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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro again:questing, owning

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday July 24 2012 at 3:28AM
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Istaria was not played once again: I got home late and had some 1-1,5 hours to play.


Went to do some questing again. This time was redirected to some Farm - and it turned to be a "quest hob". NPC responsbile of horses lost his bag and notes in a temple nearby: good player, please be so kind to return these (taking out some Orcs does not count). Another one wanted me to speak to other NPCs...and then to investigate nearby camp.

It meant killing new enemies, lots of them + killing their leader, named one. I chose old good tactic to pick them one by one - and it worked. Some killings were needed to get stolen goods - so I just killed and looted. The main problem was with their leader, named lvl.21 monster. but I found him and killed him. Another thing was to kill yet one named monster, guarded by some  lvl.18-19 Brigands which I did too. I was able to own level 21 monster - and I meant "own". Even with bodyguard - my AoE blows defeated them and I had no thought of retreating.

I tested my ranged weapon tactic: it worked. Initially tested on enemy archer - when he realised he will be killed, he rushed to me - only to be killed with dual melee weapons. Yes, now I have a chance to lure one mob after another.

Can't remember if I told, but now I'm lvl.22 Champion, using new, heavier, armor.  I started to collect some monster drops that I may turn into popularity amongst citizens of Bree (not sure what it would give in real least some Turbine points).

Before going to sleep I took some quests - they are grindy, no doubt, but they will give me so needed experience, aside from titles and some coin.

I am still thinking about some things: 1. My weapons: I do need for lvl.20 (at last), but all I get are weapons given from quests; 2. My kinship - it is disbanded and I will be left alone, knowing no good, noob-friendly Kinship; 3. My profession ("Vocation") - I do need to choose one. Reason: I do need to be able to craft something myself, the question is -what? I will need Armor, as well as Weapons and Jewellery as well as some boots (Tailor?). However, it is not Istaria - I can choose only one vocation. Which one? Jeweller is said to be hard top advance, but I have too little of it and Jewellers does not depend from anything: they do gather all they need. Weaponsmith is very good...and dependant from some other schools.

And so the day in Lotro ended. There were almost no talks (my server isn't very keen on talking...or just with little population), but I had much fun from questing and equiping my character. At last I am able to withstand at least the some of Mordor enemies slashing Orcs and Goblins.  I know what is to come: quest to kill Witch King - lvl.21 monster with some lvl.19 guard, then "Kill Bone Man" - a tomb, full of lvl.21 undead and their King inside. I will grow up my Champion for this so that I may deal with those monsters alone.

I left the game satisfied. I wanted more, I wanted that quest line (but needed to take some sleep).