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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro:good-bye weeekend

Posted by Lithuanian Monday May 6 2013 at 2:23AM
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Lord of the rings online

Weekend was almost as all days in Lotro: festival quests, impatiently waiting untill that 30 minutes or 3 hours ends, then running to do quests and waiting for timer to cool down. No quests, no deeds.

One Kinship member crafted me a good, modern armour so that I could fight better. I’m grateful for that. From my side – was able to craft some things for others. Sent some Khazad gold to “my” Jeweller, but she needs it no more.

I am resigning from the position of Kinship officer. My official explanation is true and simple: I feel I could not be an example to other kinnies. Of course, there are more reasons, all them listed on my blog, but I just don’t tell them. It’s no use to blame other people, they won’t change their attitude towards me. My “Vytautaz” left Kinship. “NaktiesKarys” try to demote himself to Kinsman – but failed. Asked somebody to do this for me. Only DunedanMule remains as an officer, to carry Kinship stuff and give it others. It was not too easy to tell this, some Officers thought I was joking – but I wasn’t.

Yesterday it was the first time when I was offered help with Moria. It took me almost a month of asking and being ignored. However, it is just too late: rejected that offer. It is “nice” to remember only 2 players offered me some help. And most players just did not understand me ir maybe were not able to listen to. A pity.

Only xp counting remains, I need some 150.000 xp to lvl.59. It would take forever: Festival event gives me some 12.000 xp and it ends today. Crafting in Enedwaith gives some 5000 xp – so I would have just to live there, gathering every Khazad iron/gold. How would I reach lvl.60 in such way – remains unclear: raids gives very little xp (7-20 per kill), skirmishes too. I do have some quests to do, but must wait untill they become safe and non-fellowship.

The weekend ended: no TPs, no quests/deeds done, almost every question ignored, even my grumpy “hi” in the chat left unanswered. Life is just grey, without any real option to advance.