - I decided to try my luck. Summoned undead did not interfere - I killed maiden and so the quest was over, time to return to ruins (quest hub).

Got some optional quests: kill 24 wighs in the swamps, find undead warrior's ring. Ring was found easily, wighs await to be finished.

I was also very happy to help people: sent some stuff to them or craft a sword. People keep asking about the price - so I added instruction ("1: have fun; 2: price - one thank you").  At last I am of some use to other players.

And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied with it. However, soon I'll take a break - starting my holidays without PC and internet. I will miss Lotro though.


Posted by Lithuanian Thursday August 16 2012 at 2:24AM
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All the day was spent in Lord of the rings online region, poetically called "Lone lands". I was doing local quests and running to finish some deeds.

Quests were difficult. I had to obtain some medaillion and I searched everything around, killing anyone I saw...yet no monster I needed. Asked several times for help and one Dwarf showed me a tiny pats to the mountain: I did not notice it. Together we killed monster, obtained medaillion and the quest was over.

Others involved "kill NN monsters", but since it gives xp -it is good. One quest I got stucked with: get 5 medaillions from war-singers. Oh, war-singer is an evil you must kill with first shots: otherwise he will just summon "summoned wight" to help him and you will be killed. I was killed twice and had to run several times. Asked for help - help came...but then real world called me and so the quest was half-finished. I do hope I will get some help today.

I also spent some time in the swamps hunting for Dwarven iron and platinium. First of all, I will get xp this way. Second, I will give them to a player whop made a lvl.32 armor for me: he needs platinium and dwarven iron. Of course, it is not easy: swamps are full of lvl.29-30 monsters and some of them summon other creatures before dying. There are some 4-5 nodes all across the swamp - so I had to run many times. However, no complaints: if was fun after all.

I did gain xp during this stay. My toon went to level 30 and my Prospector is now an Artisan (since he grabs any piece of metal he could find: Dwarves may be greedy, you know).

Was lucky enough to help Kinship (Guild) and supply one Jeweller with the gold bars. I did not need them anyway (no weapon can be made from gold). Also, received an email from Kinship that a hunting event is organized for lvl.18-24 with prizes for the best hunters. A pity I am lvl.30 now...but still it is good Kinship cares about members.

One letter was received from my trainer in Bree: urgent matter. I run to Bree...only to find my trainber want me to run back to Lonelands and do that hard "kill war-singers" quest. Got stuck with it, but rewards may be good. One quest was fun: "Support our scouts". I thought it would involve killing stuff...but when I talked to NPC, she just answered I was very kind and she enjoys that town leaders care about scouts. Quest was over, reputation was earned.

Turbine introduced double xp weekend (effect starting August 15). So, my toon just kills anything that moves and enjoys faster growing. I have to reach level 32 to wear quality armor Kinship member sent me.

Turbine points collecting is also going good: having 2x xp I kill all the monsters I need for deeds and now have some 720 points: some 1900 remains, but I will make it and then...then it would be easier to level up other toons and unlock other quest packs/expansions.

And so the day ended: i was satisfied with almost anything, except hard quest which I won't be able to handle alone...

Lotro:new deeds and fun

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 14 2012 at 3:41AM
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Istaria was not played - decided to take all the time in Lotro.


Spent all the day in Lonelands, trying to do quests. As usuall - I take almost all quests I could find, except most deadly ones (these would be for better times when I am stronger).

Some quests were a bit standard ("you have to kill NN of these mobs otherwise all is lost"), some - fun. Example: go to bridge and fill a bag with water, then run back to quest-giver.  Go to ruins, fight off  monsters and burn corpses of the slained Eglain people. Go to swamp and take some stuff from spiders' nests (believe me or not - managed to do it without killing any spider).

I took some very risky - maybe too risky - quests. One was to kill 24 monsters in the abandoned fortress. Monsters were a bit hard to kill, some of them - 1 level above me and most went in pairs: melee and ranged unit. Was killed at least 3 times before I finished those twenty four - and only with the help of the others. If I saw a group, I helped them to kill monster, sometimes scoring kill or just followed them. Found one character and together we made our way through that fortress - and killed the named boss,  some kind of leader. This was very hard, I had to run, use health restoration potions and alike. Finally, I was victorious.

Of course, I have new deeds there: to kill some 160 crabains, to kill 120 orcs, about 60 warghs and so on. When I had no idea  what to do - I went for these deeds, at least some fun with killing poor monsters.There's no lack in monsters...and lack of Turbine points.

While travelling, I collected every piece of iron and gold ore I could find and later advanced my Prospector greatly.

I also got helped by one friendly person from the Kinship - he arrived to me, covered me and we travelled to the swamps: here, Dwarven ore spawns. Of course, nodes are rare, enemies are plentyfull, so I would have a hard time collecting ore and then making dwarven iron bars for him. He alos showed me one quest-giver and adviced a rather easy quest. Our Kinship is just great: a pity I could not repay them with something usable yet.

My wallet is too close to the limit of 2 golden coins: it means I have to invest into my own house or buy one (if I am allowed to) or just buy, for example, coal (it is not found in Lotro: only purchasable from vendors) to make high-grade steel.

And so the day ended. It was full of fighting, crafting, running, collecting trophies, repairing armor, selling trophies and alike. I felt happy and satisfied.

conquest of the rising sun

Posted by Lithuanian Monday August 13 2012 at 2:19AM
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Played a bit, gathering obsidian and very slowly advancing my Mason. Patience was enough for some 2-3 raids...and then just logged off.


Played much of it.

Due to money overflow (see my post "Freemium bites") I had to use money somewhere. Possibility to unlock currency cap with hard-earned Turbine points is not an option so far. So, after consulting with Kinship - I bought a house. Yes, it's a little cheap house, but it still mine.

It was a great feeling: i had a home. A little home for a not-so-big Dwarf with lovely fireplace and windows and even a mailbox. I had an option to buy furniture, starting from treasure chests (Dwarves like to collect treasures, you know) to trees in the garden. I could not describe a feeling that great - when you have your own house where you can go and just rest. House costed me 1 golden coin, treasure chest - 100 silver coin and upkeep for the house - 50 silver coins a week. Paid one month upwards so that I could go to vacation and fear nothing. Also received some quests and got some free housing decorations. Now, when I got a house, a vendor in my place will give me some discount which is cool.

I spent almost all time in Lone lands. It is a more dangerous place, designed for lvl.25-32 characters with more dangerous enemies. Also, it is a home of Eglain society: a kind of lonely folks, they won't give youy reputation for rescued artefacts (like men of Bree for "barrow treasure") - only hard work, kill monsters, loot something etc. Quests are harder this time, deeds too.

I quested there, taking quests up to level 25 (me being 26). Most of deeds and quests were easy, some - even entertaining. Orcs, goblins, ravens, even stealth wolves - everything needed my attention and my good axe. To kill 4 non-ranged orc units: check. To kill 4 ranged orc units: check. I had to care about fallen Eglain people and burn them (strangely enough, burned body remained on the earth unchanged:Turbine, please do something!), aside from usual "collect NN of our treasures".

Almost all quests were made one or another way. One questw as hard, so I had to ask for help: to kill some Goblin leader. A person from our Kinship came and just owned enemies from the distance with his righteous bow. That was epic, first time did I see such effective bow-mastery.

And second quest failed. Was killed by a gang of some 4 monsters and before death tried to escape into little room: here named monster with a horde of bodyguards awaited: I had no chance alone.

Also was lucky enough to aid one Kinship mate with a group quest to take one fortress. We fought bravely, I was especially happy to make "crowd control" with huge AoE attacks, sometimes drawing enemy attention to me. One time got killed, but made it back for some epic fight.

It was Troll. Huge, mean troll with some 5000 health. There were 3 of us and we did our best to kill that abomination. I used some power and health restoring potions and a special attack that does heal my Champion. Managed to stay alive and be amongst those who slained that troll.  The quest was over, we were happy and victorious.

I did some more killings and tried to finish one quest,  but in vain:could not locate enemy. Wil lask for Kinship help today. Of course, the only thing I dislike are "escort NPC" quests. Typically NPC seeks trouble and death and I have to protect him from being foolish.

I also start to enjoy Kinship. We do share, we do help each other. I got some recipes I will not use: no problem, just tell in Kinship chat and someone will ask to mail him. Someone needs help with quests - and there would always be someone to come to help (maybe not just in 1 minute though). It's a team spirit and I do like it.

Lotro is going just superb, I'm starting to enjoy it. My own house with its own furniture (not unique, but still the house is mine with the adress like "NN street number XX"). Lots of quests, some repetative (reminds Istaria). Active Guilds (Kinships) regularly informing about recruiting.  I even could summon monster using one-use chemicals. Other people, unknown to me, helped me to kill enemies and I helped others to kill mobs too.  I have some 660 TPs and so - only 2000 of them to go top purchase Moria expansion pack. Everything is just great in Lotro.

Group fighting, helping

Posted by Lithuanian Friday August 10 2012 at 1:49AM
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The day started with the very nice message: to go to Barrow of Taradan and kill 300 spiders there. Oops, 298 only. Before that tried to escort lame, noobish, trouble-seeking NPC (first time I failed, second - was victorious) and then - to the barrow.

For some, unknown for me, reasons this Barrow is always popular, I see groups of players having fun with killing spiders. It won't that bad...but I really needed that 300 within one day. Soon my Guild (Kinship) folks asked if they could join the fight. I agreed and we went on slaughtering, killing anything that moves and counting. Whether they killed monster - it counted to me and if I killed - it counted to them, I suppose. very soon I killed spider number 300 - received new title, some valuable Turbine points. Then, we continued to fight untill my folks left.

It was also the first time I helped my own Guild. Gave away some formulas I did not need and gave away some Barrow treasures that may be ecxhanged to reputation. However, I have top reputation with the "men of Bree" and it can't grow any higher. I was satisfied with that.

Of course, freemium does bite and its money cap is not very good, I could earn more and more. But I have to preserve all Turbine points for Mines of Moria.

This is where we had a discussion: one Kinship members adviced to buy quest pack only (for some 1500 TPs), ohers - to buy expansion pack (some 2500 TPs). They tell I will have to have a lot of patience to grind those Turbine points - but patience I do have. So, the question remains open and I would appreciate any suggestions, especially with arguments "pro et contra".

I will stay in Bree-land doing deeds and last non-repeatable quests. When everything will be finished there - I will travel to my own Thorin's hall to make all quests and deeds there. And after Torin's hall - Lone lands awaits me, with both crafting and fighting experience to grow up. After all, my own Weaponsmith should equip my main character with quality weapons so  that first toon grows faster and better.

And so the day ended. I left  very satisfied with it, even grinding was not bad. Looking forward for today's deeds and quests.

freemium bites...

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday August 9 2012 at 2:16AM
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Lotro was played once again and once again Istaria was left behind.

Did some quests in the Barrows as well as near the Old Forest (all in Bree-land). I made my goal - to finish all the quests in Bree-land, so that only repetative quests remain. There was one set of them - to go to the outskirts of Barrows, kill some animals and some warped trees. Animal killing was a bit grindy (24 + 8 to kill), but a bit fun.

Then I turned to deeds: there was only one quest in Bree-land, too difficult for my lvl.23. I hunted "barghests" in Barrows, untill managed to make my quota of 60 barghests killed. I went to one grave to kill spiders: encountered at least 3 competitors, but finally made my quota of 150 killed spiders in Taradan. By the way, killed named spider in same Taradan - and did it at least two times. Soon, deed to kill spiders was finished and I received new deed (advanced) - to kill 300 spiders in same Taradan.

I will do it, no doubt: for xp, for money, for Turbine points and even for fun, because it is nice to see how I fight 3 spiders at the same time and killing all of them without being seriously wounded.

Lotro's freemium content first time bited. I managed to sell stuff for more coins that I was allowed to have. Was informed, that some 30 silver coins were moved to "cash overflow" and I may unlock cash cap in Lotro store for some 395 points.  The strangest thing was - my "overflow" was not moved to main wallet even when I had less than cap (1 gold 910 silver). Yet another, though not subtle, freemium: buy or... However, othrer players may have 30 or 48 golden coins in "overflow" and yet they do not buy caps removal. 395 TPs is a lot: it's something one character may achieve in Bree-land. And I do need all the Turbine points for Mines of Moria (and unlockable two character slots and 2 schools available).

(Footnote: I have some 530 Turbine points now. Grinding for deeds and quests does a good job).

And when I finish all the quests in Bree-land - I will return home, to Thorin's hall to earn reputation with my homeland and do all the possibl quests there. I am strong enough to do even Fellowship type quests myself.

I also discussed some questions on game etiquette. It was many times I got invited to group ("Fellowship") and I always declined. I do not knoiw what do those people want and why do they want me. I asked in chat and got respnse that such behaviour may be considered rude and that my declination was not bad. Also - it is good to call the game (while in-game) - "Lore", not "Lotro".

And so the day has ended with more Turbine points and more fun. Today it would be grind to finish deeds and maybe ask Guild for some help in Great barrow.

Lotro olympic:questing

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday August 8 2012 at 3:17AM
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The day was spent in Lotro again (Istaria, I do owe you and promise, will return!). 17 quests awaited me and I decided to finish everything I could in Bree-land.

Of course, there were some Hobbit quests "run from point A to point B". NPC's son was lost in the forest and was found, but the son wanted me to speak with other NPC in the forest and that NPC sent me back to son...lucky for me, this running soon ended. One of the most interested quest lines was "trouble in the forest" where I was entitled to investigate reasons of unrest, kill some spiders and 2 named monsters: tree and spider. Tree was relatively easy...spider was not. She (spider queen, therefore "she") was just shy. Did not show up for a long time. Met one Dwarf and we joked, killed monsters - but the Queen was nowhere to be seen. Even our wiki did not help.

My colleague left (besides - I am starting to like any Dwarf I meet, as if he/she was my friend. They are of my kin anyway) and soon I finally faced quee. Killed her...and started to lookj for way out. It was very hard to find it, but the quest line was finished.

I also took quests in Barrows, killing some enemies, gathering grave-moss and even helping restless shade to find the rest. Only lame escortable NPC was left alone - will do with her later.  And I also took some "kill monsters to gather NN stuff" quests.

Found some veins of rich iron which may be used to produce steel: when I was not hunting, I just gathered rich iron or gold to grow up my own weaponsmith.  And hunting "Snaper turtles" was a real pain. There are little of them and not every time do they drop trophies. Finished some quests with them, feeling almost no fun.

Finally there was only 1 quest left in Bree-lands, one of the most difficult. I know that at least 4 or 5 awaits me (escort lame NPC home + 3 or 4 to kill things in the Old forest).

And so the day has ended. I did have fun doing quests, I gained xp, Turbine points (now have some 450) and money...and my Bree-land quests are almost complete. When I finish last non-repetative quest, I will move home, to Dwarven lands to earn reputation there and gain so much needed Turbine points. I will need them to buy Mines of Moria (folks in the game does support this idea). Yet another happy (and bit grindy) day in Lotro.


Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 7 2012 at 3:58AM
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All day in Lotro - and all the day questing.

Currently my Dwarf-Weaponsmith resides in Barrows near Bree making almost any quest he could find. Currently I have 17 active quests - that's a big amount, throughout several lands of Lotro, from Torin's hall to the very begining of Lonelands.

I am happy because of this. Of course, barrows were a bit risky, but I knew what I was going for.  Various locations, many kinds of undead, too many times I had to run and pray I would escape. But it was anyway - once again I re-read various NPCs stories, re-visited locations and avoided the same quest to protect some noobish NPC.

Of course, some quests were difficult for lvl.20 player. Was killed several times, but maybe it was a bad idea to fight several monsters of my level - at the same time. After second kill decided to take a break: returned to Bree, went to swamps to do some quests there.

It were old good quests and having a bow made it very easy to kill monsters, especially nasty Goblin sappers. I hit them, they throw incendiary pot near themselves and run to me: I'm not hit by their fire. Even killing spider Queen was an easy task: I just used bow and when weakened enemy approached - it was killed by deadly strikes. When swamps were finished - went to Lone-lands and did some quests there: yet this territory is still dangerous for my lvl.22 players.

Bree and Stadle offered some low-level "run from point A to point B" quests. I took them only for xp and deed "make all quests in Bree-land". What I dislike - hobbit quests, they are of little fun and very noobish (like "plz take da bag from poin' A to poin' B and hurry u must").

After all I returned to "my" Barrows. There I have one quest that may be over-grindy or over-risky. I chose grindy: now I just stand in corridor awaiting monsters and killing every of them (well, there are 3 of them spawning).

Once again I have to notice invisible walls: even in local market there is one. A game like Lotro should avoid it at all costs: I just hate it when in the forest I come to invisible wall or in mines I just can't jump down (and kill myself) because of invisible wall.

I have also some conversations with the Guild (Kinship). Unfortunately, I still can't help any new player: world of Lotro is hard for me to fully understand. Call it "ex-GF syndrome", but things are way easier in Istaria...

And so the day has ended. I left game very satisfied - so many quests, so many things tgo do in one land before moving to another! I feel almost excited about this.

addicted to the Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Monday August 6 2012 at 2:01AM
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Did not play - all of good weeekend was spent in Lotro. Instead, read their news: Istaria implemented "counter" technology for some quests. If you have to collect, say, 2 components - game won't allow you to get them from your vault. However, this is for some archer-type quest which I will not be doing in near future.


And the truth is, I am almost addicted to the Lotro. There is such plethora of things I can do without grinding too much - I am just lost amongst them. So - all weekend was dwarfish levelling one.

Levelling my Dwarf-weaponsmith was a bit hard initially. I lost first 8 bronze bars and don't know how to call it. Player promised to make tools for me in exchange for 8 bronze bars. I sent him those bars...and received nothing in return. The player's level is too high to scam me for 8 bronze bars. Strange thing, it is. However, soon I was able to smelt silver and barrow-iron. That was the greatest fun since barrow-iron is at the same fields where I did my quests. I gathered lots of such iron, made bars, then - blades and from blades I made swords.

Result: I reached Expert (tier 3 out of 7) level within some 2 days without working too much and doing only one qcrafting quest. Yesterday started refining another 80 barrow-iron bars...when realised I gain no xp from them. Deposited to vault, would give to someone in Kinship.

Speaking on Kinship: it gave me very good tools, heavy armor - and all this for free, just to help newbie. Of course, I feel a bit shy, because Big Guys are helping me and I still am not in position to help anyone. But I will. One day my Weaponsmith would be high enough to supply anybody with quality weapons.  Higher levelled players do raids, as far as I understood - often. Well, good news for me when I am big.

I did many quests and that's what I like most. Logged off yesterday with 15 active quests out of 50 possible. Of course, I dislike hobbit ones - these little folks always starve, always ask to bring something like "wolf pelts" or "bear-carcasses" and still are huingry. Yes, I will do any quest they ask, just to get xp, but it is hobbits that I dislike most. They have one deed - "QUick Post": to deliver letters from village A to village B without being noticed by "nosey hobbits". And of course, distance goes greater and if you go throughh water, you lose contents of sachel.

However, this diversity is very good. Deliver letters to villages. Find fallen person. Escort various NPCs to the freedom while fighting any opposition. Find waterfall and deliver fresh water to the village. Feed some pet with things, found in the forest. Search for valuables in the barrows. Make copies of ancient texts (and persuade monsters not to disturb you).  I found myself...lost my head over this. So many things to discover, so many quests to make, so many deeds to achieve - and I have limited time to do this. Call this immersion or addiction - it matters not.

It was good to refresh memory with some old good quests already done by my main toon. And it was better to see number of Turbine points growing: noe some 420 and I haven't completed many deeds yet. Maybe it would be possible to accumulate these magic 2500 for Moria.Not sure about other expansions: number of Turbine points one player could gain is limited, so I must preserve each point for only very important things.

However, crafting revealed one thing: my battle school will outgrow my crafter. So, I have to level up Dwarf-weaponsmith to deliver quality weapons to my Human (main toon, so to say).  Now I have to go to Lone Lands to gather rich-iron and gold...and those are home for lvl. 24-30 monsters. A bit early for lvl. 21 adventurer.

And so the weekend was over. I left very satisfied with it and can't wait untill today.

Lotro:crafting experience

Posted by Lithuanian Friday August 3 2012 at 1:59AM
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All the day was spent with my Dwarf in the snowy lands. Did some fighting quests, growing up to level 10 (and learning not to buy every ability: there are some I will never need).

Main thing was crafting though. I travelled, searching for copper and tin nodes and gathering as much as I could. The process was relatively slow: nodes appear rarely, typically they seem to travel and have a maximum of 3 ores plus bonus materials.

Finally, I thought I gathered enough materials to make quest items: 2 bronze blades and 2 bronze hilts. Went to "Legendary" Forge"...and then I had to make tin bars first (2 ore - 1 bar; reminds Istaria), then copper bars (2 ore - 1 bar) and finally chose "refine" and make bronbze bar. 2 bronze bars make one blade or hilt.

Quest was done, I went to some "Stonemaster" for xp and reward: as a reward I chose bronze bars.

The problem arose with tools, my training "Inferior" class tools. They damage too quickly, so I told in Trade chat I'd like to purchase player made ones. One player almost immediately contacted me - he had those tools and wanted 4 bronze bars for each.

Which meant Great Search: I travelled in a rather safe areas, mining anything, waiting, then going back, mining and so on. Took some fighting quests...and finally went back to "Legendary Forge". And there some things began to happen. First, there was some "Critical success" which made additional bars for me, so that in the end I had 28 bronze bars. Decided to use Lotro's post office: standard letter costs 50 copper coins, with 8 bronze bars attached - some 1 silver coin. Sent them to that player and hope he will receive it.

Made some weapons: bronze great sword (useless, since two-handed: sold it) and 2 bronze swords. Now I am armed with my own weapons which is pretty cool. My Prospector is now Journeyman, not Apprentice and I am able to make iron and silver ingots; Weaponsmith is still low, I just need tons of ingots to advance it.

Fighting quests were something...sometimes disappointing. I'm not against "kill NN monsters" type quests. Just  monsters to kill were rare, I had to walk long distances to find one, then just guess where second will pop up. Did those quests, received some xp and, what is more important - better armor. Received a long-awaited title "Undefeated" (i.e. I was not killed up to level 10). What I did not like was some strange names. If I have monster "vale wildcat" - I don't call it "lynx". Or maybe it is some trick with English language. I was directed to another quest hub and it was interesting to see how winter in one region changes to the spring in another.

Received some Turbine points, so now I have >300 points. Only some 2000 to go and I would be able to purchase Moria pack, as folks adviced.

I also received question about joining one Guild. I think my both toon will join. However, I warned that I will constantly ask questions like "how is it made", "what's this for" and alike. Looks like it would be no problem for them.

And so the day has ended Overall it  was good. If only there were more copper and tin - my Dwarf will be very happy. And when I will be able to help other newbies, just like I do in Istaria - I would be really happy.

Lotro:second char - interesting

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday August 2 2012 at 1:33AM
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My main toon "Vilnietiz" was a bit lazy. I turned in some stuff like "Bulbous goo" and reached my quota of 5 per day (it's only for the vanity to have one more deed accomplished). Asked people what race is the best, and the answer was "go menestrel". Menestrel is a combat school, not race...

I chose Dwarf, customized a bit and then it all started. However, Dwarf is supposed to be grindy and crafting toon, he's not destined to be a fighter.

First quersts were a bit painfull, because I did not want to immerse into Dwarven world, just to rush with crafting. But first I had to go with Gendalf...and then yet another genocide by Turbine. Whatever person starts the intro quests - he has to die. Of course, Thorin, Dwarven king was dead. And some dwarves were killed by Troll. Come on, Turbine, why you have to kill and destroy anything that starts intro? Archet was burned, Thorin was killed, Amdir was kidnapped by Mordor hordes...

I was offered a very interesting quest: after listening to NPC, I was given 10 Turbine points to buy some quest from Lotro store (and start another quest). I declined. I need to accumulate TPs for Moria expansion, not to spend them on some vanity things.

I ran forwards and backward. Dwarven capital is just huge and I got easily lost. To make things worse, I could not enlarge map so had to remember or just blindly search for quest NPCs.

I took Armsman "vocation" and Weaponsmith profession. Received 2 quest - one was done immediately...and with another some problems began.

Thorin is a Dwarven capital, I think. And I thought that: a) it would be plenty mines nearby; b) crafting would be like Istaria: just stand near node, harvest tens and hundreds, then make stuff.

I was totally wrong. No mines in Thorin or nearby (come on, these are Dwarven lands! where have the mines gone?). One node typically has 1-3 ores and for one blade I receive entire 6 xp. It would just take forever to advance a bit. And yes, nodes are scattered and the only thing that helps is "node finder" - it shows node a  big green square on the map, if node is near.

So, I ended up with 1 bronze ingot, 3 copper ingots and zero tin ingots. Things are gonna to be a bit slow before my Dwarf would supply my own Human with some weapons.

Fighting was interesting. There was one Elf hunting near me and always helping. he was level 17 and it happened that he just covered me up. A really nice and helpfull person, only thanks to him I was not defeated.

Quests were a bit different: one Dwarf lost his tools, another wants his armor to be polished and third wants to fix damb. A pity I do not want to immerse into Dwarven world, I want to craft.

Overall, Dwarven experience was an interesting one. Story was good and somewhat interesting, although maps were too big (it's beginner area, come on!).

And so the day has ended with some TPs grinded and many to be grinded. What awaits me is a big big crafting...and trying to stay alive all this time.

Lotro:first dissatisfaction

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday August 1 2012 at 1:35AM
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Istaria was not played at atll - maintenance, after all.


An unsuccesfull day, I have to admit. Tried to do Great Barrow quest, asked in chat for a group. Soon group was formed with lvl.30s players. It promised to be a bright future...untill I approached gates and could not enter ("You are not the group leader").

I was dismissed (i.e. kicked) from group, was offered help by one player, but rejected. If I can't enter that barrow - there is no use in group ("fellowship").

Asked in chats for some help, but help always was one and the same - some level 9-10 players who could not make it to the barrows.

Then I travelled to the barrow of Ringdor to kill one named monster. Once again - failure. Met one Spanish player who ran all over the barrow, killing anything and his level was too high to advance. I was left without my monster, searched every corridor, every hall - nothing, no sign that monster ever was there. Asked in chat for help, but almost no one responded (or responded in a very "helpfull" way like - yeah, I know it's hard). Some time later I saw same player, ran through him, only to be followed by a horde of mobs...and ran into my named monster.

I hardly ran away from this horde. Left dissatisfied with this day: almost no help from players, I am left absolutely alone. It was just sad, I turned off most chats and exited game. Immersion? Thanks, it is almost gone.

And so the day ended with no achievements, except new relationships with the men of Motom. I left my Kinship and so am absolutely alone in this nicely looking world.