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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

wood and marble:iron ahead

Posted by Lithuanian Friday June 29 2012 at 3:04AM
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Day started with a marble, same old good marble. Once again  there were 3 of us: Player D., Draghon and me. I harvested motherload of Marble near Eastern Outpost, Player D. helped me and Dragon just harvested marble from killed Golems.

Things were going perfect, we teamed and worked efficiently. However, all silos were filled and I had to run to craft bricks. Made 7090 marble bricks, reached Mason level 74.

Then it was time for me to disconnect. Returned later, when Player D. has left. I stood wandering and later, after some talks, returned to the plot I helped to build tier 2 silos. Now the owner built 9 of 15 silos herself, without any help.

I took some cedar job: 68 cedar timbers and some 80 cedar bracers. It took about 1 hour for everything, from first chopped tree to last added stuff.  All that remains in that plot are a bit problematic materials: iron construction sheetings and jointings, elm timbers and bracers.

The day was good. Once again I was usefull to others while advancing my Mason. And I will continue helping others as much as I could.

teamwork fun

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday June 28 2012 at 2:11AM
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A day began as usual - with marble. Player D. was in a better position - he had one Dragon helping him. An almost perfect situation for us: Dragon killed Marble golems, harvested them, and Player D. just had to wait untill I am full, take marble slabs and return when I am full. A conveyor, so to say.

And it worked. We just harvested anything we could, taking almost no rest for some hours. Finally 2 silos were filled with marble slabs and I brought some 1600 slabs with me. Result: almost 7000 marble bricks, and 1,75 level gained.

Then I took some rest and when returned gathered more slabs, almost filling one silo and leaving some 2000 bricks, gaining one more level.

Our teamwork had produced good results: work was fast and efficient, I did have fun with crafting and levelling up. And so the day ended with me advanced by two levels, gained some trophies from killed golems.

If things goes this way, Player D. will make his 86,000 marble bricks very soon and I would be happy to have helped with with that.

89000 / thoughts

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday June 27 2012 at 3:03AM
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Maintenance in Istaria took some time, so I had only one hour to play. Not too much - and that hour was spent once again in Marble Quarry. Player D. helped me, killing Marble Golems while I harvested. He also transported bricks I have made so that I could harvest again.

He lacked 89.000 bricks (out of 100.000 needed). We made some 1500 yesterday and I told we needed one more Dragon to harvest Marble motherlode.

The day ended with me reaching lvl.72 in mason school and promise to meet Player D. next day at the same marble quarry.

Now some off-Istaria topics.

I decided to try LOTRO one day. I do remember how I tried it once. Experience was mixed: land was beautifull, character creation was easy (and looks like I became an elf). First training mission ended in disaster: I wasn't able to kill some low level creatures and was killed by them instead. I kissed good-bye to LOTRO and left. Now, that I read one blog about LOTRO being re-polished, I re-looked at their website and maybe will try them once again.

Will I write my experience in LOTRO? Not sure. I can't have two blogs at one time in and if I need to write, I'd rather write about Istaria.

marble rush

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday June 26 2012 at 1:50AM
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The day began with marble. Player D. needs 100.000 of marble bricks within some 2 weeks. I don't know how he expected to do that alone.

I went againt to Marble quarry, trying to avoid fights (since it takes time) and running by route "marble nodes-stone shop". Inventory is full? I go to stone shop, make bricks and return for more marble slabs. This way I managed to make some 1900 bricks. Fortunately enough, Player D. could transport them to silos/vault. Later, I asked his alt to aid me, but this time I (sometimes) had to focus more on healing his alt thant to harvesting.

Overall, I managed to produce not less than 3000 bricks - and still it is not enough. if he needs 90,000 of them, it may take a month, not two weeks.No doubt, I will help him as much as I could (levelling my Mason by the way). All I need are 2 more dragons: one guards me, kills any golem in sight so that I can harvest marble from fallen golem; another harvests from Marble motherlode near Eastern Outpost.

We have yet another  new player and everyone in the chat was eager to help him. Of course, I was outrunned by one Guild member when offering help to newbie. But this is good, if such competition takes place.

And so the day ended. Result: got 10 Marble golem trophies, advanced by 1 level and got some fun. Today it is maintenance day, so it would be little I could do for Player D.

Great weekends in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Monday June 25 2012 at 12:14AM
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...and crafting for all.

Weekend started with the slate. One player purchased a plot and plans to use it as a super-storage. Tier 2 silos - 15 units and therefore demanding huge resources. I asked if I could help, she agreed and made me 2 silos available to store stuff.

Then it began. Snowfall's cold slate field, instant running for slate and when I had ~260 slate keystones or blocks, I went to add them (and this plot needed 1400 slate blocks and 812 keystones). A little math: block is made from 15 bricks and each brick - from 2 slabs. Keystone is more expensive, it is made from 20 bricks.

It took me 1,5 day to finish slate job. It helped one silo to be finished and some others to advance. The owner of the plot worked hard herself, gathering slate or wooden resources. I was helped by one of our Guild leaders too.

Then came Player D. For some reason he needs 100.000 marble bricks and his Quarrying/Masonry is not as high as needed. Well, since slate job was finished, I went to harvest marble and later - produce bricks. That added decent xp for my Mason. However, crafting in Marble Quarry was a bit dangerous. All area is patrolled by Marble golems (lvl.81-84) and I had to kill them from time - either for self defense or for slate.

Soon was helped by one very friendly Dragon who just killed anything so that I could harvest without fear. Within a day I made some 3000 marble bricks this way. Also, I managed to make ~1000 bricks from the marble Player D. left (with his permission, of course). It's just more effective: it takes 4 slabs to make brick for him and 2 slabs for me.

While taking a break from helping, I talked in our chat and worked with Obsidian to level up my Mason.

We joked with player who asked for help too -we "spied" on each other and I was telling about "someone takes MY slate" and alike. As with Player D. - talks began about Great Wall of Istaria etc. All the chat had fun.

And so the weekend ended. Result: Mason advanced to level 70, at least 2 players' plots helped (and I got called "a great builder" by friends) - and a big fun was it.
 Crafting may be fun and is fun. Just another great weekend in istaria.

3 and 2: Masonry

Posted by Lithuanian Friday June 22 2012 at 2:01AM
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I returned home late, so had a maximum of 2 hours to play.

Went to the Aughundell mines to mine granite. Yes, it was guarded by two unfriendly Nickel golems, but most time they were polite enough not to touch me. This time I had to make 150 granite blocks while cargo disk and inventory could hold about 120.

It meant I had tu run to Aughundell, deposit to vault, go to Bristugo, add blocks to structure...and return to Aughundell, go to mines, make more blocks and return to Bristugo.

One Dragon needed 10 Obsidian bricks which was -once again- a good chance for me. Went to volcanic world of Dralk, gathered more Obsidian than i needed...and made some blocks as well as 10 bricks. However, with Obsidian I still have some problems: skill (Masonry) is too low to add at the best ratio 2:1. I still have 3:1 which means I will blocks and keystones will require more raw Obsidian and I should have 300 blocks instead of 200

Result: almost finished Mason lvl.66 and storage silo finished by 75%, one Dragon helped: rather good day in Istaria.

Armor and masonry

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday June 21 2012 at 1:31AM
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Day started with some cobalt runs. I had to teleport to Dralk, then run to cobalt fields, make cobalt bars, run again and teleport several times. Of course, it took some time -but my Armorer benefited from that. While I gained no xp from Steel - cobalt gave me decent one.

When 200 Cobalt jointings were added, made several runs to make enough bars for some 100 cobalt sheetings. After that had to make some Steel sheetings - and metal part for one silo was complete.

Then I switched to Mason and went to maze-like mines of Aughundell, avoiding golems (to increase my own capacity, I did not take any weapon or shield) to the field where I had motherload of granite, several rich nodes and even two "walking nodes" (i.e. golems should I have at least some weapon). Crafting was easy one, with only one time Golems chased me.

I gained no experience from making Granite bricks from slabs (a pity), but did gain some from making keystones from the bricks as well as from adding them to the structure.

In the midtime of harvesting managed to make one steel tool for Player D. - at least somehow helped others.

And the day ended. Tier 4 silo is by ~60% finished. All that remains are granite blocks and Obsidian blocks and keystones. I also gained some 3 levels as Armorer and almost 1 level as Mason. Not so bad: finishing this silo would give great xp to my Mason. And yes - there are 5 more silos to finish...

plots, steel, silos

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday June 20 2012 at 1:40AM
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Maintenance took some time, therefore had little time to play.

Went to snowy Trandalar to harvest steel and all the rest of the day was spent to make some 150 steel sheetings and 8 jointings: harder than I thought. All this was added to just one silo (and player's T. plot has 6 silos). I realise it would take very long to make all silos.

One more plot, this time in Trandalar, has lost his owner and would now be slowly deconstructed. It was closed to public though and it's a little to loss to other players.

I switched to Armorer hoping that steel would make at least little xp...but it didn't happen, i need at least Cobalt. And with cobalt there is a big problem: no structures nearby. Once again, there was a plot with structures, but it is lost.

And so the day ended with at least symbolic help to others. I do hope to finish at least one silo this week...and then start the others.

crafting & having fun

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday June 19 2012 at 2:00AM
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The day usually, with choping trees as silos building in Player's T. plot need lots of resources. I finished with maple and started oak part. Oak is a bit better (60 of each stuff instead of maple 80), but the trees are far from silos and structures than maple.

Unfortunately, plot in Heather is lost: it had public silos so any crafter could crafft a bit easier than elsewhere.

I took some break and just went to New Trismus to kill some level 2 grulets or to cast one curse of them (visual effect: biting skull's head). It was very funny to observe grulets with the skull heads.

One friendly Dragon created a Human character and asked questions about advancements. I was happy to help him with both advice and some formulas.

And so the day ended: Player's T. silos are at almost 20% each and soon I will finish wooden part. All that remains are metal sheets and jointings: those would give my Armorer some xp from smelting ore to bars. Today it would be a maintenance day, so I would have too little time to play.

great weekend in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Monday June 18 2012 at 3:30AM
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Weekend began with fighting to level 91 - my magic level, since I had many trophies for it. I killed golems again and again, untill I saw message "You have advanced to level 91 in Shaman school".

Then I went to Aughundell and exchanged everything I had into xp. Reached level 96 immediately, then took all remaining trophies - and thanks to them advanced to level 99, lacking only 400.000 xp points to level 100. And there one good player came and just gave me 20 trophies so that within one day I finished my Shaman school.

It was -as promised- a time to change. I went to level up my Carpenter and began my travels from Yew trees to plot with Expert structure, silos and vault. In one day, taking breaks for chatting and just watching TV, I finished my Carpenter.

I also began working on Player's T. plot in Bristugo, this time - tier 4 storage silos. Each one requires 80 maple braces, 80 maple timbers, 60 oak braces, 60 oak timbers, some 150 cobalt sheets and 90 jointings, some 150 steel sheets and joints, ~200 granite keystones and blocks. That is for one silo and there are 6 of them. Oh yes, my vault can hold a maximum of 60 construction stuff...

However, I was able to finish at least maple timber part and yesterday finished some 40% of maple bracers part.  It means more running from forest to structure with silos and vault. However, with steel and cobalt things would be easier: I will grow up my Armorer with them.

Aside from crafting there were some talks about multiclassing in our chat. That's the only feature Dragons cannot have.

And so the weekend ended. I am happy to finish yet another 2 schools. More schools, more adventures , more fun awaits me in Istaria.

closer to target(s)

Posted by Lithuanian Friday June 15 2012 at 3:37AM
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And in the begining there was (no wonder) testing of my new spear on Mithril boulder golems. Hunt went superb: I just picked any golem, killed it, took anything, healed myself a bit and back to battle. Sometimes there was a situation when I had no spare golems to kill.

My new spear almost does wonders with fighting enemies and it (spear) should be very effective against enemies who cast various enhancements on themselves: I can remove up to 3 buffs. One day I will test in more serious battle.

I advanced a bit and now have 50% to go to magic level 91. Then it would be huge trophy exchange...and returning to crafting. I have to finish certain schools, help some plots, buy new formulas. This would take time and patience, but I do have time and think I will have patience.

Player D. appeared. He advanced to level 82 and possibly levels on Marble.

At the end of the day I got a bit tired from killing golems. Went to New Trismus, killed some low levels monsters for fun. Went to marble quarry to kill some Marble golems. They gave little xp (only 3000), but it was more for relax. Unfortunately, no one wanted to harvest marble.

The day was a good one. No longer am I afraid of high level golems if my trusted weapon is by my side and my spells are ready. I felt good because of Player D's advancement and no doubt, I will help him with crafting whenever he asks.

Just another good day in Istaria - a game I am once again happy with.

new achiecements in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday June 14 2012 at 6:14AM
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The day started usually: once again Fire opal golems. Player D. asked if I could help him, but I had to reject. Fighting began: I fought my golems, looting anything they could offer, from xp to sellable items. Killed my favourite named golem several times.

Then, I noticed a Dragon flying above battlefield. It was Player D., he came to help me with heals. We fought together: I healed him, he healed me and together we fought multiply enemies. Everything was going quite good before all golems rushed on us. He managed to escape - I died.

Unpleasant surprise, but I had some time to buy food and destroy the effect of earned death point. In Istaria, death points fade, but the more times you die the longer it fades. Mine death point used to take 1 day and 4 hours.

I returned to battlefield to finish fire opal golems and soon - voila! - level 90. It is very good combat level - since then you can use some magic weapons, dropped by top-level monsters only. Mine weapon was spear-like one, giving +100 to one hand piece, +100 to dexterity and ability to dispell 3 enemie's enhancements. First test was on Mithril Boulder golems (levels 96-99).

It was a slaughter. I just killed them one after another, gaining xp and first time having no fear of those monsters. And after I got a bit tired from slaughter, Player D. appeared. I was more than eager to help him...yes, with same mithril.

He was lvl.77 and needed 2,5 levels to magic crafting lvl.80. I harvested mithril once again, searching for safe motherloades, harvesting everything and running to public silos. Before 23:00 he reached level 80. My mission was over.

I left the game satisfied. Once more I helped people and they grew up just in my eyes. I grew in my combat school and had no fear about monsters: one to one they will be killed, any non-named up to lvl.99. I gained enough trophies to advance at least from lvl.91 to 94. And the best - when I pass lvl.91, I will craft and help other players' buildings.

Day was very bright and optimistic. Just another great day in Istaria.

Future in the past...

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday June 13 2012 at 1:47AM
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Updates took some time, so had about 3 hours only to play Istaria.

Day started as usually - with shining fields of Saritova island. I had to reject Player's D. offer for help and kill some Fire opal golems. Managed to reach 50% to lvl. 90. And at level 90 I would be able to use one weapon, dropped by high-tier monster only which would make slaying monsters easier. At the meantime, Fire opal golems gave me about 13 trophies and some 70 silver coins worth loot.

It was 22:10 Lithuanian time and I offered to help Player D. We went to same mithril field. he protected me, since I took no weapon and shield and I harvested all I could. Work was very coordinated and - I think - effective.

Then some new player came. I won't reveal his nick - it was a level 0 Dragon. I greated him, he asked where I am. I answered - "at Mithril's anvil, harvesting mithril", then he asked where is that and I told to open map (press "m") and just look. Later new Dragon asked if I could arrive in New Trismus and I had to reject. I had some job to do and a little time for it. Later new Dragon began to write what happens to him - how he climbs up the rock, falls down, it stucked, how something "comes to greet him", how that something is weaker Saris ghost, how he tries to run, cannot recall and alike.

Judging from his answers (to almost all suggestions - "ok") he reminded me our famous Player A and I told about it in chat. Yes, I know, I must have patience and explain new player everything, because I was new players and I was explained everything.

And thus the day ended. I advanced as much as I expected, gained some profit from monsters and once again was of some help to others. I am waiting for Shaman level 91 - and then will jump into crafting, finishing one school, levelling others and helping other people with their buildings.

"That is the prophecy. That is the future we seek"

Party in the field

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday June 12 2012 at 3:17AM
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The day in Istaria started early, so had some time to do some things.

I went to Saritova guild to kill more Fire opal golems, when Player D. asked for help. He had to leave within 30 minutes, so we went to Mithril's Anvil for some mithril. Harvesting was quick, golems caused little problems and I found one safe motherload. Then Player D. quit for a while.

Saritova again. Fire opal golems field and once again killing one golem after another, especially my favourite, named golem - Granduus. He gives the best xp (14000-16000) and a relatively good drops. Only one time had I to run from it. Other golems caused little trouble and gave decent xp, trophies and loot. Soon, I was level 89 Shaman.

I took some break. Went to visit Heather, where there was a very good plot with expert structures, public silos, vault...and now plot is no more. Owner sold it to community and lots of players lost their opportunity to craft at very good location. We lost some 3 plots this way.

Then, I went back to Fire opal golems, killing more of them, untill I made 25% to level 90...and began to think what to kill now. Player D. found me thinking and asked to help with mithril once again.

We returned to Mithril's Anvil. Harvesting was good and relatively safe. Player D. stood by my side guarding me from Mithril Boulder golems, should they attack me. He killed some and I gained combat experience for that, also I took 2 trophies that golems dropped. One time I asked for help because road to Motherload of mithril was dangerous. Player D. was kind enough to slay every golem in sight.

Funny: he asked about repayment. I told to ask player, whom I gave some trophies, how much do I charge (and the answer is - "big thanks")...

One friendly Dragon made a Human character: now I can advice him at how to level it. Hope I will be usefull for him.

At the end of the day I was level 89 Shaman, got a total of 260 trophies for lvl.91-95 (one needs 400 trophies to advance by one level), got richer by selling loot from Fire opal golems and feeling good because of helping Player D. Life is just beautifull once again.

Saviour of golems

Posted by Lithuanian Monday June 11 2012 at 2:03AM
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A weekend in Istaria, full of surprises and just interesting things.

It all started with usual Mithril golem killing: approach, cast all the cursing spells, run back a bit, kill golem, heal yourself and repeat anew. Then had one invite into hunt, but was killed en route (well, it is a bad idea to run into a mob of deadliest monsters in the deadliest zone).

Well, then it was a new invite for fight: this time Fiyakis in the same deadly zone. We tested new tactic: wait and invite one enemy at a time. We had our proven zone where fighting was better for us. And we ran: Dragon attacked, I did my best to hit Fiyakis and heal Dragon. Sometimes, when Fiaykis were too slow to spawn, we came to one more dangerous zone and killed there (although fighting 3 Fiyakis at once was a risky idea...).

We were victorious. I reached level 86 this way and was ready to exchange all my trophies into experience. Result: advanced to level 87 and 75% to level 89. Currently  - level 88.

I also was glad to help one player with trophies. She needed "my" Sand Scarab trophies and was offered them from our very experienced player and from me - overall about 100. When asked about "how much", I told that one big "thank you" would be enoug. Later I was fortunate enough to help Player's D. clone with some wood.

Also had to participate in Daknor's hunt: we were in a big group, almost all Dragons and few bipeds. Hunt was serious, Dragons' health sometimes running very low, my heals taking too long to cool down and my curses too often missing Daknor. But we were succesfull: monster was killed and I felt satisfaction: one time I was killed en route to him, so now I had my revenge.

I thought I would spent rest of weekend with Fire opal golems on Saritova guild, gaining xp and gathering lots of trophies.

Then Player D. came and asked if I can mine mithril for him - "a bunch of it". I thought "bunch" was full load and full load is not a problem. I started harvesting unguarded motherload, then we moved to field with public silos...and my voyages began.

Mithril was almost unguarded, I harvested everything I could, filled one silo after another. Then Player D. told he wanted to reach lvl.66 and for each level he needed 1,5 silos of mithril (make mithril bars and then make some mithril engravings which he would put into his own hoard). I ran and ran and after lvl.66 took a break to skype with friends. When I returned, I went to kill my Fire opal golems when Playere D. appeared and asked for mithril.

I returned and harvested all I could. I was lucky Player D. went away from keyboard at one time so that I was not in a biog hurry. Finally - he was level 70 (so, I helped him to advance by six levels). Received some valuable trophies from him and was able to exchange some of them into xp. It was almost 23:00 in Lithuania and I went to sleep.

Player D. could be called "saviour of golems" - I thought I would slain them, one after another, every golem, take any xp they could offer and loot whatever they had. Now, Playere D. saved them - at least 100 of them from death. But this is only temporaly: today, I will return to slaughter...

The weekend was great. Despite two death points earned by taking little care to surroundings - it was a one big success. I levelled a bit and I managed to help others. Also we had very refreshing talks in our chat which is good once again.Life is just pretty in Istaria.

golems & dragons

Posted by Lithuanian Friday June 8 2012 at 5:27AM
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...and it was Golem party day. I spent most of the day near Old Oaks settlement, killing Mithril golems. It was a 'hit-and-run' strategy, but it worked. Once again I witness how Shaman spells work for me: enemy takes damage from my spells or loses his strenght and dexterity as well as some resistance due to these spells. I also tried some forgotten Druid spells that heals me a little for some time.

It worked. I got almost 50% to next combat level.

In our chat met one new Dragon player from Russia (at least her nick says so) and we had a talk about Istaria. As young Dragon, she still needs to learn about Dragon factions: Helian and Lunus. Two factions, two approaches towards other races, two racial cities and two Rites of Passage. As a Human character, I have little info about those factions, so adviced her to talk to other Dragons.

The day ended soon: had to skype with one friend. The results were good, soon I will have 200 trophies: enough to earn 2 levels; I also got some money by selling loot and I advanced my Shaman.

Weekend, I do hope, will be good one: I need just few levels to magic lvl.91 and then it would be little problem. And only having lvl.91 Shaman would be I able to return to crafting and help many buildings across Istaria.

Golem party

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday June 7 2012 at 1:38AM
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Maintenance was over, though I had little time to play, some 2 - 2,5 hours only.

In previous hunts, I did miss one type of enemy: mithril golems. They are usfull for lvl.91-95 trophies as well as components for tier 5 armor. In other words, almost everyone hunts them, mostly for components. However, they were gone. I searched, some folks from the Guild searched and to no results.

And yesterday, as I was wandering what to do - one person told me Mithril golems were back, just relocated from plain to alley. There were some 3 of them, but spawning very quickly. I kill golem - and I see another one spawned.

So - the rest of the day was spent hunting and killing them. Xp gained was normal (only 5000, but it's better than 2000), trophies were a bit rare, got some components and loot instead. Result: some 15% advancement to next combat level, 5 trophies, 4 components and some 52 silver coin gained.

The day was a good one - I have found new enemies to slay and more xp to get.

Istaria:new updates

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday June 6 2012 at 3:14AM
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It was maintenance time and it took really long. I went to sleep at almost midnight Lithuanian time and the game was still offline.

They are preparing big update on Blight. SOme updates are minor (renaming islands, monsters, fixing some quests). Some techniques will be revamped removing one bonus and compensating with other. Speed crystals will be (re)introduced so that player could run even faster than before (a good addition, i think). And with the resources developers are playing some strange games once again.

They decrease resources one could harvest from Motherloades (bad) and increase ones harvested from Rich node. Cannot understand this logic: motherloades are rare, but if you find one and manage to harvest alive - you get bonus for your patience. Why diminish it? On the bright side - Massive and Enraged treants are now counted as "larger rich nodes", named treants are counted as Motherloades (I think it's good).Also motherload types of various plants are introduced (good news).

This will be tested on Blight and, of course, introduced to Order and Chaos later. And today - well, if I have time, I will try to level up on Fiyakis to lvl. 85/86.

Chosing an enemy

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday June 5 2012 at 1:56AM
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The day started with usual question about hunts – but no one planned one. I had to return to the sand island of Lerena and prepare to slaughter Sand Scarabs. This time I engaged in multiple fights, sometimes fighting 3 enemies at one. Of course, there were moments when health was running low, spells were not ready...but I went triumphant in every fight. And yes, I gained some bonus (from 100 to 1000 xp) because of multiply enemies.

After a long fight I finally reached Shaman level 83 - two more long (>700,000 xp worth) levels to fight. During my fight I used to take some rest and talk with people. One friendly member of the Guild offered me to hunt Dire wolves, but I was busy with the Scarabs. However, I will visit wolves to collect some trophies.

Talked to one friendly Dragon and we discussed Fiyaki hunt. A tactic was developed and we will test it today, after maintenance.

Also, there was one unpleasant event for our Guild: some Dragon accused us on theft and cheating. It's something that Universal Soldiers never got involved into.

And now to enemies and chosing one. Istaria has lots of monsters, starting with Grulets ending with powerfull Undead generals, lots to choose from. The worst for me are Wolves: they are social, have various bleeding spells and will attack in groups. Beetles form a rather interesting group: up to lvl. 70s they are easy killable, not  social and usually won't attack even if you stand in the middle of them; however, at lvl. 80s and higher they pose bigger threat, using various cursing spells on you. Golems - those are interesting things too. Half-social, they will attack if you stand too long near them. Sometimes they are generous, sometimes very greedy. Marble, Nickel, Slate or Mithril golems were greedy, while Granite, Mithril Boulder or Fire Opal golems were not. High-level crafter may combine killing boulder golem for xp/trophies and harvesting it for resources. Of course, there are trees, but they require some mastery. They do heal themselves and if one tree is close to few others - it will receive some good heals. As usually, lower level trees ("saplings") are greedy enough to drop enough trophies. To make things more complicated,t here are Enraged treants that will attack almost anyone close enough to them. Skulks and Oastics are something I usually try to avoid: hard when fighting one to one and they are not good trophy-droppers.

So far I use to hunt Sand Scarabs (good trophy droppers and easy to kill) and Fire opela Golems as they tend to be most profitable targets and sometimes easy to fight even in a group.

Overall, a day in Istaria was good, once again I do believe in fast levelling at least to level 91. And then I will start growing up my crafting schools. At least they are easier to do...

Grey days

Posted by Lithuanian Monday June 4 2012 at 1:45AM
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Weekend in Istaria started rather easily: standing in the hot sands of Lerena island and killing any Sand Scarab in sight. I managed to get into fight with multiple (sometimes up to 3) enemies thus gaining more xp points. Of course, it took a while, but finally I reached magic level 81.

Which left me with another set of trophies - since in Istaria, each 5 levels form a group with its own trophies. I went to Gnome city of Aughundell: it houses Trophy hunter who needs level 81-100 trophies. Turned in 35 trophies - and voila, level 82.

And then there was silence. I hoped for a quick advancement to lvl.91 and then I could use >100 trophies. I was wrong. First, I could not find suitable monsters: either too hard they were or too greedy. Then, I could not find a rather safe place. Yes, I knew about place in the heart of Eastern Deadlands where some monsters lived. The problem is - in order to get there, you should stay alive while running from top level monsters and each time I tried I failed.

Finally, found one Dragon who agreed to fight not so dangerous Fiyakis. This hunt was a failure again: was killed one more time, while unable to do any  serious harm to Fiyakis. Result: some 15% advancement towards level 83.

I thought about returning to Lerena, but then it became clear: if I need 600.000 xp to next level and each Sand Scarab gives me 6000 xp (well, only two Harvesters give that much:others only 2000) - I need to kill 1000 Scarabs just for one level. If I go for my Fire opal golems, I would gain some 7000 from each and entire 8000 from named one - but this fight is risky and very slow.

Tried to hunt some monsters for next level group. Results: Forest Oastic was a bit hard, but still gave trophies; Giant Ice Beetle was hard, but gave me trophies. Went for Dire Icy wolves and this voyage proved to be disaster: was suddenly attacked by 3 of them and hardly escaped.

And so weekend ended with very grey mood. No real progress, no chance of advancing my combat school without over-grinding.  Monsters above lvl. 83 are proven to be over-strong and even multiclassed person has a serious trouble while fighting ones.

Well, maybe this week would bring at least some light into my Istaria...

Daknor hunt

Posted by Lithuanian Friday June 1 2012 at 3:20AM
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The day in Istaria was relatively short once again.

Logged in and was soon one friendly Dragon asked some healer's help. I agreed to come as Shaman with some high level healing spells. We were to hunt one of the toughest monsters - Daknor. This evil resides near Spiritous swamps, surrounded by Blighted Kwellens (lvl.106-107).

I had to run alone since everyone was in place. All the road to my group was safe, no need to sprint/speed up. Finally, I saw my group members on the map...and two Kwellens. First idea was to outrun them, but they noticed me and began to attack, then I sprinted, trying to outrun, but ran into more Kwellens...few hits and I was dead.

One Dragon told he will resurrect me, but I left group and recalled. Instead of so much wanted xp I got death point only. Later I was asked to join fight again, but refused. In my eyes, Daknor became unkillable. I know players have killed this monster, but no longer I believe it is possible, at least by me.

Rest time I spent talking with Player S. and helping her a bit with some Arbotuses: she is questing again. I even got some xp killing lvl. 70 monsters. Later we went to Northern Deadlands for some quest, but Player S. went somewhere...and it took too long for me to wait. I also discusssed some strategy with one friendly Dragon. He was too optimistic about Daknor, thinking one Dragon (him) and healer (me) should be enough to kill that monster. Later I logged off.

Yes, I do have some problems with self-confidence, I should believe in myself, that I can do almost anything. Maybe one day I will. The fact is, I do not go to epic hunts anymore. If there is a big group, I gain no xp as Shaman.

Day was a bit short with little positive experience. But maybe this weekend will bring more growth and joy...