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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

weekend adventures

Posted by Lithuanian Monday July 30 2012 at 12:30AM
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First of all - one interview. Lithuanian team created one browser-game and gave an interview. Their main thought was - "Yes, we are freemium, because it does pay off". Game itself is free of charge, you gain access to anything: just if you want that building to be built faster, pay credits ($$$).


Went to the Dralk fields tyo craft obsidian. This time I have decided to advance things:just craft and delete, I will add stuff to Guild's plot later. Even with speeding up - the levelling goes slow.  Yesterday wanted to continue crafting - but Order shard was on maintenance, they found some serious problem here.


Continued questing. Gave one quest and I thought it was an easy one:to collect moss from certain mobs. I went to graves to kill mobs...and found them highly social + guarded by one overpowered named one (3500 health and 800 power: I have 1000 health and 600 power). Was killed many times when trying to collect the moss (and I needed 15 of it!). Met some other players, sometimes I covered them, sometimes they covered me - but that named mob was not defeated. One player helped me with one quest (though I could do it solo). One time I was wondering in the Bree-lands and met one lvl.18 player who went after some brigands. Fight was a bit difficult for him, so I just helped him.

I fought in the Barrows of Bree - killing monsters for tasks ("bring Nn of Bulbous Goo"), deeds ("kill 150 in NN barrow") or simply to get xp. Fought so much that my cape became damaged (8/40 structure), had to take it off and later repair for big amount of money.

I continue to asking about new Kinship (i.e. Guild). Yes, my existing Kinship has reccomended another, but I still want to be sure. And yet - no answers. Saw one advertising of Spanish-speaking Kinship. ANother was English-speaking one, but I saw only advertising.

Due to absence of  Kinship - can't chose profession yet and I may need some quality weapons and jewellery.

I also have finished almost all quests in Bree-land. Time to move forward - but Bree-land is so much home for me, I don't want to leave. I could choose North lands or Lone lands - but North lands are paid content and Lone lands - free of charge. Some quests and tasks, however, disappeared: Turbine, please, let them stay, even if player gains no xp! It's just fun. Besides - there were so many quests I missed some of them before I outgrew them.

And so weekend has ended. Yes, I am spending more time in Lotro than in Istaria - however Istaria is my home with my real friends here and Lotro is a place to immerse (as much as I can). I left satisfied and am looking for today's adventures.