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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Dull day

Posted by Lithuanian Friday June 28 2013 at 4:05AM
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Lord of the rings online

The day started in Eastern Rohan, gathering Riddermark ore, then crafting Low-quality ingots and from them - Medium, High quality ingots. That's where optional ingredients, increasing chance of critical success, were of great use. I made more valuable ingots spending less Eastemnet coal. In Kinship chat talked like "*grumpily thinking about Skumfil while gathering Riddermark". Only one person asked if I was thinking about Skumfill, I answered in a kind of hint...but hint was not understood.

Recalled to Bree to start grinding for Mathom and Bree reputation items. Barrow I was hunting in was crowded and I had to watch for competitors (ninja-stealing monsters is not an option). The hunt was normal, looted some usefull sellable stuff as well as reputation items. I am preparing my WoneG for jump with reputation. Kindred with men of Bree should be easy one. Kindred with Thorins hall - one run (click-click-click some 120 times), basic reputation with Mathom - at least with Shire quests.

Kinship talked about some "treasure hunt camp", I thought it was well abandoned structure from some old festival. Tried to ask about what it was, how to get tokens, what to get for them...and got no answer. Turned kinship chat off.

Only today did Turbine explained. Oh well, another TP milking sheme: buy a Special Pickaxe for 50 TPs, then you may buy 5 time use axes for some more TP...and must hope to find something valuable, except emotes or "house decoration item" that reminds piece of dung. Of course, there are 3 mounts, but obviously, one has to spent thousands of TPs for pickaxes to find at least one mount. Conclusion: useless event, a pity my own Kinship could not explain me in English what was this about...and good news are I won't waste my time on this pointless "event".

Today I will start growing up my WoneG. Need to buy riding skill for Vytautaz, earn enough money to pay upkeep for my house and buy enough Eastemnet/Rich coal.

And so the day has ended - dull, uninspiring day in Lotro.

Time for grind and luck

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday June 27 2013 at 4:35AM
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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz won in the Lotro lottery! Some steed won, now I have to spent 95 TPs for riding skill.

NaktiesKarys tried to form a group for a Skumfil (need to finish some deeds and quests there). One very helpfull Elf volunteered gor help, others were not so cooperative. Had to disband the group and go for daily genocide in Lothlorien (Orcs have no right to live). Genocide was succesfull, valuable xp was flowing. Later rode to East Rohan for Riddermark ore. I do need to level up my Weaponsmith to the highest level, also to make medium and high quality Riddermark ingots. Thus, I will be needing lots of Riddermark ore.

On the other hand – I do need to grind for Cordolan trinkets and Mathoms. Reason is very simple: my WoneG would grind for almost every Turbine point in Bree (except all deeds >20 lvl) , Shire (except grindy Post, Brew and Pies quests, slug slayer deeds), Ered Luin (except Rath Teraig exploration) deeds. Planning to get some 410 TPs this way…and some coins as well. Someone has to pay for house maintenance and buy coal after all. I know, it may be grindy, but am determined to do it. Also, I have got some 120 First age relics, so my toon mayu get +50 TP for reputation with Thorins Hall.

And so the day has ended: little fun, Moria is almost empty with very rare fellowship advertisings (“NNN instance, 3/6, need random”…3/6 repeated all over time)…but things mayu get better when I finally finish my 410 TP grind.  Maybe one day I will be lucky and finally finish this…Skumfil…deeds and quests. Then, I would be closer to Rise of Isengard expansion.

Sta(i)rring, genociding…

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday June 26 2013 at 6:01AM
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Lord of the rings online

While discusses Moria – my NaktiesKarys continues his adventures. First of all – daily genocide in Lothlorien, to loot and sac Orcish camps. Since Orcs deserve death only, I gladly did these daily quests.

Then, time for some crafting. Finally, I am Grand Master of the Weaponsmith Guild! All the recipes are open for me, hooray!

And then – raiding Grand Stairs. As always, I am for any Moria instance. We ran, killing enemies, I was very eager to use AoE attacks and collect reputation items. We ran through the Grand Stairs, I managed to finish some deeds and receive valuable Turbine points (TPs). Very soon instance was done and I returned to Moria.

It was time to deposit and mail reputation items, sell and repair equipment. Switched to DunedanMule to increase reputation. Of course, I have some more runs to do to achieve Kindred, but I will achieve it.

However, I still need to do many things in Moria:

  1. Finish all existing quests/quest lines
  2. Finish all existing instance deeds
  3. FInish all remaining Moria deeds

June 29th – our Kinship event, starting at 19:00 in Bree. I hope everyone who reads will attend it.

And thus the day has ended, I had some 590 TPs, had lots of fun and waiting for more adventures. Life in Lotro – just beautifull.


Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday June 25 2013 at 4:34AM
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Lord of the rings online

It was a very long weekend with Lotro. On Monday game was on long maintenance – so almost all the day was vasted.

NaktiesKarys continued his journey, doing daily genocide (Orcs deserve genocide only), gathering Lothlorien golden leaves and legendary item xp. Also crafting, rushing to reach top reputation with Weaponsmith Guild. Now, I am only 15.000 xp short from it.

Went to Sarnur, to grind reputation items with Thorin’s hall. It was a profitable run: managed to grind enough gold to do all repairs, purchase some 100 eastemnet coal and still have some 2 gold coins as profit. As a result: WoneF has finally reached Kindred reputation with Thorin’s Hall…and this toon was deleted. WoneG is now a new TP grinder.

Talked with kinnies about some Moria instances and made some runs. Have to admit – it was a TP rain. I just ran, killing, using all AoE attacks (few times was killed because of it), looting anything valuable, including reputation items. Finished lots of deeds – so that I gained ~40 Turbine points this way. A pity, was not able to finish 2 quests. Also, accepted some sharedf quests and now have too much of them: have to finish some of them as quickly as possible.

I was satisfied. Even if it meant – not being in sunny Lothlorien – I felt really satisfied. I was in the middle of the battle aiding fellowship as much a I could and gaining valuable experience. Had some 520 Turbine points (some 2000 more needed for Isengard).

Was thinking about Enedwaith. At its best: cost some 550 TPs, return value (most difficult greeds not counted) – some 240. That’s bearing in mind one needs to kill about 370 monsters (125 – simple deed, 250 – advanced). Except reputation with the Grey company – nothing worth spending TPs there.

And so the weekend has ended, I felt very satisfied and am looking for more battles and quests to finish. Life is just good with Lotro.

Golden Snow beasts

Posted by Lithuanian Friday June 21 2013 at 5:36AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys started his day in Moria: found almost nothing to do, went to Lothlorien to do daily genocide. And daily genocide went just great – another xp, another Golden leaves. Then I returned to Moria. There were little kinnies in the game, so no raid was organized.

Went to gather metal ore. Rohan landscapes were just great, Riddermark was plentyfull, I  managed  to craft lots of ingots: low, medium, high grade ones. One kinnie needed high grade: crafted them (at least some use of my top-level prospector). Another kinnie needed legendary Hunter sword for lvl.75. Had to travel to Thorin’s Hall, purchase recipe and take materials from vault. Was lacking some “worn symbol of Cerebrimbor” and little time to lose. Purchased it for 44 gold (ouch…but I will recover!).

Finally, I crafted first Legendary Item. Was satisfied of it. Soon, I will be able to craft Legendary items for myself. Just no to hurry – need to wait untill some lvl.75.

Took part in Filikul instance, along with several player from current and former Kinships. Things went good, I got some valuable Nimrodel coins and medaillions of Moria.

Decided to go for some hunt, when one player asked if anyone could help with worm killing in Misty Mountains. I volunteered, was summoned and we ran killing each worm in sign. I had unfinished slayer deed, so it was beneficial for me too. Soon, another player joined, she knew of a very good spot, full of Worms: together, we made a real genocide. I finished my first slayer deed…and saw I needed some 200 worms for advanced one, while other members of Fellowship needed maximum 80. One player gave me deed accelerator, so I was able not only to complete worm slayer deed: managed to go and finish all Snow beast slayer deeds. There was one very good spot too: we just stood and slaughtered ugly beasts.

It was a really good hunting. All we needed was to find target and then quickly slaughter it. Loot was plentyfull, I even managed to find a Sturdy Key and a lootbox. As always, there was little use from a Lootbox: 30 reputation items for Elves of Rivendell faction, 1 earring (gave to kinnie) and 1 worthless tome (deleted).

I understood my lesson: do not stick to one region/quest line. Be open-minded. Bored with Moria? Fine, go to Forochel. Unsatisfied with ice world of Forochel? Not a problem, there are Misty mountains. I was stuck with Lothlorien and Moria and was unable to see much fun around.

And so the day has ended. I felt very satisfied: I was usefull for others, first time my crafter was usefull for the Kinship and money did not matter (virtual money can be grinded, friendship – no). I had fun exploring and completing deeds (have some 460 TPs right now). I have re-discovered Misty Mountains. Things are getting just wonderfull in Lotro.

Great instances

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday June 20 2013 at 4:45AM
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Lord of the rings online

The day started as usually: NaktiesKarys went to Lothlorien, to destroy Orcish camps and gain some valuable xp as well as Golden leaves. There were almost no instances – so I went to Zirakzil, hunted Merrovals, Wargh riders and Dragonets. Dragonets looked to be fearsome opponent: when fighting 4 of them at once, had some problems with hp dropping too quickly.

Soon group for Grand Stairs was formed and we stormed that instance. Run, fight, heal a lot, loot what is needfull, use almost all heals and repeat. Several times was defeated, but at the end we won. A little rest to unload reputation items, sell all other, repair equipment – and Stadufil instance. This was harder, I died  many times. One time was especially depressing: we went to kill a boss…and some monster stunned me. I stood stunned, unable to die, unable to aid and was very sad. Finally boss was killed, my “prison guard” too.

Then, we went to finall boss: huge named Spider with tons of his offsprings. We killed some of little ones and then proceded to the Big One. Somehow was killed and once again missed the fight – managed to return only when Big One was killed. Then, we proceeded to slaughter spiders untill everyone completed spider slayer advanced deed (240 spiders). I can’t remember how many “side-deeds” have we completed. Many of them. Kill this, find that, slaughter these: there was no time for looking.

Finally, it was over.  I left instance, returned to unload/sell/repair and logged my alt, DunedanMule. She increased reputation with Iron Guards and Miners (some TPs earned). Logged back, increased reputation with Weaponsmith Guild.  Of course, reputation with the Guild requires tons of ingots: soon, I will be forced to go and mine almost every metal above tier 2. But this is not a problem, it’s kind of relaxation for me. Took some side quests (and will take more of them for instances we usually fight in).

Moria looked interesting for me. I finally have a Kin that is active (kind of…) there and I do my quests/deeds there. Some instances we do almost every day, do them with experienced players. My role is still…supportive, as I cannot do much against enemies with tens of thousands hp.

And so the day has ended, I had some 420 Turbine points (some 2500 to go). I felt satisfied with the instances: they were interesting anc challenging, it was just a great time. Life is just superb with Lotro.

Golden leaves, golden Moria…

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday June 19 2013 at 3:57AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys started as usually – with raiding and looting Orcish camps. This dream job was done quickly, stuff was looted and sold. I have more than enough Golden and silver leaves to purchase Galadhrim reputation horse for my collection: one day, when I will find the proper vendor – will do it.

And then it was Moria. We started Grand Stair, right path instance. I have never been here before, but did what I could do best: my AoE attacks. There were many enemies with lots of hp (kind of – 17.000), yet we managed to kill them all. Unfortunately, one time person died while healing me: if only they told me to retreat or just die to be resurrected! But next time I will tell them so. At the end, we faced tons of spiders and their named boss, huge ugly spider.

Then we did some other instance (can’t remember which one), failing only “kill boss, not his followers” daily quest. Once again – running, looting, I managed to win several valuable Runes that gave Legendary xp.

Instance finished, some rest time to unload/sell things, repair equipment…and get ready for Filikul, this over-grown turtle. Filikul was finished too, rewarding me with valuable Medallions of Moria.

It was the end of instances. I managed to do “The fall of Moria” session-play and then up to crafting. Calenard, Riddermark ingots. Then – various Weaponsmith guild emblems that were consumed immediately (these devour my metal resources in such way I would be forced to make crafting runs someday).  All looted reputation items were transferred to DunedanMule. I also asked kinnies about my own perfomance: what went right and what went wrong? They say all went right, I acted like Champion should – used all of AoE attacks.

And so the day has ended. I really enjoyed these runs, being in the heart of the battle, engaging enemy and earning some TPs (have 350 TP now). Yes, Lotro has much to offer, you just have to be open for proposals and not stick to daily quests or (boring) epic lines. Life was just amazing with Lotro.

Favourite jobs, new instances

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday June 18 2013 at 5:40AM
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Lord of the rings online

If there is something I do like to do in Lothlorien – it’s taking daily quests. Especially 5 quests that require to loot and crush 4 Orcish settlements and kill 5 of their smiths. It’s not a job (although paid well with Golden leaves and xp), it’s just a pleasure to kill these creatures, sometimes fighting 3 of them at one time. I took it and was very satisfied when killing was finished. Finished one interesting quest as well: Elf asked to go to 3 locations and see if there are any signs of Great Eagle (Gandalf). There were no signs, but the quest was interesting one.

One colleague-Dwarf asked for asistance with killing 3 evils in ANgmar. It was a pleasure to go. I was stronger, could clean the road from any dangers (except that named troll with >20.000 hp, I attacked and defeated enemies quickly., We were victorious. I fought and my colleague unleashed lots of spells to destroy enemies: these were very helpfull. We commented it in the chat that “so-called “emissaries” were just owned by invincible Dwarven force”. Very good experience.

And then a call for help came from Moria. Lvl.58 instance, I thought it would be easy for me: some AoE hits and enemy is over. Like lvl.60 Orcs in those Lothlorien camps. It wasn’t. Our group was mostly Warden one and then enemy was strong, some 7000-17.000 hp, named ones with up to 72.000 hp. The fight was intense and hard. I used all my favourite AoE trying to ease life for other members (it’s me that had the highest lvl after all). Tried always to be in the middle of the fight. First part was difficult, at the end I was killed, retreated, returned to battle, saw next wave where I made some progress, then we moved on to the next level. Next level – new, harder Orcs and death once again. Finally, one boss with 72.000 hp and 2 bodyguards. We fought as well as we could, I used all I had, all best morale and energy potions, all bracing and AoE attacks – everything I could. Was defeated, as well as my group – but there was no remorse. We fought bravely and did all we could do. Then a phone in real-life and I had to leave group.

I enjoyed this fight. Not sure if I was usefull (lower lvl Wardens performed better than me), my self-healing was not sufficient and I am starting to doubt about Champion’s role in combat. Primarily battle tank? Maybe not. As told in the forums – “secondary tank”? But I was not a tank, just AoE attacks spamming machine. What was my real role and was I of real help? These things should be discussed today with kinnies. Despite of thius – it was a very good experience, taking me out of “kill Orcs in Lothlorien, harvest in Great River and Rohan” routine.

And of course, there was harvesting of Skarn in the Great River and some advancement in the Weaponsmith’s guild reputation (I need it as soon as possible to be able to craft lvl.70 Legendary weapons). Then it was quest to admonish drunken Elves: it does require patience, but I did it.

And so the day has ended: no  Turbine points earned, I am very far from my goal, but the fun I have is much more than grinding for TPs. I justy enjoy Lotro at the cost of epic quests. Life is just superb in Lotro.

Happy questing and crafting

Posted by Lithuanian Monday June 17 2013 at 4:20AM
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Logged in to check for updates: no updates so far. A pity, I expected at least some on Live server (shard).

Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent entire weekend in the Lotro, riding and teleporting, questing and crafting.

Eastern Rohan landscapes are just amazing and inviting to stay. Architekture is great, sunsets are great too…and I can harvest Skarn ore without trouble. Harvesting was going very well, ore was mostly undefended and enemies were avoidable. I gathered everything I could, especially that I could harvest while mounted. Went to local towns, crafted metal ingots, then made advanced ones. It required istant repairs (making >100 ingots is not that easy) and purchasing 500 silver worth Eastemnet-coal. But it paid off: I am finally top-level Prospector.

I also greatly advanced my reputation with Weaponsmith’s guild. Made emblems, withdrawing great amounts of ingots. It takes faster than i expected…though at a very high ingot consumption rate. Now I could craft Legendary items (3rd age, lvl.65), but they are a bit better than ones dropped by monsters.

I also quested in Lothlorien and Moria. Lothlorien offered same favourite “loot and destroy” type quests to raid Orcs. Did it with pleasure, at the free time reprimanding drunken Elves (yes, you could meet ones) and participating in one-player Skirmish to: a) kill 30 orcs; b) lose less than 12 Elven defenders. Reached Kindred reputation with the Lothlorien elves – received mega deed to rwach Kindred with all Elves (reward: mount and 20 Turbine points). Also completed one exploration quest. Later, one lvl.85 kinnie offered a help with some quests and deeds. We rode to Moria, Foundations of Stone, and killed stuff. Things were going good, I completed several quests and advanced some deeds. The problem were spiders: there were just not enough of them to advance deed. We took one (solo-only) quest, there were some 20 spiders, but these are not enough for a deed where I need some 80 more…and 240 more spiders dor advanced slayer deed.

One quest ends in raid “the Vile Maw”. I am already asking kinnies to help me with that: need to lessen number of quests, have some 23 of them right now. Only epic should remain, everything else must be finished.

I was satisfied with the weekend. It was very pleasant to ride like a wind in Rohan, observe nice landscaspes while advancing at the same time, I even havd 320 TPs. Everything was going just superb, I enjoyed my game…and thinking about today. Life is just excellent with Lotro.

One-shot reputation

Posted by Lithuanian Friday June 14 2013 at 4:33AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys started his day in Thorin’s Hall and decided to ride to Sarnur. Dourhand and beast slayer (all advanced) deeds needed to be completed. The hunt was very nice – I went, killed anything I met and went further. Of course, no experience points, but I got many loot and reputation items.

Then one lvl.13 player asked for help in killing Brigands. Went to him, explaining I, as lvl.66, did that deed before. This hunt was something wonderfull. One bow shot – enemy was dead, one hit – dead too. We needed 48 brigands to be killed and did it very quickly.  My companion probably used monster tracking – he ran straight to closiest monster. We were victorious in very little time (perhabs more time running than killing). I asked if I was needed anymore – he told he needed spider slayer (some 50 of them). Well, quick ride to spiders’ den and once again, one-shot victories, one quest en route…and we were victorious. My help time was over.

Player told me “I owe u” and my answer was simple: “When u grow big like me, help little ones”. As we said in Istaria – “got help, bring help”. I do hope that player will help others when he grows up.

Then I returned to Sarnur, killing last of Dourhands and beasts. All advanced slayer deeds finished, 20 Turbine points received. Furthermore, Sturdy steel key as a loot. My WoneF toon used all of reputation items and reached Ally reputation with Thorins Hall immediately: Turbine points once again. Key was used on lvl.40 lootbox: received Rivendell reputation items and fluff  item.

Offered one deal to our Jewellers: I bring them 74 garnets, they return me 20 polished. Well, received polished ones immediately (and hopefully someone received some xp too).

And so the day has ended. I was satisfied and now I do understand: Lotro has veyr much to offer, you just don’t need to stick with levelling. Lotro does have beautifully designed landscapes, you just need to sit/stand/ride and relax there. I helped others and was satisfied of that. Life is just great with Lotro and I look forward for this weekend: many adventures and good impressions awaits!

Rohan & crafting

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday June 13 2013 at 6:07AM
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Lord of the rings online

The day began when NaktiesKarys rode through the fields of Great River, harvesting every single Skarn node, collecting all the materials he could find, calculating how much more ore is required. Each amount of Skarn ore was to be divided by 4: if I have 40 ore, I would make 20 low-quality calenard ingots and thus – 10 Calenard swords.

Riding – I felt temptation to ride to Eastern Rohan. Crossed bridge, rode there – and harvested some Riddemark ore. Strange thing:I was able to harvest while mounted (Rohan only). Fields were nicely green and there were lots of wild horses running around as well as some evil monsters. Almost everything suggests it is a border with lots of clashes between free people and hordes of Sauron. I enjoyed the landscape of Easter Rohan and think it is worth every Turbine point, every real-life penny.

Then I returned to Great River, once again harvesting each Skarn ore, running or fighting monsters. It was a great relaxation – and some profit too. I crafted weapons, sold them (6–10 silver coin each) and was able to cover repair bills. Soon, I reached top mastery with Westfold Weaponsmith. Tier 7 in Weaponsmith is finished, all that remains is last one, Tier 8 – Eastemnet weaponsmith.

Crafting Riddermark ingots was a bit problematic: they required new type of coal (12 silver coins each) and I was out of toons who would be able to supply in big numbers. Oh yes, I have my house flooded with simple coal instead (will have to sell half of it and purchase rich and eastemnet coal instead).

Satisfied with my progression, I teleported to Thorins Hall, visited Weaponsmith Guild to purchase Large reputation emblem recipe…and in one moment I crafted it. Yet another 7000 reputation with weaponsmith guild, I am progressing quickly with it.

But that’s not the end. I was able to be usefull to others:donated some Red Agates to one person; sent some 130 Pure calenard ore to another.  At least some use from me to the Kinship. On the other hand – one kinnie donated some 130 Lossoth reputation items: very kind gift.

And so the day has ended: no TPs grinded, but just a great fun in very nice landscapes:unlike Moria/Angmar, Lothlorien, Great River and Rohan just invites to stay, to look in landscape and enjoy atmosphere of Lord of the rings. My crafting run is almost over, now I am going to focus on reputation with Lothlorien, almost all single-player deeds with Lothlorien…and then back to Moria, for some unfinished business.

I feel so happy and relaxed with Lotro these days: game has very much to offer and I do enjoy it.

Great river, blue sects

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday June 12 2013 at 6:36AM
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Lord of the rings online

The day has started in Bree – then quick ride to Lothlorien, spending some coins on stable horses. Started my favourite “loot Orcish camps” daily quests. I could do it as many times as possible – just love to come, loot and slaughter Orcs, all of them. Once again some Golden leaves earned – now have more than enough golden, only lack some silver leaves to purchase Galadrim reputation horse. Then did one quest to reprimand Elves who over-drank. This time it went very good, no mistakes made. 2 more quests were completed as well as one exploration deed.

Then it was high time for Great River, its beautifully designed landscape, impressive buildings and flags of Rohan flown almost everywhere. I rode, harvesting every Skarn vein I could find, sometimes it meant killing monsters, sometimes – running from group of angry monsters…and sometimes just standing in nice green field and harvesting while enjoying the landscape.Once ran into almost locked up camp: high walls, Human structures – I thought, these were friendly. However, noticed only Brigands there. Well, maybe not so friendly… I went as far as Brown lands, meeting some strange enemies, called “Blue sect”, consisting of sorcerers and just melee warriors. These lands are Angmar-like ones, all brown, without any sign of life. Harvested some Skarn and returned through swamps to the continent.

Swamps was something very well made. Like in real life, you could go through and see miss an enemy (enemy probably won’t miss you). Monsters ranged from some hardly-killable Turtles to simple creatures I could outrun.

Harvesting was going very good. Main town in Great River has all facilities – vault, forge, trainers – so there was no need to go to Moria.  Also, my kinnies sent me some Skarn ore and at the end of the day I had some 200 low-quality Calenard ingots and started to make swords. Soon, I was able to make critical success and now am some 700-800 xp short to achieving top Westfold mastery.

I am using one sword I have just crafted: it has better DPS and hit power and I also am lvl.66 now.

I really like Great River region. It is so skilfully made, every building is quality one, every person is realistic and even nature is realistic too. Besides, region is safe even for lower levels (provided they have steed with 250 health…).

Not sure what about today: Turbine is starting maintenance for Update 11…but nothing would stop me from enjoying Great River, Lothlorien, Evenim and Eregion. Life is just wonderfull in Lotro.

Trolling in Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday June 11 2013 at 4:47AM
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Lord of the rings online

Day started with Lothlorien – took my favourite 5 quests to loot Orcish camps, received experience. Then, in Elven city got some quests, once again Legendary items experience and even more quests. One time attacked some rare elite Orc with 16.000 hp. Fight was hard, but I survived: next time I should look at enemie’s hp before attacking…

One Kinship member asked for help with trolls in Sarnur. I was eager to help – and soon entire group of some 5 players was formed. We went to Sarnur quickly, started with killing of Dourhands and beasts, then proceeded with Snow trolls.

It was the fight worth to remember. Trolls could not manage to kill us, everyone did as much as he/she could and trolls were just slaughtered. I got troll slayer deed and picked up every single reputation item for my alts. Finally, one player got his deed completed, 2 more had to leave…and there were 2 players left: Hunter and me. We continued to kill trolls, just this time it wasn’t that easy. For some reason trolls tended to attack Hunter, not me. I wasn’t satisfied with this: I was supposed to be melee attacker and Hunter was supposed to do ranged attacks, not melee ones. However, we survived, Hunter finished his deed and I asked permission to leave. Was teleported to Bree – a bit tired, after fighting for some hours in a row – but satisfied. I did my best. I ran into the heart of the battle, used AoE attacks against group of 4 enemies (each with some 7-9 000 hp), sometimes I was close to death, but healing potions, bracing attacks, sudden defenses helped me to survive.

In Bree, I sold stuff, deposited reputation items and then time has come for DunedanMule. She took every single Dourhand crest and First age relic and used them. Soon, DunedanMule received Kindred reputation with the Thorins Hall, granting me valuable Turbine points. She also spent some money for post: all stuff that once belonged to Dunedain of the North kinship, was sent to their Treasurer. Finally, I could use her vault – and thus log in-log out circle began. NaktiesKarys deposits up to 5 units of stuff to Shared vault, DunedanMule takes off and deposits to her vault…process repeats, then Mule takes some things from house chest to her vault. Finally, it was completed, I got some free space.

I talked with folks about future expansions and asaked for their reccomendations. Looks like there is a huge TP grind ahead and I will need every single Turbine point I could get. Vytautaz will soon be employed as well as other alts on Silverlode.

And thus the day has ended. I felt very satisfied and happy: each action brough me satisfaction, I was needed for other player and I advanced. Things are just amazing in Lotro (especially trolling snow trolls…).

Amazing weekend in Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Monday June 10 2013 at 6:08AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys is finally a Kinsman of Edhel-Annon Kinship! Since it was June 7th, I asked for an interview and was ordered to arrive to Kinship house. Two Officers stood before me. They asked some neutral questions (“what is short type of your nick?”) and then – what did I like and what dislike in the Kinship. I answered shortly, then was asked several mode questions, re-asked if I was sure I want to be a Kinsman (yes, I was)…and promoted. To celebrate this event, I was to drink from Inn League beer keg…and find myself in Bree. I will do my best to prove they were not wring in accepting me.

Carn-Dum was assaulted once more. We gathered a good group (4 players, 1 of them lvl.85 tank) and went to slaughter everything. I managed to finish one deed (“Champions of Carn Dum”) and receive my Turbine points. We made it to Mordirith’s throne room and killed vile creature. Fight was kind of hard, Mordirith summoning various evils to stop us, but at the end we were victorious. Fighting tentacle monsters was very problematic, few times we were wiped out, but continued to fight – and won. Was happy enough to give some trophies to kinmate that needed those. It was a very positive experience.

I returned to Lothlorien to do local quests.Things were going good, I took my favourite “loot orcish camps” quests and went through the eviul creatures. Took some more quests again to achieve final, Kindred, reputation with local Elves. When I decided there was nothing more to do – I went to Great River region to harvest Skarn ore.

This region is probably the best from all Lotro world. Very impressive lands, high-realistic buildings, made with such mastery you could believe this house was real. Impressive landscapes, impressive buildings and user-friendly crafting areas. I ran into swamp and therw witnessed tiny black swan with chicks (a pity, bird is killable). I ran through settlements with green Rohan flags above them: every step reminds lands of Rohan are near. Of course, Orcs and evil men made their strongholds there, attacking peacefull crafters. I fought with them (all enemies are >lvl.70) and all but one time I won; 1 time had to run out.

I was impressed. WHen I had enough ore, quickly returned to 21st Hall in Moria, smelted and refined ore – and quickly returned to this great region to harvest again. Visited region (Limit Gorge?) where giant monsters dwell, each very tall and more than 70.000 hp. Fought some 2 wolves at one time and even managed to win. Returned to my 21st Hall…only to notice I was running short of Rich coal. My toon, “WoneF” spent all her money for this coal, but even that was not enough. Looks like I would have to make yet another toon and grind for as much gold as possible.

At the end of the day I bartered First age weapon. Used all Legendary item experience runes. Deconstructed several legendary weapons, receives more runes…and my weapon advanced to lvl.32 without actual combat. Now I have better DPS and can hit evil creatures stronger.

Folks adviced me to purhcase Isengard expansion which is 2495 Turbine points. Very, very big grind ahead (and possibility to make some deeds as Vytautaz/DunedanMule).

And so weekend has ended, I left with very positive impressions and 120 TPs. Life was just amazing with Lotro.

Epic grey and mazes

Posted by Lithuanian Friday June 7 2013 at 4:09AM
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Lord of the rings online

Day started with some epic quests. Go, kill some stuff, then visit Lord Elrond in Rivendell, then go with Legolas and protect him from getting killed every now and then (how did this company manage to survive if they were so eager to attack even those monsters that were better to be killed later?). And yes, finally – go, convince Rangers to form Grey Company and go to Aragorn.

I thought it would be kind of easy:have a list of Rangers, visit them all, convince and voila – quest completed. Not so easy: had to visit one by one and each Ranger needed me to do something. Ask other NPC, go and deal with trouble-makers, raze Orcs…One of them, in Trollshaws, required to destroy 3 statues of enemy: ones of Alatheriel, False King and Mordirith. Area was ugly: medium 3D maze, full of passage, all alike and full of my own level monsters (social, of course). I hardly managed to find 2 statues and third was never to be found. Asked for help in Kinship chat, but there was one very unclear advice which I could not use even if it would be in my native Lithuanian. Left that mission impossible, rode to Misty Mountains. One time I had to make choice about one Ranger (“NPC should go”, “NPC should stay”), I chose “go” since all others are going…but looks like this choice mattered very little.

And yet another maze, Goblin town. I was there once and could not recognize the place, all the structures were gone, only tons of grey enemies. I went there, failed to find anything and failed to get any help in regional and Kinship chat. Only when I left one player approached me and told he was riding towars that unsolvable maze. I had to decline: if he approached me 1 hour earlier, I would gladly confirmed need of help. In despair, I cancelled 3 Misty mountains quests. Have already too much quests (37/45), so need finish or cancel most non-epic.

Today we are planning to assault Carn-Dum again and it would be a good place for me to finish some deeds and gain valuable Turbine points. Maybe there, in medium group (I think about 4 players group) will I able to relax.

And so the day has ended with very little help, empty regional chats and some (5?) TPs earned for spamming Horn of Gondor. Life was kind of grumpy with Lotro.

Slaughter in Angmar

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday June 6 2013 at 4:32AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys (other toons are resting) went to…yes, grumpy dark and user-unfriendly Angmar. Had to turn in some quests…and this is where all story begins.

Initially I was unable to locate some quest givers, tried to start instances, but all to no use. Then visited quest givers in one town, got some rewards, did some more quests (epic ones: soloed lvl.50 small fellowship content with little problems) – and teamed with one lvl.55 Hobbit.

We went to Carn Dum to find and kill (there’s little new in games since title Crush, kill and destroy…). It was my first time I felt almost imune to attacks. I fought with all my attacks, starting with Bracing, ending with favourite AoE – and my teammate healed me or restored power. Thus I was able to fight several enemies at one time, each enemy having some 9-10 thousand hp points. Few times we were overpowered by horde of monsters and were defeated…only to return and slaughter that monsters.

Later it became clear we won’t make it – called for help and some Warden arrived. Then – lvl.85 Tank went to battle. We almost swept all opposition en route to named monsters. I autocompleted some deeds (can’t remember which ones), tried to protect our Hobbit, since his level was lowest one and once again felt like a immortal in a hand-to-hand battle.  And we got some valuable Keys to Carn-Dum doors too.

We finally went to monster…how do I call it? Something green in a middle of poisoned water (enter the water – instant kill) with huge tentacles, each tentacle having 10.000 health. First time we were wiped: monster shook tree we were standing on, I fell into water – and I was dead. We tried several times, each time we could not defeat. Even our tank was not enough nor our healing/resurrecting Hobbit’s powers were enough.

After yet another defeat I had to retreating, being angry on myself. Of course, it was past midnight,my toon’s equipment became worn (8/40), I had less than 6 hours of sleep…but still left my teammates to face huge evil. Maybe today we would get more reinforcements and make one last assault on Carn-Dum.

I really enjoyed this. As strange as it is, Angmar instances are good and positively challenging (especially Urugatth). They are doable with the right group full of healers and especially when one thinks a bit. Urugarth, I suppose, can easily be done with small fellowship: one tank, one supportive tank, one healer. Or just – two supportive tanks (champions), one healer.

And so the day, full of fights, deaths and broken legs was over. I finished some deeds, exited game with 165 Turbine points in my wallet and lots of useless Spring festival flowers (they are not redeamable for anything). I am still thinking about Carn-Dum and my return to avenge all the misfortunes here. Life was good in Lotro.

Victorious day in Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday June 5 2013 at 3:23AM
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Lord of the rings online

As one (almost) NPC said – Ritorno vincitor, “return as conqueror”. This is how my day in Lotro looked like.

First it used to be Moria, epic quest line with its own rewards and quests. Go to local Elves, do what they ask. go to Dwarf, kill some enemies, then go back, kill more enemies. Everything I did and died only once (well, I fell from very high mountain), no way was I to be defeated by any monster. Then rode back to the Elves to confirm newly friendship between Elves and Dwarves. Everything there was going just superb. We even fought one evil, Mazog, and imprisoned him. of course, Elves were eager to hear how did we escape with such prisoner. Time for “I remember this” quest. I had to make a choice – to kill Mazog or let him live. Since Elf screamed – “How many more Elves and Dwarves should be killed if we let it live?”, i decided to be a – relatively- good guy and voted for a kill. Unfortunately, Dwarf over-ruled telling he needed Mazog alive. What’s the point of the choice if choice does not matter? Dear Turbine, please, make choices important…

Then I took some other quests, like collecting flowers, meditating again and so on. It was kind of relaxing. Turbine points were flowing for doing quests and completing some quests inspired by quests. I took one repetative quest, my favourite, to raze and loot Orc settlements. Good Orc is a dead one after all.

And then one kinnie asked for some Minstrels/Burglars for Urugarth. I snored – “no lvl.64 Champions needed”…and was invited to a group. Group consisted of lvl.55 Hobbit, lvl.85 Elf and me, lvl.64 Dwarf. It was THE show: Elf just owned anything that moved, I tried to support her and protect Hobbit. We ran, we shared quests, killing stuff, looting and sharing loots. I was given Champion emblem and gave away some rare non-my class stuff. Deeds in Urugarth were auto-completing. Kill some Orcs: check. Locate some rooms: check. Find what evil is poisoning water:check. Find idols: check. Kill local “champions”: check. Kill 9000 hp trolls: check. Every deed – Turbine points, itr was just crazy how fast I got them while having lots of fun. One time my presence was very helpfull: only I could open room with monster.

Unfortunately, we had to leave and I teleported to my house…unable to join instance. Rushed to Bree, opened Instance finder – only to find it was greyed out. I was in despair: my kinnies were going to face a huge evil Dragon and I was sitting safely in Bree, unable to arrive in time! Nothing helped, no suggestion worked. Had to leave Fellowship, unsatisfied with myself.

However, I was glad to help others (maybe my help was of any use?) and to leave my beloved Lothlorien. There were other requests for help, one – from my native Thorin’s Hall which I was unable to respond to. At the other side – the more request, the better for me since I could aid most of them.

And so the day has ended. I had some 125 Turbine points (still 575 to go for Enedwaith), had a lot of fun,was victorious almost everywhere and the only that left me unsatisfied was late time: I wish I could fight more and more hours there. Life is just excellent with Lotro.

Lotro:meditating, questing

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday June 4 2013 at 4:05AM
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Lord of the rings online

Sunny, golden and friendly Lothlorien still fascinates me. This time I came across really good quest: some evil-minded Dwarf wanted me to hunt down some protected animals. There I had the choice: hunt them, receive xp, receive some equipment and decrease my reputation with local Elves – or refuse to hunt, fail Dwarf’s quest and receive reputation with local Elves? I went to light side, failed Dwarf’s quest and received the valuable reputation. This is the type of quest I do love: a choice that may matter. If only Turbine had more of these!

Further questing was typical for Elves: light up some lanterns, meditate at the circles of peace, bring some water to the festival, reprimand Elves that had drunken too much wine (one has to see how polite were they when reprimanded). I had to kill some non-protected animals (but Elves told me, so that’s should be legal), make some wine and alike.

I really enjoyed those quests. Some of them are a bit tricky (drunken Elves can only be recognized by very specific words, like “winter this year is not coming soon” and “winter this yer is not coming soon”, second sentence indicating drunken Elf (“yer” instead of “year”). But this quest is repeatble and I could make mistake 2 times.

One kinnie asked if we could hunt, I said yes…but he logged off. Then I went for epic quests. Bosi in Moria had some job to do: go to other NPCs, then hunt some Globsnaga (very good, my Globsnaga slayer deed is advancing), then kill some named monster with 7000 hp…All quests were solo, I did them easily and left some for today.

Only three days remain untill June 7th when I will be interviewed by some Officer. It’s hard to say if I would or would not be accepted. I have shown both my weaknesses and (maybe) strong sides to the Kinship. Now it’s up to them to decide.

And so the day has ended, I left satisfied with my sunny golden Lothlorien and even Moria quests, had some 70 TPs. Life is superb with Lotro.

scout, loot, raze

Posted by Lithuanian Monday June 3 2013 at 4:43AM
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Lord of the rings online

…but first of all – Moria instances. I had 3 of them to do: epic quest line + reputation with elves of Lothlorien. These were 3-player instances, so had to ask for help. First time I asked – and there were more willing players than group could hold. We were 3 – one lvl.85, one lvl.67 and me, lvl.64. Content was not easy one – lots of monsters that I could not ever handle alone. Named monsters with tens of thousands health. But we did it, finishing one instance in one run. Another instance, dreadfull Hall of Mirrors was harder, I got killed/fallen off several times. We havd to run back and forward, switch levers, check which mirror has to be turned to another. Failed only one quest – “kill Erebor, but leave at least 1 of his minions alive”. And some other monster – I always got killed by it with 1,5 shot: not a good feeling.

Lothlorien quest pack purchased. 556 Turbine points paid instead of standard 695. Thans, Turbine, for discount (after all, 139 TPs saved me from some grinding).

Next day I kept asking for help, but kinnies were busy: returned to Lothlorien. And there, many interesting things appeared.

First of all – choices. There are quests that will involve protecting wild life and there is quest line where some evil Dwarf offers to kill wildlife. I could choose what I want and I feel it is great. Kudos, Turbine, for making that great things, I really wish there were more choices like that. Some repetative quests involved typical Elven psychology: go, take care about sapplings; oh, poor sapplings are feeling bad  – sing for them; collect some chalk from rocks, collect berries. Did I mention I had to collect and burn Orcish filth? Not too pleasant, have to admit…

Epic quest line brought me to their biggest city where I spoke with Galadriel and some others. Very positive impressions.

And then – my favourite part. Group of Elves asked for defense (defend against waves of Orcs losing less than 12 men in 14 minutes: I lost only 3)…and then up to counteroffense: investigate, determine strenght, loot, raze some Orcish camps. Burn their banners to the ground, slay their so-called named leaders. It was something I did like. I rode, I killed, looted, killed named monsters that had >7000 health and was not killed any time, only few times had to use health potions. Things were going just great – so many tasks, so many rewards.

My Legendary item reached level 60 and could not be upgraded further – such high was experience I received. I also received some 50 Turbine points just for riding and killing stuff.

Lothlorien was great, although sometimes – repetative. I enjoyed it, I see that some deeds (like killing 360 Orcs) will autocomplete without any additional fighting. I expect much more fun from this friendly golden region. Life is just great in Lotro.