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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro tasks/quests:new turn

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday July 25 2012 at 12:31AM
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Istaria was on official maintenance - a legit excuse to immerse to Lotro.


Needed to finish one questc - go from one corner of the map to another. And so I did. later I needed to visit yet another distant corner.

First of all - I tested my ranged attack on some Turtles. ALthough sometimes I missed - overall impression was very positive.  Second - I came to very interesting type of quests. It sounded like a regular "kill X mobs" type...but wait, I was offered the same quest for the same reward! Well, it's repetative quest - but it can be repeated only 3 times. I decided to leave that quest alone: should I need really repetative quests, I do have Istaria's trophy system (turn in as many trophies as you wish, be it 5 or 5000).

Yet another positive moment - I killed some "Whitehand" monster and it dropped a polished stone - and that stone, if used, stars a quest too. Nice turn, I  have to admit...but it turned out to be yet another "escort lame NPC who seeks more troubles than his guards can handle" quest type. I am starting to really dislike those lame "please escort me to safety" type quests. NPCs move very slowly and very unwise. If there are enemies nearby and a safe zone - no doubt, NPC would go next to enemies. I did my best to protect that NPC, but failed: he was killed first, then me.

It was a time to recall and remember all those little Hobbit settlements I have visited (althought they offered no quests or tasks at all). It was interesting to watch Lotro task system (it's like Istaria's trophys). Once you find something weird like "Blackened carapace", "broken mace" - you can turn it into (xp? reputation?) somewhere. Just folks of Bree enjoy stuff like "carapaces" and even "filth" while inn near Lone Lands does like "broken maces" and alike. And I just deleted lots of broken maces before that - just because I thought I won't be able to use them anywhere.

However, region near Lone Land is so far  a bit dangerous for me, I have to grow up some levels for it.

And thus the day has ended. Overall I was satisfied, having finished almost all single player quests and leaving only "small fellowship" and "fellowship" ones. Now it's my turn to look for some fellowship who would protect "my" NPCs.