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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Obsidian and Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Monday July 16 2012 at 2:03AM
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Spent some time there, crafting Obsidian in the fire-breathing deserts of Dralk. It does not give that much experience, but still made some 0,5 level with crafting and contributing to buildings. It won't take long before I finishe 2 more storage silos.


This is where I spent most of the time. Game is immersive even for a person that read no Tolkien and watched no "Lord of the rings" movies (just because good orcs always lose...). I deleted my Elf Champion since he was of no use. Left with one Human Champion.

First of all - I was invited to local Guild (called Kinshop) of a very helpfull people - just needed to guess chat controls. People were very helpfull, explaining newbie everything, be it profession or need to repair stuff. Currently my Kinship needs jeweller and i think I will take it, just to be usefull to others. Like the way I do in Istaria.

I took almost all quest I could take. Cudos to Turbine how they make some "point-of-no-return" systems: the town you were in is suddenly attacked by Evil and you are to defend all that was left (some Hobbit crafters). next step - town is rebuilt, there are coffins and mourning persons everywhere. No way to return to previous prospering town. Even the animals changed - instead of peacefull non-social mobs they are now social, maybe too - I was attacked by some 3 of them.

Quests gave me experience and clothing (I did not need to buy anything so far), as well as some stuff I did not really need. Example: I took shield, but could not use it. Folks explained I am a Champion, therefore - tank and tanks does not need shield.

Took one really interesting quest "Tour of Bree" where Mayor wanted to show his town. I spoke with various NPCs and was awarded with my first Trait (passive ability, if translated to English): greedy Bard helped to "equip" trait for some coin.

I also enjoyed local "Deeds" system. Not only they award me with titles - they also give Turbine points and I have learned first 10 or 15 of them. One deed was very simple - to kill spiders. I gladly did this advancing to lvl.10, then got "Advanced spider slayer" which I did too. Other deed are very grindy (like "use this kind of attack 1250 times"), but I will make them, it's unevitable.

First problems with enemies arose. Now they are more dangerous, more social. Even local bandits form groups of 2-3 persons and attack in groups. I was helped by one player to kill some bandits - could never make it alone. Enjoyed one quest where I had to defeat one evil guy and he, already weak, ran off. I tried to hurry after him - no use. Quest was over.

Was killed first time: went into cave of spiders, some "Webber" stunned me and I was unable to run away.  Received a kind of death penalty. Now I need to grind myself to as high level as I can in order to enter that quest again. Folks told me I shout take quests when I am at least 2 levels above enemy.

Turned down one time-based quest: 15 minutes to recover some stuff by killing bears. Maybe will take it later, just not now.

Overall, I spent almost all times in Lotro, leaving Istaria only few hours. No doubt, Istaria is my home, I do feel here like "home sweet home", I have better choices there - could take all schools, produce all stufff and almost no need to have money. Istaria is by far the only truly free-to-play: you have access to everything in the gameplay, except housing. No possiiblity to pay cash and advance, unlike Lotro.

Lotro may suffer from linear structure: this region is for lvl. XX-YY, after that some cataclysm happens and no hope to return. Also, there are too little safe ways for low-lvl characters: I would appreciate at least some of them (however, if you make it to town guard, they defeat any monster for you).


And thus weekend ended, both in Istaria and Lotro.

MaouTsaou writes:

That is a particular starting area... Dwarfs as well flee a hall that is colapsing and the elf start also goes to ruins at the end of intro... only hobbits get a start that doesn't end in a crash of the area... odd now that you mention it but I've only seen this in the starts. Other areas in the game don't do this as far as I've seen. Having done Bree you're past that now.

Tue Jul 17 2012 2:40AM Report writes:
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