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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

scout, loot, raze

Posted by Lithuanian Monday June 3 2013 at 3:43AM
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Lord of the rings online

…but first of all – Moria instances. I had 3 of them to do: epic quest line + reputation with elves of Lothlorien. These were 3-player instances, so had to ask for help. First time I asked – and there were more willing players than group could hold. We were 3 – one lvl.85, one lvl.67 and me, lvl.64. Content was not easy one – lots of monsters that I could not ever handle alone. Named monsters with tens of thousands health. But we did it, finishing one instance in one run. Another instance, dreadfull Hall of Mirrors was harder, I got killed/fallen off several times. We havd to run back and forward, switch levers, check which mirror has to be turned to another. Failed only one quest – “kill Erebor, but leave at least 1 of his minions alive”. And some other monster – I always got killed by it with 1,5 shot: not a good feeling.

Lothlorien quest pack purchased. 556 Turbine points paid instead of standard 695. Thans, Turbine, for discount (after all, 139 TPs saved me from some grinding).

Next day I kept asking for help, but kinnies were busy: returned to Lothlorien. And there, many interesting things appeared.

First of all – choices. There are quests that will involve protecting wild life and there is quest line where some evil Dwarf offers to kill wildlife. I could choose what I want and I feel it is great. Kudos, Turbine, for making that great things, I really wish there were more choices like that. Some repetative quests involved typical Elven psychology: go, take care about sapplings; oh, poor sapplings are feeling bad  – sing for them; collect some chalk from rocks, collect berries. Did I mention I had to collect and burn Orcish filth? Not too pleasant, have to admit…

Epic quest line brought me to their biggest city where I spoke with Galadriel and some others. Very positive impressions.

And then – my favourite part. Group of Elves asked for defense (defend against waves of Orcs losing less than 12 men in 14 minutes: I lost only 3)…and then up to counteroffense: investigate, determine strenght, loot, raze some Orcish camps. Burn their banners to the ground, slay their so-called named leaders. It was something I did like. I rode, I killed, looted, killed named monsters that had >7000 health and was not killed any time, only few times had to use health potions. Things were going just great – so many tasks, so many rewards.

My Legendary item reached level 60 and could not be upgraded further – such high was experience I received. I also received some 50 Turbine points just for riding and killing stuff.

Lothlorien was great, although sometimes – repetative. I enjoyed it, I see that some deeds (like killing 360 Orcs) will autocomplete without any additional fighting. I expect much more fun from this friendly golden region. Life is just great in Lotro.