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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian


Posted by Lithuanian Saturday May 27 2017 at 4:12AM
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Once again, I am at crossroads.

Lord of the rings online: my favourite mmo, an example to everyone who wants to use free-to-play model (only Istaria has the better). Nice housing, nice classes, good story, known places...

And yet once again I do live in frustration. Content is shifting towards hardcore, group-focused only. Found no group? What a pity, you aren't able to do almost anything. Content is shigting towards perpetual grind. Example: Host of the west jewellery. To be able to barter, you need Kindred with: a) Host of the West itself /85,000 reputation/; b) Three crafting factions /85.000 reputation each/. Oh, good to hear you may get HoW by giving task items...which is 10 per day, i.e. 3000 per day. Is it entire month? yes, but don't despair - factions would accept crafted items! Either +100 or +500 ones! Yes. One +100 item - with cooldown of 18 hours. If it's 1 item per day, then you need 850 of them for one it some 3 years of crafting? Come on, there are single-use recipes without cooldown, just craft! Yes, an very rare drop from humanoids, sometimes you may farm half a day and get 1, non-your class. Oh, each of these requires crafting journal that sometimes drops from featured instance or is rare to very rare to get from nodes (mostly - from instance). Such item guves +500 reputation. Only 170 of these, 170 journals...if you get 2 journals a day, would it be..emmm...almost 3 months for one faction? Since we have 3 factions - 9 months of perpetual grind.

Then, we have quest packs. Almost every costs 795 Lotro points. Outcome is some 80-90 points. Content is (as I mentioned) hardcore forced grouping, soloers have almost nothing to do. Question:why should I lose 700 Lotro points? I'd better invest them into Mithril coins, storage or even some class.

And finally, we have Scavenger hunt. Shoulsd be fun, but some hunts are pay-to-enter (example - participate in Lotro-store purchasable only instance) or impossible (killing Mummak) or plainly stupid (like "hug Huge Worm"). There is no fun in it: rush to field, collect memories, then return to get nice reward: thorn cloak and silent cow.  I have absolutely zero fun from Scavenger, only depression.

Community. I don't know what's wrong with it last time. I was in Rohan, needed one beacon to climb, since climbing is almost impossible - asked for help. No help came, just one player trolled: it's doable, but I won't help u. When I murmured: well, anyway it's impossible - he send me message he was on the top. Well, either do  not troll or help...but let us troll one who needs help. Next time, other toon: asked if anyone was in Dead Marches. There should have been some players...nobody responded. Result: I would NOT help any player, big or small. Sorry, community, I can't be nice if you spit on me - though I won't spit back. I just turned World chat off, I will turn off any asking for help.

Tried to play Asta - gosh, it's just...unplayable. You control tiny toon, everyone else is tiny and shiny, there is no story, you may not read quests, killing owls, devils and some brigands instead. Could not chat untill lvl.15, so if you need help - feel free to leave game. Also, gold scammers are everywhere, game admins do little to eliminate them. I went to lvl.14 there...and then stopped.

So, I am in a situation where I want to play a quality f2p MMO with low-fantasy that is friendly for soloers...and understand there is no fascination in Lotro. Either grind Lotro points or do remaining slayerr deeds...or grind stuff, what my toons do now (grind ore, grind Scholar items, craft Host oft he West rep. items...). To make things worse, I tried too many mmos and none has impressed me. AIon, Terra, Asta, Guild wars 2, Everquest 2 to name just some. 

Yes, Lotro is shifting towards hard/very hard content with developers that woul listen to fanboys only and community that has some 100-200 PvP hardcore enthusiasts: they dictate everything on forums. Since devbelopers never actually player Lotro - they have no idea about how game really looks like. No, i do not consider Twitch as actually playing: create lvl.40 toon, run around some plot of land and chat. They have lvl.105 toons? In their place I could create them with ease. Create a toon, give all he needs - from lvl to finished quests - and then boost how cool you are. The more I play the more I see Lotro isn't the game I started to play, it becomes less interesting, more grindy, developers care about minority of, say, 1000-2000 players. Soloers are just a subject of mockery and ignoring.

And yet there is no alternative where I could spend my time.

I do feel grumpy, angry, lost, needing any quality f2p solo-friendly mmo...but I have tried almos all f2p.

End of my confession. If you read and have thoughts - please comment there or on my blog (