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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Saviour of golems

Posted by Lithuanian Monday June 11 2012 at 2:03AM
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A weekend in Istaria, full of surprises and just interesting things.

It all started with usual Mithril golem killing: approach, cast all the cursing spells, run back a bit, kill golem, heal yourself and repeat anew. Then had one invite into hunt, but was killed en route (well, it is a bad idea to run into a mob of deadliest monsters in the deadliest zone).

Well, then it was a new invite for fight: this time Fiyakis in the same deadly zone. We tested new tactic: wait and invite one enemy at a time. We had our proven zone where fighting was better for us. And we ran: Dragon attacked, I did my best to hit Fiyakis and heal Dragon. Sometimes, when Fiaykis were too slow to spawn, we came to one more dangerous zone and killed there (although fighting 3 Fiyakis at once was a risky idea...).

We were victorious. I reached level 86 this way and was ready to exchange all my trophies into experience. Result: advanced to level 87 and 75% to level 89. Currently  - level 88.

I also was glad to help one player with trophies. She needed "my" Sand Scarab trophies and was offered them from our very experienced player and from me - overall about 100. When asked about "how much", I told that one big "thank you" would be enoug. Later I was fortunate enough to help Player's D. clone with some wood.

Also had to participate in Daknor's hunt: we were in a big group, almost all Dragons and few bipeds. Hunt was serious, Dragons' health sometimes running very low, my heals taking too long to cool down and my curses too often missing Daknor. But we were succesfull: monster was killed and I felt satisfaction: one time I was killed en route to him, so now I had my revenge.

I thought I would spent rest of weekend with Fire opal golems on Saritova guild, gaining xp and gathering lots of trophies.

Then Player D. came and asked if I can mine mithril for him - "a bunch of it". I thought "bunch" was full load and full load is not a problem. I started harvesting unguarded motherload, then we moved to field with public silos...and my voyages began.

Mithril was almost unguarded, I harvested everything I could, filled one silo after another. Then Player D. told he wanted to reach lvl.66 and for each level he needed 1,5 silos of mithril (make mithril bars and then make some mithril engravings which he would put into his own hoard). I ran and ran and after lvl.66 took a break to skype with friends. When I returned, I went to kill my Fire opal golems when Playere D. appeared and asked for mithril.

I returned and harvested all I could. I was lucky Player D. went away from keyboard at one time so that I was not in a biog hurry. Finally - he was level 70 (so, I helped him to advance by six levels). Received some valuable trophies from him and was able to exchange some of them into xp. It was almost 23:00 in Lithuania and I went to sleep.

Player D. could be called "saviour of golems" - I thought I would slain them, one after another, every golem, take any xp they could offer and loot whatever they had. Now, Playere D. saved them - at least 100 of them from death. But this is only temporaly: today, I will return to slaughter...

The weekend was great. Despite two death points earned by taking little care to surroundings - it was a one big success. I levelled a bit and I managed to help others. Also we had very refreshing talks in our chat which is good once again.Life is just pretty in Istaria.