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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lost in skeleton tombs...

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday July 31 2012 at 1:59AM
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Not played at all.  Oh my, I should return here for good, help others and advance my very slow to progress Mason...


Tried to use my classic strategy: pick all quests for certain area and then do them all for xp, Turbine points, cool-sounding titles. However, those just failed. I took "Great Barrow" quests to collect 10 treasures, then kill some 15 fallen spirits and head back alive as a hero. Not a problem, I thought...untill ran into level 25 monster with some 2000 health points ("morale", as Lotro call it). Tried to fight, relying on some Champion skills (like "Bracing attack" when energy is used to restore some 200 health), but failed. Hardly escaped from that monster.

Of course, that just destroyed any self-confidence. I am good with lvl.20-21 monsters, fighting sometimes 3 of them...but not monsters that have twice health as me. Talked about it in chat, people tried to reason me, but I did not want to listen. Maybe they can defeat such mobs - I can't, at least at my level and equipment.

Then I went to grind for deeds. First of all - finished spider killing title (needed 150 spiders for that: Greenpeace, don't be angry!), then - of course, "advanced" one with 300 spiders. As I had nothing more to do - I grinded, looting such things as "Barrow treasures" and "Cordolan trinkets" (gives 30 and 700 prestige points to men of Bree) and when I did not know what to do - I just used them gaining prestige. Situation was a bit harder as I had some other 3 or 4 players hunting for the same spiders - something, I very rarely see in Istaria. But after some hours of play, I achieved 2 deeds at once: 1) my relationship to ther men of Bree was "Kinship" - the highest possible. No treasures or trinkets would give me xp for this region any more. Second - I finished spider killing deed, received Turbine points and new title.

I also collected some weird stuff called "Bulbous goo" and when at Bree -exchanged it into...into nothing, normally it would give me improved relationshipm with men of Bree. But this is for one more deed: make 100 tasks within Bree-land and gain new title + some Turbine points.

I do enjoy my long-ranged attacks. While not so devastating, they are good at inviting enemy or simply killing weaker one en route. One day I will try to climb up high and just shoot some monsters for fun.

Overall - day was a good one, it's just nice to stand against three enemies and kill them with mighty blows. However, I began to notice some bugs (just when I try to climb up from the river and my toon gets stucked) as well as disappointment - I was not a match for my level monster :(

And in rare case any Lotro fan reads it, few questions:

1) if I make another character on the same account (first character - Human Champion; second - say, Dwarf Guardian) - would Turbine points accumulate for my account? I.e. would TP gained by Dwarf be added to ones earned by Human?

2) in second tooin case - would my Human vault be accessible to Dwarf (and I don't mean shared wardrobe)? Would I be able to sent some stuff by mail to my own Dwarf?


weekend adventures

Posted by Lithuanian Monday July 30 2012 at 1:30AM
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First of all - one interview. Lithuanian team created one browser-game and gave an interview. Their main thought was - "Yes, we are freemium, because it does pay off". Game itself is free of charge, you gain access to anything: just if you want that building to be built faster, pay credits ($$$).


Went to the Dralk fields tyo craft obsidian. This time I have decided to advance things:just craft and delete, I will add stuff to Guild's plot later. Even with speeding up - the levelling goes slow.  Yesterday wanted to continue crafting - but Order shard was on maintenance, they found some serious problem here.


Continued questing. Gave one quest and I thought it was an easy one:to collect moss from certain mobs. I went to graves to kill mobs...and found them highly social + guarded by one overpowered named one (3500 health and 800 power: I have 1000 health and 600 power). Was killed many times when trying to collect the moss (and I needed 15 of it!). Met some other players, sometimes I covered them, sometimes they covered me - but that named mob was not defeated. One player helped me with one quest (though I could do it solo). One time I was wondering in the Bree-lands and met one lvl.18 player who went after some brigands. Fight was a bit difficult for him, so I just helped him.

I fought in the Barrows of Bree - killing monsters for tasks ("bring Nn of Bulbous Goo"), deeds ("kill 150 in NN barrow") or simply to get xp. Fought so much that my cape became damaged (8/40 structure), had to take it off and later repair for big amount of money.

I continue to asking about new Kinship (i.e. Guild). Yes, my existing Kinship has reccomended another, but I still want to be sure. And yet - no answers. Saw one advertising of Spanish-speaking Kinship. ANother was English-speaking one, but I saw only advertising.

Due to absence of  Kinship - can't chose profession yet and I may need some quality weapons and jewellery.

I also have finished almost all quests in Bree-land. Time to move forward - but Bree-land is so much home for me, I don't want to leave. I could choose North lands or Lone lands - but North lands are paid content and Lone lands - free of charge. Some quests and tasks, however, disappeared: Turbine, please, let them stay, even if player gains no xp! It's just fun. Besides - there were so many quests I missed some of them before I outgrew them.

And so weekend has ended. Yes, I am spending more time in Lotro than in Istaria - however Istaria is my home with my real friends here and Lotro is a place to immerse (as much as I can). I left satisfied and am looking for today's adventures.

Instances, deeds, guilds

Posted by Lithuanian Friday July 27 2012 at 1:30AM
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Istaria has not bee played at all - spent all the time in Lotro.


Task number was reset, so I could freely exchange my trophies into reputation with a men of Bree. This reputation won;t give anything serious (5% discount? Are you serious? Unless I will buy something for >1 gold coin...), but just gives satisfaction.

Got a mail inviting me to some festival. Maybe will take a look.

I also went to Barrows near Bree and did some quests there as long as finished some deeds and got so valuable Turbine points. Only now noticed some things: fought lvl.19 Rat and saw I had some kind of disease. I read the description: rat carried some disease and so I was infected for some minutes. Debuff is not good, but the conception was wonderfull (since rats does carry diseases).

Tried to fight that monster with some 3500 health, but in vain: I escaped with ~200 health, he left with some 2000.  However, I really enjoyed the ranged attack: killed few mobs from safe distance and made some serious trouble for every other monster in the Middle Earth. Of course, fight with named lvl.21 undead, guarding Cariolan Treasure, was very interesting. I thought it would be challenging somehow, but I just killed it with little trouble.

Went to something called "Great Barrow"...and it is called "Instance", I had to choose between several locations I had no idea about. Yes, there are quests (both for lvl.24 while I am low 23) for this..."Instance", but I do need to grow at least to lvl.25 to be able to stay alive.

I have also tried to ask advice for a new Guild. My existing one will disband and I rarely see someone active on server. Asked on Advice chat if someone knew any guild that would be noob-friendly and active (and also able toi withstand my questions like "what is it for" or "how is it made"). Only due to Guild I can't choose any profession.

And so the day has ended. I left satisfied with my deeds, my progression. Grind existed, but it was eaisly explained by the need to collect something and I really enjoyed slaughtering evil minions. Ofr course, there are more quests of higher level that does require higgher levels and more precautions. However, I will do them, it's only a question of time.

updates, quests, limits

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday July 26 2012 at 2:24AM
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Now it is offiicially anounced that all positive updates are now applied to all shards. Very good news for bipeds crafting Cobalt at Dralk: no need to spent money travelling back and forward:craft as much as ytou can and pray for good-hearted Dragon that left his lair open for all.


Spent all the day there. Helped one player to escort NPC to safety (and strangely enough, although it was his quest - I finished it too). Of course, NPC moved in a worst way (one time she managed to die). Positive moments: undead appeared from the ground as they did not want some NPC to leave Barrows and this appearance I did like.

Then I started to grind various evils at Barrow fields to finish my deeds. The mission was a success, I received xp, titles and valuable Turbine points. Then I saw I have a deed "slayer of the..." - I needed to kill 6 named monsters. One was killed easily, the others ones - not so. I ran into monster that had some 3500 health and 800 power: I had some 1100 health and 600 power. The duel would be a suicide, so I would have to wait for some reinforcements.

Went to Bree to change some trophies (like "filth") to reputation amongst men of Bree. Did that 2 or 3 times, then went to the Lone Lands, where thjey accept various "broken maces"...and soon I weas stopped by the game. It turned out, I finished a cap of 5 tasks per day: buy more or wait for next day. I will wait - no need to spent any cash in a F2P game.

Took some break and then I continued to do my quests and deeds. Some quest were finished, I reached combat level 23.

And so the day has ended. I grew up my reputation, became a bit richer and helped others to advance. Of course, Turbine very politely does press me to visit Lotro store and purchase and accelerate something, purchase additional slots etc. Overall I was satisfied with the day - as usually in Lotro.

Lotro tasks/quests:new turn

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday July 25 2012 at 1:31AM
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Istaria was on official maintenance - a legit excuse to immerse to Lotro.


Needed to finish one questc - go from one corner of the map to another. And so I did. later I needed to visit yet another distant corner.

First of all - I tested my ranged attack on some Turtles. ALthough sometimes I missed - overall impression was very positive.  Second - I came to very interesting type of quests. It sounded like a regular "kill X mobs" type...but wait, I was offered the same quest for the same reward! Well, it's repetative quest - but it can be repeated only 3 times. I decided to leave that quest alone: should I need really repetative quests, I do have Istaria's trophy system (turn in as many trophies as you wish, be it 5 or 5000).

Yet another positive moment - I killed some "Whitehand" monster and it dropped a polished stone - and that stone, if used, stars a quest too. Nice turn, I  have to admit...but it turned out to be yet another "escort lame NPC who seeks more troubles than his guards can handle" quest type. I am starting to really dislike those lame "please escort me to safety" type quests. NPCs move very slowly and very unwise. If there are enemies nearby and a safe zone - no doubt, NPC would go next to enemies. I did my best to protect that NPC, but failed: he was killed first, then me.

It was a time to recall and remember all those little Hobbit settlements I have visited (althought they offered no quests or tasks at all). It was interesting to watch Lotro task system (it's like Istaria's trophys). Once you find something weird like "Blackened carapace", "broken mace" - you can turn it into (xp? reputation?) somewhere. Just folks of Bree enjoy stuff like "carapaces" and even "filth" while inn near Lone Lands does like "broken maces" and alike. And I just deleted lots of broken maces before that - just because I thought I won't be able to use them anywhere.

However, region near Lone Land is so far  a bit dangerous for me, I have to grow up some levels for it.

And thus the day has ended. Overall I was satisfied, having finished almost all single player quests and leaving only "small fellowship" and "fellowship" ones. Now it's my turn to look for some fellowship who would protect "my" NPCs.

Lotro again:questing, owning

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday July 24 2012 at 3:28AM
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Istaria was not played once again: I got home late and had some 1-1,5 hours to play.


Went to do some questing again. This time was redirected to some Farm - and it turned to be a "quest hob". NPC responsbile of horses lost his bag and notes in a temple nearby: good player, please be so kind to return these (taking out some Orcs does not count). Another one wanted me to speak to other NPCs...and then to investigate nearby camp.

It meant killing new enemies, lots of them + killing their leader, named one. I chose old good tactic to pick them one by one - and it worked. Some killings were needed to get stolen goods - so I just killed and looted. The main problem was with their leader, named lvl.21 monster. but I found him and killed him. Another thing was to kill yet one named monster, guarded by some  lvl.18-19 Brigands which I did too. I was able to own level 21 monster - and I meant "own". Even with bodyguard - my AoE blows defeated them and I had no thought of retreating.

I tested my ranged weapon tactic: it worked. Initially tested on enemy archer - when he realised he will be killed, he rushed to me - only to be killed with dual melee weapons. Yes, now I have a chance to lure one mob after another.

Can't remember if I told, but now I'm lvl.22 Champion, using new, heavier, armor.  I started to collect some monster drops that I may turn into popularity amongst citizens of Bree (not sure what it would give in real least some Turbine points).

Before going to sleep I took some quests - they are grindy, no doubt, but they will give me so needed experience, aside from titles and some coin.

I am still thinking about some things: 1. My weapons: I do need for lvl.20 (at last), but all I get are weapons given from quests; 2. My kinship - it is disbanded and I will be left alone, knowing no good, noob-friendly Kinship; 3. My profession ("Vocation") - I do need to choose one. Reason: I do need to be able to craft something myself, the question is -what? I will need Armor, as well as Weapons and Jewellery as well as some boots (Tailor?). However, it is not Istaria - I can choose only one vocation. Which one? Jeweller is said to be hard top advance, but I have too little of it and Jewellers does not depend from anything: they do gather all they need. Weaponsmith is very good...and dependant from some other schools.

And so the day in Lotro ended. There were almost no talks (my server isn't very keen on talking...or just with little population), but I had much fun from questing and equiping my character. At last I am able to withstand at least the some of Mordor enemies slashing Orcs and Goblins.  I know what is to come: quest to kill Witch King - lvl.21 monster with some lvl.19 guard, then "Kill Bone Man" - a tomb, full of lvl.21 undead and their King inside. I will grow up my Champion for this so that I may deal with those monsters alone.

I left the game satisfied. I wanted more, I wanted that quest line (but needed to take some sleep).

Weekend:immersion in Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Monday July 23 2012 at 1:33AM
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All weekend was spent in Lord of the Rings Online - so impressions only about it.

in fact, it is hard to decribe everything. I went to the world of Lotro and did almost everything it could offer to me, except senseless grinding. Looks like they are quests everywhere from Town's Hall to the corners of Barrow fields. Almost every NPC has something to tell you, be it "wellcome to XYZ" or golden ring, indicating quest.

I really enjoyed the quests. They do immerse me into this world as I see real people. One NPC needs turtles for soup -so it's up to y ou to catch them. Other family went too close to the barrows to find treasures: mother cries and asks to find her sons, but alas they are dead (and other NPC says: "We should leave this place as soon as we can"). Hungry Hobbits asks to collect mushrooms (just not "shrooms", you know). Furthermore, in the Barrows I could find treasure and return it to the people of Bree, thus increasing my reputation. ANd I should mention quest where I should find corpse of one killed person...only to understand corpse rises, summons skeleton and fights me.

I finished some quests  that I thought I would need help with. Killed two named monsters and earned a "Champion Champion" title in the eyes of one Dwarven trainer. Killed spider "mother" alone - called for help, but while help arrived - I managed to take out her bodyguards, then her...and then run away. Other two quests were a bit hard: I had to kill two named monsters (spider and tree), they were too close each to other, each with its own bodyguards. Killed those two...and got killed by bodyguard. However, quests were finished.

Old Forest quest line was a creepy one and I got a bit disappointed with inivisible walls. You go through forest and then see wallpaper of trees. Not fun...However, music changes when you go there, many weird unnatural creatures live and when it is night forest is covered in creepy silver light. You could feel you are in a forest...and somehow do not want to stay there for too long or this bulk of spiders will kill you (or maybe a pack of bats? that angry wolf nearby?). Fighting the trees was very interesting: forest has "Warped Oaks" and when oak hits, I just fly to the air...only to land and continue fighting.

Questing I have travelled to regions I have never visited, each unique, be it Hobbit settlement or some outpost near Barrows. I employed a simple strategy to take almost all quests for one region so that when I kill bear or spider - I do quest "Kill XYZ of bears/spiders".

However, I failed quests that require protecting person. Such persons move very slowly, sometimes very unwise (too close to enemies).  I got some of such quests: help 1 person to escape a Blackwold prison; help other prison escape from captivity; and help one lost lady in the middle of Barrowfield to get home. I declined lady's help...and all other quests were failed - maybe it is just not my type of quests.

It was my first time when I came to paid content. Went to one town to report to NPC and it asked to take some note to other NPC. Decided to take it, why not - and voila, text that I need to visit Lotro store to have access to these quests. So that's what shiny object in the middle of the ring above NPC head meant! Pay cash, get access. Well, I don't have enough Turbine points (only some 100) and folks advice me to buy expansion, not questline.

I advanced to level 21 Champion: can wear heavy armor now, trained some new skills. Most important - ranged attack one, I can take out enemies from distance.

Not so shiny news: our Guild ("Kinship" as Lotro call it) is to be disbanded. Leader has left, no one wishes to be a new leader. We are discussing about the future, what Guild should we join. Of course, I can't say much because I am too new here. Lucky I did not take Jeweller (our Guild needed one) as it is said to be hard to master.

Overall impressions: very good game, immerses even someone like who read/saw no Tolkien. First 20 levels are easy to master on quests only. However, deeds are grindy ("kill 30 monsters, then kill 60 monsters") and sometimes it is hard to find 30 enemies (like Sickle Flies). Invisible walls does not add much to the game - they just should not exist. Group fighting is very good, because even against lvl.18 monster each additional axe/sword/bow counts. Other minus is that higher skills cost impressive amount of money and money is not easy to get (reward for quest is some 1-3 coins and 1 skill is some 40 coins...).

And thus weekend ended, today Lotro is on maintenance - I can't wait untill tomorrow to head back to Middle Earth.

Goblins, swamps, freebies

Posted by Lithuanian Friday July 20 2012 at 3:24AM
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Played for a little while. Checked our Guild plot in Bristugo - a lot of things remains to be done. Then went to fire-breathing deserts of Dralk to gather Obsidian. Talked to Guild mates a little and then went to play Lotro.



Things were going just right. First of all - our Guild member donated me Armor. Just made some quality lvl.14 Armor and sent it via mail. So - now I am stronger and can hold more in a battlefield. I also took quests, just there were many of them and I can't recall exctly every. Also was helped by Guild member to defeat one evil brigand (lvl.13) guarded by two bodyguards.

One quest involved healing NPC's pet. I had to run to NPCs, talk, run forward and backward. When I healed that pet, it became clear water was bad to drink. I had to take water and bring it to some NPC in the swamp. I took bucket and each time I ran or fell from the hill amount of water decreased: a realism deserving applause. Call me strange, but I do like such things.

When I grew to lvl.13, took a quest to kill swamp-dwellers for some stuff. It's typical "kill X enemies untill they drop enough items" quest, but it took some twist: I ran into Mordor outposts. Goblins. Ugly things I can feel only hate towards them. First quest was easy - kill 3 goblins in one territory and 3 in another. Another quest was harder: kill 8 Goblin sappers. Goblin sapper is a bad thing: ugly greenish creature with some pot of fire inflicting fire damage (though one was stupid enough to fight in the water - there his fire did me zero damage).

Then I was to kill two Goblin chief. One had bodyguard, but I dealt with both of them. Another was guarded, but still I killed him. For a leisure time killed some swamp-dwellers to get the deed and earn Turbine points.

After I reached lvl.14, went to Champion trainer, received new ability, then quickly advanced to lvl.15. And at this level I am eligilbe for housing. I don't think I will use it - it's expensive and enemy drop is not too high to get hundreds of silver coins, but still received a quest to know more about housing. And as I turned lvl.15 - got a letter from my trainer to arrive. He redirected me to some Dwarf and Dwarf gave me a new quest - to kill 3 named enemies. This is lvl.15 quest and I think I'd better grow to lvl. 16 or 17 before taking it.

I have some quests remaining in a goblin swamp: once again, atmosphere is almost realistic. You can feel swamp, see frogs or snakes and near them - fires of the goblin outposts as well as ruins of once beautifull palaces/towns. Human outpost there serves as a quest hub and I will use it. And -yes, I will take all quests in Bree, every quest I could find, be it repeatable or not (since questing means less grinding and more fun).

Things are going just great in Lotro, now I can feel as a fighter who stands agains hordes of Sauron and helps (at least) to reduce danger.

And so the day has ended: I advanced in my Istaria, I grew up in Lotro and everything goes just as it should.

Post scriptum: yes, I will make second character to grind for Turbine points. Yes, I will take craft, just not sure which one: my Guild needs jeweller, but this profession is said to be hard to advance. Yes, I will do any crafting quest I will be given. And if anyone wishes to enter Istaria - just tell me when/if you are in Order shard. I am 'NaktiesKarys' here and may be of some help, be it fighting or giving tools/weapons, even basic armor.

New content, questing, socializing

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday July 19 2012 at 2:08AM
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Had no time to play, just looked at their support site. They are planning to introduce new content: new crafting school for Dragons. Now they would be able to master the art of Crystal Shaping. To make things more fun, new tier 5 (lvl.60-80) dungeon is introduced for experienced Dragons.

Aradoth and Tazoon regions will be revamped (just please, Vitrtrium, revamp, not downgrade...). New enemies are marching towards Istaria - new evil cult arises and some evil bands are marching to threaten Tazoon, magnificient town and former capital of the Empire.

They do promise new NPCs locations, new quests as well as return of the Autumn festival.

All of this really sound good. I do love quests, even if they are "kill X bears" or "gather Y copper". I would like to see some regions made a bit more player-friendly. Example: oak forest near Heather, it just streches too far and is difficult to gather oak here.


Back to the future...i.e. questing. Asked for help in two quests and one player responded. However, he had to go "to talk to one person" and later kicked me out of group ("fellowship"). I did not understand why and retreated, lately declining his asks to join fellowship. Ironically, I did that quest myself. Went very cautiously, killing all enemies in sight, just picking them by one. Finally - my captain, hiding in the ruins. Killed him and his bodyguard. Quest was complete, teleported (cooldown: 1 hour...) to town and finished the quest. Quest to poison wolf food and kill wolf breeder went not so good. Some hero went to kill brigands and I used moment to poison food (6 pieces). I failed to find that evil guy and did not look at

Took some other quests which proved a bit strange for me. One was running from one hobbit to another and I really did not care what they are trying to tell. Person A tells to run to person B, person B to person C, then person C to person A...and so without end. Not cool at all, even if there was a story behind it. It was just for xp. Strange things were: I was to march in a safe territory and quest was marked for lvl.14. Why 14, when the biggest monster was lvl. 12? No idea. The only good idea was to visit local Brigands camp, kill brigands (optional) and get some "Stolen Watyer-Pipe". Killed, got, returned. Besides, found one statue needed for Deed - good too.

Another quest line was an  interesting one: to defend some NPC from brigands. It was a fellowship quest (and I was notified by pop-up window), but I decided to be an allmighty-Rambo like-hero. Was killed, NPC was killed, quest was failed. Then I helped (without being asked) othewr players who did that quest. It was just for fun to use AoE abilities, killing brigands and especially archers.  One player thanked me and that was possibly greatest reward.

Then my Guild member arrived to help me and the quest part was finished. One quest remains unsolved, since it requires killing lvl.13 spiders and I am still lvl.12.

Impressions: while some quests are good, others tend to be "run from person A to person B" and therefore - not interesting. Other quests indicate higher level than is required in reality. Overall I enjoy quests - as one wise person said, most xp is gained through quests, not grinding. One must grind only for deeds/traits ant Turbine points (I already have 40 of them...only some 2540 to go for Mora expansion...).Gameplay was interesting, I really enjoyed NPCs greeting me after I finished all their quests, like "I enjoy calling you my friend" or like "You did well with those brigands". No annoying pop-ups about store were noticed as well as no reference like "this Heavy Non Cool Noob armor may be changed to Light Shiny Cool Non Noob armor for only 99,99$".

And so the day ended. I got satisfied from news about my favourite Istaria and gameplay from immersive Lotro. Kudos, Vitrrium, kudos, Turbine. Just must gather all will to play Istaria and reach Mason lvl. 100./

Quests and loath in Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday July 18 2012 at 3:23AM
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Istaria was on maintenance: not played at all.


All the day was spent in beautifull, grassy lands of Bree. Almost no grind: as someone told, there is little need to grind since there are quests. Many of them, tolkienists should be excited with the fact of meeting some legendary Tolkien-world figures.

Took that time-based quest: it became clear, I needed to kill nearby bears untill one of them dropped some treasure. Then went for Brigands - needed to loot some stuff from them which was done once again. As in most quests (Istarian included) I needed to tour from one NPC to another, almost from one corner to other. Lately in the game - took quest to kill some named spider. Went there only to notice someone else has done it, so I just stood and waited. Spider appeared, after some fight I was victorious and quest was over.

Earned my Turbine points by completing deed about quests from Bree and now doing "Advanced" version for this.  Also earned those points by killing 60 Brigands (and now can proudly bear title "Watcher of the roads").

Quests are very good. Of course, I rarely read text, since "kill X bears", "collect Y leaves" does not require too much reading. But the whole atmosphere is impressive, I almost immerse into their world. However, Turbine did a little trick with the quests: it did not separate single player from group ("fellowship").

My own quest about Blackwold brigands - it went rather good untill I had to enter ruins, go into the middle and kill some leader. Of course, I was killed, because had no chance against some 10 evil guys. Tried one way and another - no result. Tried to climb to mountain and ambush evil guys - but mountain is not climable.

Then came second quest, seemed easier: to kill one Blackwold wolf-breeder and poison wolf-food. Of course, over-guarded ruins again. Tried different approach: killed a guard, them another too...bnut one guard ran off only to return with reinforcements. Was killed second time.

To make things worse, there was no option to call for reinforcements: no one from the Guild was nearby, no players were nearby. Some of them (lvl.8-10) were running, but their level was too low to be effective (mine lvl.11 is too low...). Returned, angry and in despair. Istaria has some quests that require group, but it is usually mentioned in the text, like "Bring some friends with you".

I was just alone. I was not a hero bravely standing before the armies of Sauron - felt more like a rebel, waiting in ambush untill that group of guards leaves area. I was thinking it was just hopeless: I won't make it to the heart of the ruins which are over-guarded and I can't ask some 10-20 high levelled players to cover me and I can't ask lower lvl. players to cover me. Even same lvl. as I players may be just too low.

Overall impressions about Lotro: I'm satisfied, almost no need to grind, quests are very good, but sometimes just a bit hard. NPCs are coded to behave in some way, but player may only guess it. Example: Champion trainer in Archet won't train me - I had to go to other town instead (maybe he could have told: "Sorry, I can't train you any further, seek my colleague in other town"?). Of course, point/cash store is advertised each time I gain points. They do press player to spent cash, but so far they are doing it in a subtle way, not too agressive.

And so the day was ended and it was good in Lotro.

LOTRO questions

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday July 17 2012 at 2:36AM
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I went home late, so had a maximum of 1-2 hours to play...and Lotro was on maintenance. Started to think about local "Turbine points" and store.

No, I won't purchase anything for real cash. And yes, I'd better grind, grind, grind...untill I get enough Turbine points. The question is simple: what to buy once I get enough?

One thing I would like to buy are quests. But once again, there are lots of expansions, some costs ~300 points, some (Rise of Isengarth) - some 3000 points.

Question to Lotro fans and experts: what to buy? i am lvl. 10 Champion and it probably won't take too long before I become lvl. 20. Any cosmetic/vanity stuff is out of question. Quests only.

Just which ones?

Obsidian and Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Monday July 16 2012 at 2:03AM
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Spent some time there, crafting Obsidian in the fire-breathing deserts of Dralk. It does not give that much experience, but still made some 0,5 level with crafting and contributing to buildings. It won't take long before I finishe 2 more storage silos.


This is where I spent most of the time. Game is immersive even for a person that read no Tolkien and watched no "Lord of the rings" movies (just because good orcs always lose...). I deleted my Elf Champion since he was of no use. Left with one Human Champion.

First of all - I was invited to local Guild (called Kinshop) of a very helpfull people - just needed to guess chat controls. People were very helpfull, explaining newbie everything, be it profession or need to repair stuff. Currently my Kinship needs jeweller and i think I will take it, just to be usefull to others. Like the way I do in Istaria.

I took almost all quest I could take. Cudos to Turbine how they make some "point-of-no-return" systems: the town you were in is suddenly attacked by Evil and you are to defend all that was left (some Hobbit crafters). next step - town is rebuilt, there are coffins and mourning persons everywhere. No way to return to previous prospering town. Even the animals changed - instead of peacefull non-social mobs they are now social, maybe too - I was attacked by some 3 of them.

Quests gave me experience and clothing (I did not need to buy anything so far), as well as some stuff I did not really need. Example: I took shield, but could not use it. Folks explained I am a Champion, therefore - tank and tanks does not need shield.

Took one really interesting quest "Tour of Bree" where Mayor wanted to show his town. I spoke with various NPCs and was awarded with my first Trait (passive ability, if translated to English): greedy Bard helped to "equip" trait for some coin.

I also enjoyed local "Deeds" system. Not only they award me with titles - they also give Turbine points and I have learned first 10 or 15 of them. One deed was very simple - to kill spiders. I gladly did this advancing to lvl.10, then got "Advanced spider slayer" which I did too. Other deed are very grindy (like "use this kind of attack 1250 times"), but I will make them, it's unevitable.

First problems with enemies arose. Now they are more dangerous, more social. Even local bandits form groups of 2-3 persons and attack in groups. I was helped by one player to kill some bandits - could never make it alone. Enjoyed one quest where I had to defeat one evil guy and he, already weak, ran off. I tried to hurry after him - no use. Quest was over.

Was killed first time: went into cave of spiders, some "Webber" stunned me and I was unable to run away.  Received a kind of death penalty. Now I need to grind myself to as high level as I can in order to enter that quest again. Folks told me I shout take quests when I am at least 2 levels above enemy.

Turned down one time-based quest: 15 minutes to recover some stuff by killing bears. Maybe will take it later, just not now.

Overall, I spent almost all times in Lotro, leaving Istaria only few hours. No doubt, Istaria is my home, I do feel here like "home sweet home", I have better choices there - could take all schools, produce all stufff and almost no need to have money. Istaria is by far the only truly free-to-play: you have access to everything in the gameplay, except housing. No possiiblity to pay cash and advance, unlike Lotro.

Lotro may suffer from linear structure: this region is for lvl. XX-YY, after that some cataclysm happens and no hope to return. Also, there are too little safe ways for low-lvl characters: I would appreciate at least some of them (however, if you make it to town guard, they defeat any monster for you).


And thus weekend ended, both in Istaria and Lotro.

crafting, exploring

Posted by Lithuanian Friday July 13 2012 at 2:22AM
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The day started late as I had some meetings in real-life, was a bit tired, so had little time to play.  I appeared near Marble Quarry, watching empty silo: Player D. has taken everything that was left for him. And of course, my first question was about marble bricks.

They were finished. Player D. now has epic bow, exchanged for 100.000 marble bricks. As I look back - it was a very good crafting experience for me: i learned how to gather big quantities of marble and I gained some levels by doing marble bricks. The best point is - I helped other Player, this is the main idea.

I went to harvest Obsidian then, only to find other players were harvesting it as well. I did not want to compete, so just made one load of Obsidian construction blocks, went to Bristugo to add them to our Guild structure.

Had some talks with Player D. and other players. Player D. needs to grow a little to be able to use his monster-bow and other player just asked about levelling. When I finish my crafting school (level 82 Mason - need to get it to level 100), I will switch to combat school Druid (level 20). Then, I will level up: mainly by killing monsters for xp and only secondarily - using trophies. It would be possible to cooperate with one Player for xp.

And thus the day ended: I did some 0,5 crafting level and left satisfied about marble bricks. Now I am free to grow and help others.



The day in Lotro started with Lotro's wiki and locating one NPC I needed to talk to. I really enjoyed the town: folks playing music, others dancing, while others just standing drunken or even jailed. Killed some wolves and grulets: they were equal to me and I defeated them without any special attacks (something, I could not do on early levels in Istaria). Took quests I could find and they rather immersible (please note I am not a fan of Tolkien): one guard believes me, other not, then NPC orders to kill 4 wolves and that was not boring. Sound effects made some fun: if palyer is hit by wolve, players screams. I thought, someone died...but no, everyone was alive. In fact, there were too little wolves near town as other players went for them.

I was able to loot wolves for some skin: not so sure what to do with it, maybe I will sell or use as a quest item. Also, I was able to gather some grass for quest without any tool.

Player is helped in quests, sometimes too much: I had entire region coloured and a ring placed, thus directing me there. However, it was not always like that: maybe quests are intended to do so, maybe I did something wrong.

Music was great. Quest rewards were good too, I quickly advanced by 1,5 levels by killing some 6 or 7 wolves and doing 3 quests. I also learned some new attacks, but am still confused by "energy" and "fervour" skills. Will have to look at local wiki about that.

I noticed that money have a greater value in Lotro: I gained some 60 copper coins for quest and some of my old-fashioned rags and weapons were worth 1-10 copper coin.  However, social aspect is far, far below Istaria: no general chat, just private tells and no one ever told me anything. Chat system is also not very user-friendly,. at least for me. Reason:in istaria, I could make it that chat tab flashes when I have new message; in Lotro - not. I also noticed they advertise they cash-shop in the game: something, I do not like too much. No, I am not against cash-shops (as long as it does not take wrong turn to "pay-to-win"), I am just against such ads in a fantasy world.

Thus the day in Lotro ended, I left satisfied and would return there to take more quests and maybe tolks with other players, be it weather or killing that bad lvl. 20 NPC.

teamwork & LOTRO's third chance

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday July 12 2012 at 3:53AM
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Went to game and found Player D. Went to Marble Quarry only to find very favorable conditions. I could work there without attracting golems' attention. Was able to finish full first load (some 2000 bricks), then almost full second load. Second time I was fortunate enough to meet Dragon - and Dragon hunted golems. All I had to do was to heal that Dragon and harvest bodies of golems for marble.

Third load was a problematic one: all veins "travelled" to unsafe areas, so harvested very little (400-500 bricks) and went to rest a bit.

When returned, veins were not safe, so once again harvested too little. Fortunately, Player S. appeared and I travelled to marble Motherload. Player D. went to help quickly and I was able to run to the silo. At the end of the day there were some 5000 marble bricks in the silo (and player D. lacked some 7000 - but I do hope he will make it with Player S.).

We talked with Player S., she said she prepared some presents both for me and Player D. As I went to sleep before midnight - I was not able to get those gifts.

To relax went to New Trismus. Initially amused myself with killing grulets. Then noticed two Dragons and just followed them. One asked for my help to go to Lone Wolf (no, it's not Chuck Norris!). I guided Dragon, helped -with heals - to kill that wolf and his guard. At last I was of some help to new players.

And so the day in Istaria ended. I reached new lvl. in Masonry, helped others and that was pretty good.


As per forum's advice - I gave Lotro third chance. Created new character, once again F2P (i never pay for games), this time - Human. Customization was...well, mediocre. All I could really change was body constitution. i could change my "native land" (and colour skin), hair, moustache, eyes, brows, lips. Tried to do something normal.

First quest was typicall: talk to trainer, loot some bag, talk to trainer No.2, fight him, follow him, kill 4 bad guys (no loot allowed), follow trainer, see how he fights evil Lord and then dies.

Nex training mission (after some "Jail break") was to talk to some captain, then ask several guardsmen. This mission was more immersive than Elven one. I found myself in a Human village with folks (NPCs) dancing, talking, drinking, walking, with horses and hens. It was World. A pity I could not talk to NPCs and hear that, say, "wine is tasty at Ell's". Now I do understand I need to talk to anyone who has shiny yellow ring over head - they either give a quest or something. Just got lost with the last NPC - I could not find it - maybe I need to google for its location.

Human mission gave better impression. I did not grind so far - only killed one wolf for amusement and some xp.

This time I was a bit more calm. I met other players, some with ravens (Loremasters), but did not try to talk to them. Immersion was good even for a person that did not read Tolkien or watched movies.  Of course, I would like more interaction with NPCs. trainers are a puzzle: I approach trainer, he could teach me some skills for some coin...but shows no skills to train.

I will stay with Lotro for some time: if Istaria's updates takes too long, I will go for Lotro. it's not bad, just everything is ton be discovered. In Istaria, you are helped by NPCs - in lotro no so much.

bricks, lords, summer

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday July 11 2012 at 1:50AM
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First of all: updates to Istaria took a bit long. They are introducing a very good updates, initially for Blight. Main things - Dragon scaleforge would now serve as a biped Anvil. it is a great news for all biped crafters, especially those who went after Cobalt in Dralk - crafting would speed up greatly. Other updates would also take place.

After such news I went to harvest marble bricks. Managed to collect maybe 2000. Initially situation was very favorable, then it turned to non-efficient, so had to leave. he still needs "about 20000 bricks"

One Dragon told he managed to create 14.000 bricks per evening. Easy for him, if all odds are for me, I could make some 5000...

Player S., as I call her - "my impatient Dragon" - has returned from holidays and now will live full-time life in Istaria. I missed her. Besides, I have also asked her to help me in transporting Marble: as a flying Dragon she would make it to the silos faster than me.

And then game crashed, I went to play Zuma and to sleep.

While waiting for updates to finish - I understood I needed any online game. Thought about Lotro again, but became frightened about quests and a complicated system (besides, why did I chose elf?). however, I would wait untill more folks talk about this in our forum (my post about whether to return to Lotro or not). So far 1 person advices to give a chance. Any other opinions?

speed: crystals & craft

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday July 10 2012 at 3:26AM
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First of all - after recent updates new type of crystals have been introduced: speed crystals. They are a rare drop, but when dropped, they may be placed in any tool and give bonus to speed. I was given lvl.81 crystal that gives +10 to speed. Some of players spend almost all their time hunting monsters and searching for those new crystals.

Player D. told we still have time to produce marble bricks: so I abandoned my obsidian work and switched to marble. At first, situation was very favorable:all veins nearby and unguarded. I was able to make some 1700 bricks and transport them to storage silo. Second run was not so succesfull: veins were a bit far away and I had to avoid some of nearby golems, but still made some 800 bricks. Third run was in a non-efficient place. I wanted to harvest Rich node (it may give up to 750 resources), but was noticed by two golems and killed.

I returned, took my cargo disk and managed to make some bricks. Unfortunately, Player D. did not invest all his time into harvesting. He is a Dragon, therefore he could fly and reach silos faster than I could. So, i abandoned my crafting, mainly due to very inefficient situation. Left silo with some 4000 bricks and the hope that Player D. would harvest all marble he could find.

Then had to help one friendly Dragon's human character. We went to New Trismus and hunted tens of maggots for crystals. When used, those give both combat and crafting xp, so Player D. alt advanced quickly.

Yet another plot is being deconstructed: the owner either abandoned it or sold to the lore. One player showed interest in it, but I'm not sure if she would buy that plot.

Overall the day was succesfull: I am lvl. 82 Mason now and will advance with marble harvesting, if Player D. cooperates with me more actively.

crafting, helping, speeding

Posted by Lithuanian Monday July 9 2012 at 3:50AM
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Weekend started with crafting: since Marble was hard to reach and ineffective to craft - went for Obsidian ir a fire-breathing mountains near Dralk. Crafting was going good, I was gathering Obsidian, crafting at the best rate and when all inventory was full - added to Player's T. plot in Bristugo.

Experience was growing high: each making of bricks gave me xp; each construction block/keystone production gave me xp; and adding those gave xp too.

It was Sunday when I met one Dragon. The same Player D. made a deal with:100.000 marble bricks for one epic weapon - an epic bow, called Demon Furry. We worked hard with Player D. trying to use any resource and employing every tactic that seemed to be effective. Readers of my blog can witness this as I have nothing to hide about my adventures in Istaria.

So, that Dragon told me that Player D. had some 4 hours to deliver 42.000 bricks. I asked folks if it was possible to make such quality: everyone answered negative. I just gave up. Felt a bit weak. Yes, I have tried my best, and other players worked as much as they could harvesting marble or just protecting me as long as I needed. And still we had too little time - and I don't want to meditate who was to blame. Player D. thought he was able to make 100,000 bricks within 2 weeks: 7142 bricks per day. Impossible to make alone, hard to achieve if he had one helper. At the end of SUnday he had a 'debt' of some 22.000 bricks and no helper except me.

Some players were reluctant to help Player D. motivating that price was too high or there were some behaviour problems with Player D.  Contacted Player D. and he still thought he may win. Well, if he can, I will still help him.

Lucky for me, found another plot to help with: one player and his friends bought entire 3 plots. However, most of the work is done so there is little left for me. That player told he is willing to pay for help and people told they don't need money. We do help because it is nice and fair. As for me - it is fun to help, it is good to see new building appearing and I must always remember how I was helped when I was newbie. Gold cannot buy me fun. Gold cannot buy me at least one point of xp.

I am also satisfied with a compliment: when Dragon that Player D. wanted to trade told I was a good friend and helper of Player D. I may be. Our entire Guild, the Universal Soldiers, lives that way.

The weekend was a nice one. I grew up my Armorer, my Mason and will continue working and helping.

on stone, LOTRO, apple and orange

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday July 5 2012 at 1:36AM
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The day began with run to Cobalt fields: silos at Player T. plot still need thousands of cobalt stuff. Changed school to Armorer - and voila, some 2 levels gained by simply crafting cobalt bars.

Then Player D. appeared. Things are going hard to him: some 53,000 marble bricks are needed untill Sunday. I abandoned everything and rushed to Marble Quarry. The good news are - Player D. has high crafting level now so that he could harvest marble motherlode alone. Before that he transported marble bricks while I was harvesting. This time things were better: he harvested motherload, I found very good position too. At the end of the day there were some 8000 marble bricks, some made by him, some - by me. Player D. had to leave at the end of the day and I continued my harvesting: time is running low.

Istaria's updates are now discussed. Positive news are that rich nodes (example: Rich Cobalt vein) now have more resources. Example: rich cobalt vein has ~750 resources, before update it had ~400. Boulder golems now count as rich nodes - that's positive too. In theory, motherload capacity has been decreased a bit, but I did not check it so far. Negative moment, as other players see it - plot resizing. Looks like there are no huge -and expensive - plots. Well, they were of great use for experienced players to store all kinds of stuff. They were usefull.

Also had an extensive talk about Lotro with one player. I cannot hide from my friends in the Guild about things that made me feel good and upset in Lotro. That player says it is a pity I felt so about Lotro. I do agree, since this game received many positive opinions. That player also said: "Do not compare games, it's like compare apple to orange". Of course, it is difficult not to compare...but maybe I will try.

Funny thing: i cannot delete my account in Lotro. Very interesting way to market MMORPG: "we have 1 billion users by now!" (and that most of them may be inactive - it does not count).  So far I am greatly satisfied with Istaria and really won't change it to anyother MMORPG.

Istaria & LOTRO:updates,impressions

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday July 4 2012 at 2:06AM
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Istaria went under massive update for "most of the day". Developers are introducing Summer festival with new quests, emblems, locations and even festival foods, giving some boons for 1 hour. Also, there are a lot of updates, previously tested on Blight shard - so I was unable to log untill I went to sleep.

Decided to take a second look at Lord of the rings online (LOTRO). My impressions:

Client: downloads quickly, auto-updates. 10/10

Registration: everything is almost perfect. A pity they do not have "check-as-you-type" username checking. So, if I enter "John", I would be returned with remark "This username is already taken". Too much guessing. 9/10

Intro: that's what gives the most immersion: all known heroes, dramatic maps, voices: everything almost perfect. 10/10

Character customization: it does remind me Clone wars. I chose Elf and was unable to change anything about how will I look. One figure, one eye and hair colour for any elf. Maybe it is for free-to-play only. Got really upset by this as I soon noticed my own clones running around: I was not unique. The only thing I could change was outfit: from one green to another green. Schools can be selected, but without many information (I chose Champion, don't know why, maybe due to lack of info). As of positive moments - as F2P I am allowed to have 2 characters.  Call me unfair, but - 3/10

Graphic: superb. Almost 10/10

COntrols: UI is very good and customizable. Camera controls are less good than Istaria (mouse click) and I had instant problems with character - he looked in onje side, walked in another. WASD movement is the worst for me: I do prefer to move with arrows. 5/10

Music: I usually turn it off, but there I didn't. And was satisfied: superb. 9/10

Gameplay: improved many, many times since my first visit. I could choose a world. Arrived in some town  (LOTRO fans, please forgive me for forgetting those hard to pronounce names and locations), greeted m,y trainer who gave me some instructions. Tips appear when they are usefull and I cna choose to turn them off (which I didn't since they are usefull for noob). Characters does not speak, instead telling some phrases in Elven tongue.  First trainer was original one: instead of giving some stuff told me to loot some bag on the floor. Then - I had to fight another trainer. In order to fight I need to face enemy. Wait a second - why not attack him, from side? I had some special attacks (3 of them) and defeated trainer.

Then - up to defense of some library from some trolls and evil guys. Received first quest: to kill 5 evil guys which I did quite easily. Fight with troll was weird - I got stunned and had just to watch how some hero deals with evil troll alone. Then, things went out of control, one of my trainers got killed and I had to choose about quest "Finish later" or "Finish now". CHose "Finish now".

I appeared in snow land, full of Dwarves and some Elves and received a quest to do something about riddle. This is where everything started to go wrong for me. Once again: it is my first time of real play in LOTRO, so maybe I missed something important.

First of all, I did not know where to go to (as riddle was very unclear + English is not my native language). I went,l trying to kill stuff, but xp was growing slowly. Monsters were killed easily, but I could not loot any corpse. I saw some golden sign on the map, tried to go there. Of course, i went wrong way, killed some monsters, advanced to level 2 (and gain zero new active abilities), then finally went in right  direction...only to find huge closed gates and 2 unfriendly NPCs, guarding them.

Tried to find another entrance, but there was none. Accidentaly went to soe dungeons, killing stuff, but killing was without sense. Noticed some lvl.3-4 players with their pets, but where did they get ravens and alike, remains a mystery for me.

I felt lost and decided to ask other players. I found no General chat, so had to use a "Send tell". First tells went without any answer. I changed tone a bit to something like "Excuse me, could you help me with one quest?", but received no answer, although player could answer my question. In Istaria, we do like to arrive in starting areas and help newbies. This LOTRO experience made me feel a bit abandoned a lost in a cold world: no talks about any immersion.

I saw trainers, decided that maybe I needed to take some crafting school, but people claimed as "Weaponsmith" or "Armorer" only sold items (weapons, armor) I had no idea about. Weapons are small and no idea if they are usefull for me and alike.

After finall asking of some Gnome (without answering) I decided to delete my account, but found no just uninstalled LOTRO.

I felt better in Istaria, even with Istaria's graphic being outperformed by almost any MMORPG in the market.  No, I do not miss exclamation signs over NPCs, but I wanted some more player-friendly, starting with community ending with quests. "Find elves who could solve riddle" - found one and he told some words of no use. And I could not find another, there were just too many players and NPCs.

Overall, LOTRO has improved a lot since my first visit - kudos to developers who made such wonderfull world. Fans of LOTR would immerse, I think, since you gain titles (I got one - some place I come from), there are options for your friends or even in-game children and family. I do trust people would play and immerse...just this game was not for me. I felt no temptation to buy anything (pay cash for red or yellow outfit? No, thanks), become VIP or even try another race.

I found more customization in Istaria than in LOTRO, also more user-friendly ingame situation. In Istaria, Armorer ius for joining Armorer school, not just selling Armor. And quests were a bit easier. Of course, graphic and creatures, locations - all are superb in LOTRO.

And thus the day ended. Today I will continue to play Istaria, my favourite MMORPG.

In crafting help we trust

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday July 3 2012 at 1:30AM
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Yesterday could not: there was a very good Velveeta's post about Dragon crafting.

Weekend was long and usefull. I was working with marble, filling silos as much as I could. Now I did lost count about how many bricks I have maid.

Later, went to craft Obsidian in a fire deserts of Dralk. it was a bit challenging: Obsidian was near, unguarded and basic structures were close...but Obsidian nodes were dispersed and vault was far away. So I had to harvest as much as I could, then run to vault, run to teleporter, deposit stuff, return to Dralk and repeat. However, crafting experience was just great. I made obsidian bricks from slabs, then - obsidian keystones.

And the keystones were for Player's T. plot in Bristugo. I managed to finished one Tier 4 storage silo alone and now am working on another 3. Each silo does need 200 obsidian blocks and 120 obsidian keystones, so I would have plenty of work (and xp).

To take a rest from Obsidian, I went to the snowy desert of Trandalar, to gather Steel (called "Dark iron") and add it to the silos.

And yesterday I finally reached Mason level 80. Folks in the Guild were kind enough to supply me with Master Stone Keystones and Master Stone Block formulas (which normally would cost some money). Sometimes I think money in Istaria means almost nothing if you are in a right Guild: people will just give you stuff for nothing.

Was asked for help, but unfortunately, it was school I have very low level so was of little use. Not to worry, when I finish Mason, I will just jet-level few schools with metal works, no more low levels for a long time.

Once again I am satisfied with the game: I can help others, I can grow and be usefull to others. Life is good once again.