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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Weekend:immersion in Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Monday July 23 2012 at 1:33AM
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All weekend was spent in Lord of the Rings Online - so impressions only about it.

in fact, it is hard to decribe everything. I went to the world of Lotro and did almost everything it could offer to me, except senseless grinding. Looks like they are quests everywhere from Town's Hall to the corners of Barrow fields. Almost every NPC has something to tell you, be it "wellcome to XYZ" or golden ring, indicating quest.

I really enjoyed the quests. They do immerse me into this world as I see real people. One NPC needs turtles for soup -so it's up to y ou to catch them. Other family went too close to the barrows to find treasures: mother cries and asks to find her sons, but alas they are dead (and other NPC says: "We should leave this place as soon as we can"). Hungry Hobbits asks to collect mushrooms (just not "shrooms", you know). Furthermore, in the Barrows I could find treasure and return it to the people of Bree, thus increasing my reputation. ANd I should mention quest where I should find corpse of one killed person...only to understand corpse rises, summons skeleton and fights me.

I finished some quests  that I thought I would need help with. Killed two named monsters and earned a "Champion Champion" title in the eyes of one Dwarven trainer. Killed spider "mother" alone - called for help, but while help arrived - I managed to take out her bodyguards, then her...and then run away. Other two quests were a bit hard: I had to kill two named monsters (spider and tree), they were too close each to other, each with its own bodyguards. Killed those two...and got killed by bodyguard. However, quests were finished.

Old Forest quest line was a creepy one and I got a bit disappointed with inivisible walls. You go through forest and then see wallpaper of trees. Not fun...However, music changes when you go there, many weird unnatural creatures live and when it is night forest is covered in creepy silver light. You could feel you are in a forest...and somehow do not want to stay there for too long or this bulk of spiders will kill you (or maybe a pack of bats? that angry wolf nearby?). Fighting the trees was very interesting: forest has "Warped Oaks" and when oak hits, I just fly to the air...only to land and continue fighting.

Questing I have travelled to regions I have never visited, each unique, be it Hobbit settlement or some outpost near Barrows. I employed a simple strategy to take almost all quests for one region so that when I kill bear or spider - I do quest "Kill XYZ of bears/spiders".

However, I failed quests that require protecting person. Such persons move very slowly, sometimes very unwise (too close to enemies).  I got some of such quests: help 1 person to escape a Blackwold prison; help other prison escape from captivity; and help one lost lady in the middle of Barrowfield to get home. I declined lady's help...and all other quests were failed - maybe it is just not my type of quests.

It was my first time when I came to paid content. Went to one town to report to NPC and it asked to take some note to other NPC. Decided to take it, why not - and voila, text that I need to visit Lotro store to have access to these quests. So that's what shiny object in the middle of the ring above NPC head meant! Pay cash, get access. Well, I don't have enough Turbine points (only some 100) and folks advice me to buy expansion, not questline.

I advanced to level 21 Champion: can wear heavy armor now, trained some new skills. Most important - ranged attack one, I can take out enemies from distance.

Not so shiny news: our Guild ("Kinship" as Lotro call it) is to be disbanded. Leader has left, no one wishes to be a new leader. We are discussing about the future, what Guild should we join. Of course, I can't say much because I am too new here. Lucky I did not take Jeweller (our Guild needed one) as it is said to be hard to master.

Overall impressions: very good game, immerses even someone like who read/saw no Tolkien. First 20 levels are easy to master on quests only. However, deeds are grindy ("kill 30 monsters, then kill 60 monsters") and sometimes it is hard to find 30 enemies (like Sickle Flies). Invisible walls does not add much to the game - they just should not exist. Group fighting is very good, because even against lvl.18 monster each additional axe/sword/bow counts. Other minus is that higher skills cost impressive amount of money and money is not easy to get (reward for quest is some 1-3 coins and 1 skill is some 40 coins...).

And thus weekend ended, today Lotro is on maintenance - I can't wait untill tomorrow to head back to Middle Earth.