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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Colourfull answers

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday July 28 2016 at 2:00AM
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First of all – I want to thank everyone for answers. Never had I received so many quality answers.

Lotro: content in 2017 confirmed. We would be alive and maybe even perform poor multi-cultural society (orcs, goblins...) genocide, destroy Precious Precious. What happens in 2018, nobody knows. Sailing away with grumpy xenophobic Elves?

Last Chaos: today would uninstall. Sorry, folks, you just can't make game to actually work.

Runes of Magic: my new mmo. Shiny shiny, generic generic...just to spend some time should you mmo be down. Generic races. Generic classes. Colourfull, shiny things around. Playerbase on EU servers: low. I have seen only PvE servers and some 3 players around my lvl.3 Elf Mage. One asked for duel, I refused.


My future mmo:

free to play

PvE or completely avoidable PvP (like in special zones only)

as much solo content as possible. Hence - raiding is not much important.


preferably - housing.  It just nice to have some nice place you could rest and/or decorate

Story, option to immerse into local world.


Guild wars 2 were really nice. I really enjoyed my tiny Asura and actually all Asuras. Such cute tiny creatures, inventors of stuff in the name of inventing stuff. I liked them. Later - enjoyed Human content when I could choose my origins (noble or low) that could influence what appears in quests. With Asura I got stuck at Golem quest - had to react at some lightinings...and it was impossible for me. Asked other players, but it was solo-only.  Plus, no "nuke-it-all" class like Lotro's minstrel. And regions: if it is lvl.20 region, your lvl.50 Asura would auto-scale to lvl.20. No "me Hulk, me smash" which I enjoyed in Lotro.

Age of Conan had some brute feeling, a bit lesser story (and yes, almost nude Tempest of Set). No "nuke-em-all" class. I remember one dungeon where my poor toon has always got beaten, no matter class or level.

Everquest II. Could be an option if not restrictions.

ESO: free trial weekends? Seriously? I mean - really really? Really seriously? Then it's just blessing for me: try,  see how things looks like...and later (maybe at Christmas) bring myself present.


Answers to questions:

I need story. Raiding could be reduced to zero. Lotro has nice story, Guild wars 2 has nice personal story.

Sci-fi with blasters, spaceships or plasma-graviton-annihilator so far is not an option.

Wildstar is a candidate, even if it is blasters/spaceships

ESO is a candidate for neariest free weekend.

Limitations writes: The Secret World has an amazing story, though it's b2p, with additional DLC. ESO also has some great story lines. Fri Jul 29 2016 12:21AM Report
Gorwe writes:

I wouldn't say TSW would interest him. It's even more out there than most SFs. Plus modern setting it just...doesn't ring with what he is looking for.

Again, to epeat myself for the nth time: EQ 2. It's funny how you object to EQ 2 limitations yet are perfectly fine with LoTRO's restrictions. I know that the inability to talk bothers you(unless sub). But it really isn't that different than LoTR:O. And the classes are wonderfully varied as is the world.

Failing that, ESO. You COULD like that. I didn't know there were free weekends / weeks etc tho.

Fri Jul 29 2016 7:44AM Report
Lithuanian writes:

I heared ESO have free trial weekends...not sure when would this happen again.

And I do know Lotro's restriction. Access to crafting guild mastery:buy. Inventory/bank/shared slots:buy. Regions:buy. Riding skill:buy. Gold cap removal:buy. Additional LI slots:buy. Some classes:buy (unless you purchase some expansion).

However, in Lotro it's all about Turbine points one can grind and they are user-wide.

EQ2 could fit, I may try, but am a bit scared abiut restrictions. No mail, no auction, no chat...I could be basically cut from society.

ESO could be perfect. I just need to grind RL money and before that - make sure I try it.

Menawhile: any opinions about Perfect World and Forsaken World?

Fri Jul 29 2016 8:15AM Report writes:
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