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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

crafting, helping, speeding

Posted by Lithuanian Monday July 9 2012 at 3:50AM
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Weekend started with crafting: since Marble was hard to reach and ineffective to craft - went for Obsidian ir a fire-breathing mountains near Dralk. Crafting was going good, I was gathering Obsidian, crafting at the best rate and when all inventory was full - added to Player's T. plot in Bristugo.

Experience was growing high: each making of bricks gave me xp; each construction block/keystone production gave me xp; and adding those gave xp too.

It was Sunday when I met one Dragon. The same Player D. made a deal with:100.000 marble bricks for one epic weapon - an epic bow, called Demon Furry. We worked hard with Player D. trying to use any resource and employing every tactic that seemed to be effective. Readers of my blog can witness this as I have nothing to hide about my adventures in Istaria.

So, that Dragon told me that Player D. had some 4 hours to deliver 42.000 bricks. I asked folks if it was possible to make such quality: everyone answered negative. I just gave up. Felt a bit weak. Yes, I have tried my best, and other players worked as much as they could harvesting marble or just protecting me as long as I needed. And still we had too little time - and I don't want to meditate who was to blame. Player D. thought he was able to make 100,000 bricks within 2 weeks: 7142 bricks per day. Impossible to make alone, hard to achieve if he had one helper. At the end of SUnday he had a 'debt' of some 22.000 bricks and no helper except me.

Some players were reluctant to help Player D. motivating that price was too high or there were some behaviour problems with Player D.  Contacted Player D. and he still thought he may win. Well, if he can, I will still help him.

Lucky for me, found another plot to help with: one player and his friends bought entire 3 plots. However, most of the work is done so there is little left for me. That player told he is willing to pay for help and people told they don't need money. We do help because it is nice and fair. As for me - it is fun to help, it is good to see new building appearing and I must always remember how I was helped when I was newbie. Gold cannot buy me fun. Gold cannot buy me at least one point of xp.

I am also satisfied with a compliment: when Dragon that Player D. wanted to trade told I was a good friend and helper of Player D. I may be. Our entire Guild, the Universal Soldiers, lives that way.

The weekend was a nice one. I grew up my Armorer, my Mason and will continue working and helping. writes:
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