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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Guild wars 2:advice needed

Posted by Lithuanian Friday July 24 2015 at 3:33PM
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I am a bit reluctant to post in on forums - topics may disappear too quickly.

Situation: I still play Lotro, logging in, doing some dailies, turning in task items and then having nothing more to do. I did try almost everything: Rift, Neverwinter, Terra, Age of Conan...was thinking about Aion, but it has un-needed (for me) PvP. Which means my toon may be stomped to the ground just because noobs die 24/7.

My own thoughts:

1) Any free-to-play game, even anime one that is free-to-play, is softcore and where I could technically avoid PvP. Avoid either by non entering very specific locations (Wilderness in runescape, Etenmoors in Lotro, Arena in istaria) or un-checking something (like Lotro's "sparring invites - off"). One more thing: the game should NOT be complex. If i am offered 65536 skills that have some 100 sub-skills, i would be lost and would not know how to play. The simplier, the better.

2) Guild Wars 2. A game that is not completely free (buy to play). This is what I actually want to ask about:

a) PvP - is it 100% avoidable?

b) character progression: do I have many skills, like in Lotro (we have active skills, we have passive skills, we have ~20 legebndary traits and maybe 12 noin-legendary...we have also tons of Essences that affect status)? Or some simple ones?

c) gameplay: is it hard to quickly understand chosen class and fit into it's most effective role (yeap, I have read every class tank tank, crowd control...yet there should be some theoretic specialization)

d) overall - would it be hard to play GW2 after Istaria and Lotro?

Please leave your opinion in comments.