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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

teamwork & LOTRO's third chance

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday July 12 2012 at 3:53AM
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Went to game and found Player D. Went to Marble Quarry only to find very favorable conditions. I could work there without attracting golems' attention. Was able to finish full first load (some 2000 bricks), then almost full second load. Second time I was fortunate enough to meet Dragon - and Dragon hunted golems. All I had to do was to heal that Dragon and harvest bodies of golems for marble.

Third load was a problematic one: all veins "travelled" to unsafe areas, so harvested very little (400-500 bricks) and went to rest a bit.

When returned, veins were not safe, so once again harvested too little. Fortunately, Player S. appeared and I travelled to marble Motherload. Player D. went to help quickly and I was able to run to the silo. At the end of the day there were some 5000 marble bricks in the silo (and player D. lacked some 7000 - but I do hope he will make it with Player S.).

We talked with Player S., she said she prepared some presents both for me and Player D. As I went to sleep before midnight - I was not able to get those gifts.

To relax went to New Trismus. Initially amused myself with killing grulets. Then noticed two Dragons and just followed them. One asked for my help to go to Lone Wolf (no, it's not Chuck Norris!). I guided Dragon, helped -with heals - to kill that wolf and his guard. At last I was of some help to new players.

And so the day in Istaria ended. I reached new lvl. in Masonry, helped others and that was pretty good.


As per forum's advice - I gave Lotro third chance. Created new character, once again F2P (i never pay for games), this time - Human. Customization was...well, mediocre. All I could really change was body constitution. i could change my "native land" (and colour skin), hair, moustache, eyes, brows, lips. Tried to do something normal.

First quest was typicall: talk to trainer, loot some bag, talk to trainer No.2, fight him, follow him, kill 4 bad guys (no loot allowed), follow trainer, see how he fights evil Lord and then dies.

Nex training mission (after some "Jail break") was to talk to some captain, then ask several guardsmen. This mission was more immersive than Elven one. I found myself in a Human village with folks (NPCs) dancing, talking, drinking, walking, with horses and hens. It was World. A pity I could not talk to NPCs and hear that, say, "wine is tasty at Ell's". Now I do understand I need to talk to anyone who has shiny yellow ring over head - they either give a quest or something. Just got lost with the last NPC - I could not find it - maybe I need to google for its location.

Human mission gave better impression. I did not grind so far - only killed one wolf for amusement and some xp.

This time I was a bit more calm. I met other players, some with ravens (Loremasters), but did not try to talk to them. Immersion was good even for a person that did not read Tolkien or watched movies.  Of course, I would like more interaction with NPCs. trainers are a puzzle: I approach trainer, he could teach me some skills for some coin...but shows no skills to train.

I will stay with Lotro for some time: if Istaria's updates takes too long, I will go for Lotro. it's not bad, just everything is ton be discovered. In Istaria, you are helped by NPCs - in lotro no so much. writes:
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