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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro: minstrel rocks

Posted by Lithuanian Monday May 19 2014 at 2:41AM
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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active wiuth task items only. NaktiesKarys did one instance (lvl.51) and talked a bit in the Kinship chat. Kinship -as long as NaktiesKarys was online- was inactive.

StormSong finished all non-fellowship quests in Lone lands. Yes, some repetative quests remain, but they do not cound. Almost all deeds there are finished, except evil Garth Agarwen. And I am still too little, too squishy for Garth Agarwen + there are almost zero players around. I will probably return there after I reach safe level (some 39-40). WHile I was thinking – did last Bree exploration deeds and “Executioner of the wicked” in Bree.

Following kinship advice, travelled to North Downs. There were many quests, some autobestowed – to kill crabain, oathbreaker chiefs, orcs, wargs. I travelled from quest hub to quest hub, doing all quests I could. One quest was bugged (had to find person, she was nowhere, but at one place toon behaved as if she was attacked). later quest un-bugged somehow, toon was found.

North Downs after revamp are just a joy, things are going very goodd, experience and reputation are faster to achieve and all land is more user-friendly. Once again, kudos to Turbine for doing right things in a right way. One quest was interesting:I found a marker, had to run to farmer, he was heir of some prince, then run to ranger, then run to Esteldin, head back to farmer. Hurray, he was a heir of a Prince and now is the owner of huge land.

I managed to go to Esteldin, receive some quests there, reached lvl.33 and took all non-fellowship quests.  Deeds were going perfectly, many of them finished, I would have to work with advanced ones only.

My minstrel is pure joy. I level faster, because I kill enemies while I move. Two hits, monster dead, I run further. With champion i have to stop and run, with minstrel – I stop at some 30 meters from target. One of my attacks stun monster, so I can attack without worry for 5 seconds. Of course, I have some troubles with aggro – Minstrel lives with 10 seconds cooldown: if you are caught within cooldown, pray… Overall, this class is very good, I can level faster and more efficient.

Kinship was very kind in supplying me with advanced instruments: got new flutes and drums. Drums are for DPS (as I was told), flute for healing. I do not need much healing, so will stick with the drums.

Took use of Turbine’s trait/race/class slots sell. Purchased some of them with 20% discount, so that my StormSong is now almost fully equipped.

And so weekend has ended, I was…kind of satisfied. Days are mostly good in Lotro.