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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Party in the field

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday June 12 2012 at 2:17AM
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The day in Istaria started early, so had some time to do some things.

I went to Saritova guild to kill more Fire opal golems, when Player D. asked for help. He had to leave within 30 minutes, so we went to Mithril's Anvil for some mithril. Harvesting was quick, golems caused little problems and I found one safe motherload. Then Player D. quit for a while.

Saritova again. Fire opal golems field and once again killing one golem after another, especially my favourite, named golem - Granduus. He gives the best xp (14000-16000) and a relatively good drops. Only one time had I to run from it. Other golems caused little trouble and gave decent xp, trophies and loot. Soon, I was level 89 Shaman.

I took some break. Went to visit Heather, where there was a very good plot with expert structures, public silos, vault...and now plot is no more. Owner sold it to community and lots of players lost their opportunity to craft at very good location. We lost some 3 plots this way.

Then, I went back to Fire opal golems, killing more of them, untill I made 25% to level 90...and began to think what to kill now. Player D. found me thinking and asked to help with mithril once again.

We returned to Mithril's Anvil. Harvesting was good and relatively safe. Player D. stood by my side guarding me from Mithril Boulder golems, should they attack me. He killed some and I gained combat experience for that, also I took 2 trophies that golems dropped. One time I asked for help because road to Motherload of mithril was dangerous. Player D. was kind enough to slay every golem in sight.

Funny: he asked about repayment. I told to ask player, whom I gave some trophies, how much do I charge (and the answer is - "big thanks")...

One friendly Dragon made a Human character: now I can advice him at how to level it. Hope I will be usefull for him.

At the end of the day I was level 89 Shaman, got a total of 260 trophies for lvl.91-95 (one needs 400 trophies to advance by one level), got richer by selling loot from Fire opal golems and feeling good because of helping Player D. Life is just beautifull once again.