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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

New home after Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Saturday July 23 2016 at 7:30AM
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Lord of the rings Online have announced they would be creating path to Mordor, so we all see Black gate and then weed-addicted Hobbitses destroy multucultural prospering civilization.

Would Lotro end agter Destruction of One Ring? Nobody knows. My guess is - it would. Ships would sail, grumpy xenophobic Elves would leave, Hobbitses would have nothing to steal, Dwarves would mine mithril untill mitthrl ends...

I am still in search for new home.


Well, does not fascinate. Tried Mage - kind of good. Offensive skills, not so many defensive.self heals. Could nuke, but nothing like Lotro's Minstrel (AoE nuker, powerfull heals, bikini-armour). Switched to some Necromancer, but was unimpressed:weak build. Tried Cleric, this one is healer, but once again - weaker than Mage. Tried Fighter - things were better, however there were not enough dps. And yeah, single-target attacks.

Rift is game without soul. You can play, you can't immerse, you can't follow somme NPC or care aboiut them in this multi-coloured world.

Everquest II

Did not try/ Just read about limitations. No global chat, no auction house, just run and enjoy life in silence. Sorry, E-II developers, not going to try this. For such restrictions, I'd better play Runescape. Or Istaria.

Elder Scrolls online

This could be ab option. However, they are buy-to-play and I do not wanna risk. Any trial, no matter with what limiations, would be nice. Another thing that frightens me is "dynamic combat". I am accustomed to static one: you stand, monster stands. You use attack, monster dn't need to dodge, evade etc. ESO does feature stuff like this. They could be an option - if only I could try them. No matter, for some time (say, 1 week) or some level (say, lvl.10).


I am running out of ideas about new home. Any PvE, fantasy (noin sci-fi), crafting game with very light limitations for f2p and (optionally) player housing would fit.

Once again: anybody has ideas (except Aion, Terra,, GW2, EQ, EQ2 and other mentioned in post before)? It could be some old game, i really don't care about graphic. It could be grindy, I am not afraid to work.

Limitations writes: If you try Elder Scrolls Online and am on PC, I will help you out as much as I can. Sun Jul 24 2016 1:54AM Report
Hluill writes:

First, not sure where you're getting your information.  EQ2 has global chat and an auction house.  While LotRO is prettier, it only has about half the features of EQ2.

Second, the "Dynamic" Combat of ESO is not too demanding.  The soft-targeting with the mouse can be frustrating but isn't much more challenging than tab targeting.  The world is almost as immersive as LotRO.  The main story isn't as deep, but all the other quests are much better, mostly.

Sun Jul 24 2016 7:02AM Report
Lithuanian writes:

Without a membership, players can't use any of the "broadcast" channels, such as /auction, /level, /shout, or any other chat option that broadcasts to a large amount of other players. Players can receive in-game email without a membership, but can't send in-game mail without an All Access membership. Full broker access is only available to All Access members.

taken from

Sounds bit...harsh.

If only I wanted sci-fi with a bit of magic, i'd go for Wildfstar. SWTOR at worst, because I have heared about its limitations for f2p too.

ESO could be an option, maybe a present for myself at Xmas...but I really wish they introduce some trial. Even if it's one day without global chats, limited tells, no auction house.


Sun Jul 24 2016 11:29AM Report
c0796 writes:

Yeah, I like LOTRO too, but lots of other titles to enjoy, I always go back to LOTRO at some point, great community.


Currently enjoying Ark: Survival of the fittest. Still in Alpha but they are far along in it from what I see. Mechanics are good, minor bugs, all around good fun though. Survival-crafting genre if you didn't already know.


If we could get a Middle Earth type of survival-craft game, that would be fantastic. Here's hoping!

Tue Jul 26 2016 10:12PM Report
Gorwe writes:

Maybe purchase ESO and try the starter zone / experience and if you don't like it, ask for a refund on Steam? You could consider that the trial you need.

I agree with Rift being soulless(even though it's about souls lol the irony). The closest to Minstrel would be Tactician, but it is a Tech heavy class and I'm not sure how much you'd like flamethowers etc.

I actually prefer the dynamic combat of GW2 / TERA / ESO. My wish is to see Warhammer Fantasy or Star Wars with such a combat design. TERA is especially fascinating in combat aspect.

As for your wishes...idk. I thought EQ2 but it is strict with its limitations(also very, very fair-almost every restriction has or had an objective reason to exist) in f2p aspect. Maybe try ames at random? Maybe give up on MMOs?

Wed Jul 27 2016 5:06AM Report
Hluill writes:

First,  so for not being familiar with the F2P version of EQ2!  And you can use the Loyalty currency for stuff in the game store.

Second, I don't think LotRO is going anywhere anytime soon.  But if it does, has anyone suggested Secret World?

Mon Aug 08 2016 5:52PM Report writes:
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