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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Gaming advice

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday July 14 2016 at 8:20AM
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I have to adress community of

I need your advice – every single thought from every single person reading this.

Lord of the rings online most likely would be gone withing 1-2 years. It experiences 75% decrease in profits, it remains with 3 developers (instead of 10).

New game is needed:

PvE (no PvP or an option to turn pvp completely off)

Preferably - fantasy (like Lotro)

Crafting that I may produce stuff for myself

f2p with minimal restrictions.

Preferably - any type of housing

Lotro's Minstrel type class (ranged healing dps with light armour.


Unfortunately, I have tried many games.

Istaria (liked, but stopped playing)

Guild wars 2 (still have some toons)

Age of Conan (tried, but warm atmosphere)





Everquest II

Dragons propget

And some others.


I do need your thoughts about next game should Lotro close.

Limitations writes: Wildstar homie. Sat Jul 16 2016 11:29PM Report
Gorwe writes:

Play LoTR:O until it closes?

I'd say EQ2 actually.  It fits most points actually.

Wed Jul 20 2016 7:28PM Report
Lithuanian writes:

I do play Lotro, will play untill it sails to the Undying Lands (just leave some place without Gandalf the Evil, Aragorn the Noob and Hobbitses the weed-addicts!).

So far:

RIFT. Nice, but without soul. So colourfull, so full of death rays, cannons, almost pistols...and I so do not care about lore. One faction fights another and your faction wants you to use death ray or kill 10 cows.

Everquest 2: tried once. Somehow was not impressed (and hey,I can't run my half-nude blonde female there!). Once I tried, but disliked it either due to controls or just some quests were hard for me at starter levels.

Thu Jul 21 2016 4:25AM Report
Gorwe writes:

Purchase a Mercenary option for EQ II. That'll open the whole game for you until the endgame(if you choose to play it).


Plus, I've to say it's ironic how everyone latches onto tobacco thing in LoTR, but leaves a thing that causes 100% addiction well alone. If thee's a commentary about the addiction in LoTR, it's portrayed by the One Ring, not by pipe weed.

Fri Jul 22 2016 4:17AM Report
Hluill writes: SWtOR is pretty and the Sage is a bit like a minstral. Sun Jul 24 2016 8:05AM Report writes:
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