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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Goblins, swamps, freebies

Posted by Lithuanian Friday July 20 2012 at 2:24AM
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Played for a little while. Checked our Guild plot in Bristugo - a lot of things remains to be done. Then went to fire-breathing deserts of Dralk to gather Obsidian. Talked to Guild mates a little and then went to play Lotro.



Things were going just right. First of all - our Guild member donated me Armor. Just made some quality lvl.14 Armor and sent it via mail. So - now I am stronger and can hold more in a battlefield. I also took quests, just there were many of them and I can't recall exctly every. Also was helped by Guild member to defeat one evil brigand (lvl.13) guarded by two bodyguards.

One quest involved healing NPC's pet. I had to run to NPCs, talk, run forward and backward. When I healed that pet, it became clear water was bad to drink. I had to take water and bring it to some NPC in the swamp. I took bucket and each time I ran or fell from the hill amount of water decreased: a realism deserving applause. Call me strange, but I do like such things.

When I grew to lvl.13, took a quest to kill swamp-dwellers for some stuff. It's typical "kill X enemies untill they drop enough items" quest, but it took some twist: I ran into Mordor outposts. Goblins. Ugly things I can feel only hate towards them. First quest was easy - kill 3 goblins in one territory and 3 in another. Another quest was harder: kill 8 Goblin sappers. Goblin sapper is a bad thing: ugly greenish creature with some pot of fire inflicting fire damage (though one was stupid enough to fight in the water - there his fire did me zero damage).

Then I was to kill two Goblin chief. One had bodyguard, but I dealt with both of them. Another was guarded, but still I killed him. For a leisure time killed some swamp-dwellers to get the deed and earn Turbine points.

After I reached lvl.14, went to Champion trainer, received new ability, then quickly advanced to lvl.15. And at this level I am eligilbe for housing. I don't think I will use it - it's expensive and enemy drop is not too high to get hundreds of silver coins, but still received a quest to know more about housing. And as I turned lvl.15 - got a letter from my trainer to arrive. He redirected me to some Dwarf and Dwarf gave me a new quest - to kill 3 named enemies. This is lvl.15 quest and I think I'd better grow to lvl. 16 or 17 before taking it.

I have some quests remaining in a goblin swamp: once again, atmosphere is almost realistic. You can feel swamp, see frogs or snakes and near them - fires of the goblin outposts as well as ruins of once beautifull palaces/towns. Human outpost there serves as a quest hub and I will use it. And -yes, I will take all quests in Bree, every quest I could find, be it repeatable or not (since questing means less grinding and more fun).

Things are going just great in Lotro, now I can feel as a fighter who stands agains hordes of Sauron and helps (at least) to reduce danger.

And so the day has ended: I advanced in my Istaria, I grew up in Lotro and everything goes just as it should.

Post scriptum: yes, I will make second character to grind for Turbine points. Yes, I will take craft, just not sure which one: my Guild needs jeweller, but this profession is said to be hard to advance. Yes, I will do any crafting quest I will be given. And if anyone wishes to enter Istaria - just tell me when/if you are in Order shard. I am 'NaktiesKarys' here and may be of some help, be it fighting or giving tools/weapons, even basic armor. writes:
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