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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro: Gondor, finally

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday July 15 2014 at 2:07AM
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Lord of the rings online

Update 14, long awaited one. I logged in at some 19:45 (15 minutes till update ends)…and voila, game started patching. Update was done quickier than expected. It took some time and then…

A letter telling to see Eowyn. Rushing there, noticing players there and here, everyone in the same direction. Had to help some people, listen to them (though did not read text: me bad quester…). Finally, The Paths of the Dead. Iconic places, Oathbreakers to fight…and finally green, nice lands of Gondor. Starter area (first 2 settlements) are done very good. First quests were simple: find notes, speak to A, encourage B, C, D… While questing, killed some animals and started wild beast slayer deed. Then, I received many quests and started doing them. Had to fight Oathbreakers: sometimes problematic fight, but I still was victorious (+yet another deed started). Later had one session play about Oathbreakers.

Probably God/gods/developers had listened to players and Turbine introduced opportunity to choose. Oathbreakers have to choose whether go with the (false) Heir of Isildur, or with Saruman. I chose for Isildur, received a message that my fate was sealed (not mine, just that of Oathbreaker), saw a cutscene…choice was over. Yet it is excellent I had one, not obligatory “be a good one because you have to be”.

I was redirected to next quest hubs, played one instance, hunted and searched. Things were going smoothly and I really enjoyed scenery. As reviewers noted – Mediteranean style, something like Renaiisance Italy, so different from Rohan. Gondor is…more light, so to say, brightier. Villages and settlements at the starter area are small,yet equipped with Legendary items masters. Some quests are made harder, i.e. no magic coloured areas on the map, you have to find it were auto-bestowed quests, there were “help to take fish” quests…yet everything goes smoothly, almost without problems.


Yes, almost. Warbands: all require fellowship, one requires raid (and this is starter area). Some animals are hard to find and you have no idea where to look. Quest reward armour is almost a trash if compared to lvl.95 Big Battles one.

However, experience is good, one task items turn-in means almost 20,000 xp. Runes for LI does drop, I managed to get 1 essence of will and 1 emerald shard.

I do love Gondor so far (despite evil warbands I won’t be able to finish). And I do not love my yellow Champion, he performs so miserably: my lvl.60 Minstrel does perform better. Besides, one time was killed: decided to help one Captain with lvl.100 Corsairs. Was dead very soon.

And so the day has ended. I liked Gondor and received the very first 5 Turbine points for the very first reputation with locals. Experience was flowing, content was nice visually and realistic. The day in Gondor was an excellent one.