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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Grumpy grind:festival…

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday May 29 2013 at 7:25AM
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Lord of the rings online

Spring festival is still going on and I, as usually, am doing festival quests. Once again, had very hard times with “Dire beer” quest. Entered the maze – no beer at the start of it. From 5 runs – managed to find only one beer at the begining. And later competition began. There were some 15-25 players in the maze and I heared “bumps” (when player drinks dire beer, he/she fells to the groud with sound, hence “bump”) some 10 times in one minute, sometimes – up to 3 in 2 seconds. My record was 3 beers in 9 minutes. Almost all tries failed, sometimes I was able to find only one beer within 5 minutes. Finally, at the 5th or 6th try, I was succesfull.

If Turbine is up to destroy any fun – they are going the right way. Make quest in as little territory as possible, make it in an potentially over-crowded area and players anger is guaranteed. One kinnie tried “Stomp the shrew” quest and soon acknowledged it was impossible, because only players with light-speed (some 0,05 seconds to realise where shrew is, thgen up to 1 second to stomp it) reaction, top-speed internet and best mouse would win. Since there always are at least 5 players for 1 shrew (sometimes – up to 12), first 2 or 3 will win. others are doomed.

However, race was won. At least some relief. Now I have 21 spring leaves and soon will be able to purchase both mount cosmetics. After that – flower grind to purchase remaining cosmetics too and I am done with this festival.

I wish I could advice developers about festival. I would say: make it less grindy, make it fun and not a contest who has top-speed internet connection. You wanna shrews? Ok, make a quest: stomp 20 shrews, receive 2 leaves (daily quest). Wanna dire beer? No problem, we have all Ered-Luin, where Dwarves could hide enough Dire beer to feed all Middle Earth. Just drop beer in all Dwarven lands, let players collect it within same time.

Festival ends – and soon I will have to grind my TPs for Lothlorien, fighting my way to Kindred reputation with the locals. After that – I will be forced to ask Kinship help with Angmar killing quests as well as some Moria quests/deeds.

And thus the day has ended, I am close to my Festival goals, though had little fun from Festival: too high competition in a very little territory.