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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

crafting, exploring

Posted by Lithuanian Friday July 13 2012 at 2:22AM
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The day started late as I had some meetings in real-life, was a bit tired, so had little time to play.  I appeared near Marble Quarry, watching empty silo: Player D. has taken everything that was left for him. And of course, my first question was about marble bricks.

They were finished. Player D. now has epic bow, exchanged for 100.000 marble bricks. As I look back - it was a very good crafting experience for me: i learned how to gather big quantities of marble and I gained some levels by doing marble bricks. The best point is - I helped other Player, this is the main idea.

I went to harvest Obsidian then, only to find other players were harvesting it as well. I did not want to compete, so just made one load of Obsidian construction blocks, went to Bristugo to add them to our Guild structure.

Had some talks with Player D. and other players. Player D. needs to grow a little to be able to use his monster-bow and other player just asked about levelling. When I finish my crafting school (level 82 Mason - need to get it to level 100), I will switch to combat school Druid (level 20). Then, I will level up: mainly by killing monsters for xp and only secondarily - using trophies. It would be possible to cooperate with one Player for xp.

And thus the day ended: I did some 0,5 crafting level and left satisfied about marble bricks. Now I am free to grow and help others.



The day in Lotro started with Lotro's wiki and locating one NPC I needed to talk to. I really enjoyed the town: folks playing music, others dancing, while others just standing drunken or even jailed. Killed some wolves and grulets: they were equal to me and I defeated them without any special attacks (something, I could not do on early levels in Istaria). Took quests I could find and they rather immersible (please note I am not a fan of Tolkien): one guard believes me, other not, then NPC orders to kill 4 wolves and that was not boring. Sound effects made some fun: if palyer is hit by wolve, players screams. I thought, someone died...but no, everyone was alive. In fact, there were too little wolves near town as other players went for them.

I was able to loot wolves for some skin: not so sure what to do with it, maybe I will sell or use as a quest item. Also, I was able to gather some grass for quest without any tool.

Player is helped in quests, sometimes too much: I had entire region coloured and a ring placed, thus directing me there. However, it was not always like that: maybe quests are intended to do so, maybe I did something wrong.

Music was great. Quest rewards were good too, I quickly advanced by 1,5 levels by killing some 6 or 7 wolves and doing 3 quests. I also learned some new attacks, but am still confused by "energy" and "fervour" skills. Will have to look at local wiki about that.

I noticed that money have a greater value in Lotro: I gained some 60 copper coins for quest and some of my old-fashioned rags and weapons were worth 1-10 copper coin.  However, social aspect is far, far below Istaria: no general chat, just private tells and no one ever told me anything. Chat system is also not very user-friendly,. at least for me. Reason:in istaria, I could make it that chat tab flashes when I have new message; in Lotro - not. I also noticed they advertise they cash-shop in the game: something, I do not like too much. No, I am not against cash-shops (as long as it does not take wrong turn to "pay-to-win"), I am just against such ads in a fantasy world.

Thus the day in Lotro ended, I left satisfied and would return there to take more quests and maybe tolks with other players, be it weather or killing that bad lvl. 20 NPC.

MaouTsaou writes:

I hear you about chat but remember you are in a starting area that is seperated from the rest of the game-world much like an instance. You'll get to level 5 or 6 before you complete the introduction and get into the game-world with everyone else. 

You'll find more folks on the channels once your out there.

I also agree with the comments on ad's.

It'll be interesting to see your thoughts comming soon concerning this but I can say that they seem to use an ad when a new feature or option opens up like a toons first trait slot but not each time a slot becomes available.

At least they show some restraint with the ad's and it seems that even light to moderate playing can grind out a few hundered TP's a month through quest and other rewards.

Of course what and when to buy is a whole other issue... I almost unlocked a class before finding that it's included in the expansion I'm looking at once I'm at the appropate level.

Sat Jul 14 2012 12:08AM Report writes:
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