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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro:old content

Posted by Lithuanian Monday May 5 2014 at 5:00AM
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Lord of the rings online

Lotro store had some discounts, hence several regions were purchased:

  • North Downs: paid 476 TPs, standard price 595. savings: 119
  • Trollshaws: paid 476 TPs, standard price 595. savings: 119
  • Great River:paid 636 TPs, standard price 795. savings:159

Total paid: 1588. Total saved:397.

Do not know why did I purchase, since Lotro lost a lot of meaning for me. Anyways, Vytautaz was hard at work doing all deeds, quests and turning in every single task item. Finally, he reached Kindred with Rangers of Esteldin and all the deeds. Even managed to solo one hard quest – to kill named mob who had 2 healers. First time I went too confident (“Hey all, me is 20 levels above you, me Hulk, me smash!”) and was killed by a horde of monsters. Second time I killed every group one by one, then named monster. I died, but monster died earlier – I was victorious and satisfied. I also did some Evendim quests, since Evendim is now safe for me.

NaktiesKarys was active in Trollshaws. Troll slayer deeds completed, wigh slayer – too. Evil wighs were very active on night: on day time there were too little of them, I had to run back and forth, hunt every of them. Bright side: they do like to drop Mathom and Rivendell reputation items.

North Downs are revamped and changes are good. Region became more user-friendly, many auto-bestowed quests, and Rangers have now daily orders ro hunt orcs, wargs, spiders and do other stuff. At last Turbine did something right and I am satisfied about it.

One kinnie left the game due to Update13. he was a good, social player, helpfull and realistic. Recent downgrades made him angry and he quit. Even I tried to persuade – please stay, at least as I do: take Hobbit present, talk to kinnies and search for more suitable game. It did not work, one more person left. Rejoice, oh mighty Turbine, your downgardes are cutting down the population!  On the brightier side – we have new officers, chosen fromt he most active and helpfull members. We have kinship raids every day.

A pity I am not in these. My little squishy champion may perform spectacular shing-shings and nothing more. He’s of no use in combat now. I am as good in skraid as lvl.9 or 19: they too can perform shing-shings and be quickly revived by Minstrel. In Kinship we discuss Turbine’s new love, the holy Random Number Generator. Which means maybe 100 players from the game got Huorn pet. Which means there may be weeks no raid would every get 1st age symbol. I am sure RNG must go – instead, some guaranteed rewards (like raid NN has one 1st age symbol, 5 tokens and 1 piece of armour and some random stuff, like up to 2 first age symbols or 2 pieces of armour). We also discuseed huorn pet – once again, Turbine did it wrong. If they want “get pet for hard job”, it’s ok – make some deed, like “kill 10.000 spiders without slaying accelerator” or “get 99.999 gold and buy pet”. Nobody would object it. But to tell “work hard and get a lottery ticket where you will win just trash” is wrong”. However, no one would ever listen to it.

Update 13.1 is due to be applied today. No doubt, Turbine will ruins something more. Officially they promise (only NOT to deliver) to “fix” champions. My dear Turbine, I know one secret test to test it: I may come to flooded Isengard dungeon, take 2 orcs at once. My armour and virtues did not change, my equipment did not change, my trait tree did not change. If I am able to defeat them without losing more than 50% health – then you have fixed champion. If not – you are just kidding. I do not trust you anymore, my dear Turbine – but I will never join those who bash you every now and then like ill-famous “Lotro community”.

Oh, we are promised “summer festival” and…a new pet. A shrew. I can foresee what would happen: Entwood 2.0. Do daily quest, do  5 daily quests, get a gift box with trash, try your luck tomorrow. However, festival would be nice for Vytautaz to grow up to lvl.50.

Age of Conan

Not too much play. Levelled my toon above lvl.20, received resurrection ability, took place in “Destiny” quests to heal lame NPCs and protect them…then got stuck in one instance.

And so the long weekend has ended. Mood was mediocre – not too good, not too bad. I am doing old content, earning Turbine points, doing deeds, just enjoying old regions. I have many task items to turn it, it may take very long time. What happens next – I am not sure. Future is like big black mist in the moonless night.