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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro update 11:Treachery of a White Hand

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday May 14 2013 at 4:19AM
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Lord of the rings online

Finally, an update. It took some time to wait and then – voila, updating, upgrading, playing.

Update. Launcher has been updated – I think, it was simplyfied and I did not like this. Required download of some Miscrosoft program (not a problem) and took less time to update than I anticipated.

Hobbit presents are introduced: each day a player can turn “wheel of fortune” to receive some presents. Most of them are low-level things, usable for vendors only. Unfortunately, no option to decline such present or sign off. User interference changed – messages about loot, mail, Legendary items level up became bigger and more cartoonish. I did not like these two things.

Housing has been revamped and now, after some months, inactive houses will be abandoned so that new players could use them. Finally, “ghost towns” will cease to exist and new, live, towns will start to live. Very good and usefull update.

Some armour things had their names changed. SInce it’s cosmetic, it’s ok.Some legendary weapons were considered to have “too high DPS”, so they removed and compensated with experience points. My opinion: it was not needed, since it is legendary weapon, it should be more powerfull. One quest in Bree-land was lowered to help newbies: maybe it was not neccesery. There are some quests player should think: I too was killed many many times when trying to kill Midgewater Queen…but finally I did it without being killed.

Turbine increased use of Mithril coins: now more services are available for them. Maybe it is their long-term tactic: to make user purchase Turbine Points or Mithril coins…and then purchase anything for mithril. You want open golden Hobbit present if not VIP? No problem, 8 mithril coins. Want to revive soon – it’s ok, if you have mithril.

Laila’s market opened in Bree and it would sell dyes (if I understood developers correctly). Somehow -presence of mannequins- I suspect it would be one more “mithril coins only” shop. Since I do not use dyes – I care little about this. Some folks on forum complain about it as complete Lore-breaker.

New content is introduced, some mount Legendary items are updated as well as high-level content. This is something I can’t say a thing, but new content is always good and wellcome.

Forums are alive once again, players are discussing Hobbits’ presents: one part is strongly against spinning wheel, another part thinks free stuff is good at any cost. I wish Turbine made 2 options: 1) get old UI back and 2) sign off Hobbit presents. reason:personally I do not need them at all.

Playing Lotro: NaktiesKarys cursed Foundations of Stone: very hard to navigate, as usual nobody to aid. Map of no use. Quests are doable, not too hard, killed only one time when had to fight some 5 lvl.60 enemies at once…but inability to navigate is bad. Result: do not taking quests from there any more.

Went to do epic quests, received some stuff, some xp and the quests were not very hard, sometimes an annoyance, like “search all nests and in one someday find something you will”. Later found a ‘golden vein’ – Iron Garrison outpost that gives tasks, rewarding with their own tokens. Finish repeatable quest, receive token. And 5 tokens mean “Sturdy iron key” to open lootboxes. I am going to grind there untill I open at least one box to see what was inside.

My toon is still lvl.63 and still in Moria. WIll have to do all the epic quests here and maybe finish some local ones. Then – it would be high time to grind for TPs with my clones. Lothlorien quest pack awaits!