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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Crawling worms

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday June 26 2014 at 3:49AM
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Lord of the rings online

DunedanMule was crafting same reputation items, Vytautaz was inactive.

StormSong was fighting in Trollshaws, doing available deeds. I was lucky to log when there was game night – went to hunt wighs. Unlucky me, I had Loremaster with his pet – pet alone could solo many monsters. I proposed a fellowship, he agreed and very soon I had my wigh slayer deed (advanced) completed. Had to return to neariest outpost to empty bags…and then to hunt some wolves, worms and crawlers.

Wolf slayer (simple) was soon finished. Worm slayer was going very well. Finally, went to one lake to hunt worms and evil crawlers. Some 4-6 crawlers in entire lake, guarded by lots of worms, including named one with ~3000 health. I killed them all, hoping they share spawns somehow. At the end of the very grindy day I had some 160/240 crawlers done. Stormsong is nearly lvl.46 and I have to do something with levelling. I need lvl.46 to equip Minstrel Badge…and I do not level 51 too soon. My crafting toon, DunedanMule, is not ready yet – she needs some 5 large patterns and has only 2. Later things would change and I could allow myself quick levelling. Just not right now, I don’t want to outlevel armour.

NaktiesKarys hunted a bit. Iw as very surprised I did not finish some quests in Ered Luin. To make things worse – forgot to finish 2 of them in my own Dwarven lands! Shame on me – completed, then re-checked Dwarven towns. Looks like I have completed everything there. There are still some Elven quests not done – one day I may start these too.

Kinship organized 6 man instances and it looks – it was all the day. I went to one, Great Barrows, looted some not-too usefull things. Gained valuable Legendary item experience there, had some fun with doing my favourite shing-shings. Our minstrel performed very well, heals were just spammed every now and then. Unfortunately, I was too late for second run, so had to log off.

And so the day has ended, I had done deeds and performed good. The day has been very good in Lotro.