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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Guild wars 2:advice needed

Posted by Lithuanian Friday July 24 2015 at 3:33PM
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I am a bit reluctant to post in on forums - topics may disappear too quickly.

Situation: I still play Lotro, logging in, doing some dailies, turning in task items and then having nothing more to do. I did try almost everything: Rift, Neverwinter, Terra, Age of Conan...was thinking about Aion, but it has un-needed (for me) PvP. Which means my toon may be stomped to the ground just because noobs die 24/7.

My own thoughts:

1) Any free-to-play game, even anime one that is free-to-play, is softcore and where I could technically avoid PvP. Avoid either by non entering very specific locations (Wilderness in runescape, Etenmoors in Lotro, Arena in istaria) or un-checking something (like Lotro's "sparring invites - off"). One more thing: the game should NOT be complex. If i am offered 65536 skills that have some 100 sub-skills, i would be lost and would not know how to play. The simplier, the better.

2) Guild Wars 2. A game that is not completely free (buy to play). This is what I actually want to ask about:

a) PvP - is it 100% avoidable?

b) character progression: do I have many skills, like in Lotro (we have active skills, we have passive skills, we have ~20 legebndary traits and maybe 12 noin-legendary...we have also tons of Essences that affect status)? Or some simple ones?

c) gameplay: is it hard to quickly understand chosen class and fit into it's most effective role (yeap, I have read every class tank tank, crowd control...yet there should be some theoretic specialization)

d) overall - would it be hard to play GW2 after Istaria and Lotro?

Please leave your opinion in comments.

cavenerd writes:

Hi Lith,

All very good questions.  Let me see if I can address each of your questions in turn ...

1)  The game is super simple to pick up and the devs have added game elements that make it (to me at least) one of the most new-player friendly mmos.  Just don't spend a lot of time customizing your newbie gear,  It gets replaced pretty quickly.

2 a)  Yes!  There 'is' PvP but you have to actively seek it out.  Otherwise, it's all about PvE.

2 b) Yes, you have character development (not like in Lotro, easier to understand) and it's quite nicely presented.

2 c) Nope.  Because what abilities you can hotbar, etc, are tied to which weapon you have equipped, it takes a LOT of the guess work out of role assessment.  Unless you like to tank as a Caster, like I do. You'll make no friends that way, trust me.

2 d) No, I've played most of the AAA mmos released since 1998 including the ones you mention, and this is probably the easiest to transition to. 

Hope this helps,




Fri Jul 31 2015 2:27PM Report writes:
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