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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Amazing:Lotro weekend

Posted by Lithuanian Monday July 8 2013 at 6:57AM
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Lord of the rings online

WoneG went through all the starter regions of Middle Earth. This little brave Champion girl only once ran to barber to change outfits – and then moved forwards, to battles and quests.

Things were going fast. First, free 24-hours horse and completion of most Shire/Ered-Luin exploration deeds. Then, almost all quests in Dwarf lands of Ered Luin (I just had to help these folks, Dwarves are just nice) and finally – deeds in Elven territory. After last Dwarven quest was completed – used Thorins Hall reputation items: yay, Kindred with Thorins Hall! Soon, my free horse has expired and I had to travel by foot. Finished last deed in Ered-Luin: wolf slayer. Just stood near the lake with wolves and killed them one by one.

Time to move to the Shire, land of Hobbitses and evil deed of killing 90 slugs. Started taking every quest available. Deeds were almost autocompleting, sometimes I had to remind myself: “do not hurry, one day NPC will ask to kill wolves, don’t finish deed now”. Killing, escorting, visiting places – all was cool. I knew almost every corner, what NPC will ask and what will happen, but it still was cool. I gathered some 20 Gift Mathoms that were very usefull: gave me 1,5 level of reputation.

There were two things that surprised me: some lvl.76-85 party that hunted lvl.10 flies in Shire, leaving me with nothing (why couldn’t they just invite me so we don’t compete?). Next thing – when I was approached by a player. He entered a huge block of text about his rank 10 Kinship, with website, forums, TS and alike. Asking if I was willing to join. My old kinship and its leader. He forgot I still enjoy creating TP-grind alts. We talked a bit, though I had to refuse his offer – and returned to our adventures.

Finally, two deeds remain: Goblin slayer (advanced) and completion of quests (final; 69/75). Don’t know where would I get those 6 quests (just don’t wanna think about Quick post and Nosey Hobbitses!). However, 25 TPs are too good to miss.

And so the weekend has ended. I had almost 3 gold in treasury. Havce grinded some 1085 Turbine points and am almost 50% done en route to Rise of Isengard. 4 more toons, some work in Moria/Lothlorien – and I could purchase that expansion pack. Life is just great and amazing with Lotro.