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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Leaving so soon?

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday May 2 2013 at 4:02AM
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Lord of the rings online

New clone, WoneF was born and she immediately done two deeds, earning 10 Turbin points. Also, she took 2 bronze swords of might and used some of reputation items stored in the shared vault.

Vytautaz was more than happy to supply one Kinship member with silver, gold, platinium. I did not need that and for kinnie it meant faster way to leveling Jeweller. I have one Jeweller toon and know it is difficult to level up.

Dunedanmule stored some stuff in her vault (which, in fact, is Kinship’s vault).

This aside, there are no good news from the game. Same running with Anniversary quests, same 2500 xp + 27 silver coins + 2 festival tokens (>120 tokens at the moment). Same no help from anybody with Moria. Same approach “go and finish” without ability to listen what am I saying. Yes, I am upset.

I could go to Moria (I’m lvl.58) and most players finish Moria getting lots of Turbine points at this level. It is not too hard to do deeds, except some Dragonets (too hard to find). But I can’t navigate there. And most funny thing – in a server with tens of thousands players I can’t find anybody of my lvl who would know each Moria’s passage, each tunnel, each quest location.

Yes, I have asked in Kinship chat, like “Is anybody hunting in Moria at the moment?” or “If anybody goes to Moria, plz let me know”. One or two players responded, but they like me, were not experts in navigating. Almost all others turned a deaf ear to me. Oh yes, our kinnies were doing something in Moria – and still only 2 or 3 confessed: all others kept silence.

One kinnie was very generous and offered to log in his Hunter and help me with Moria. However, this is just too late: Moria is over for me and with a pain I would have to reject all offers.

I thought about leaving, but there are negative sides: first of all, my “mule” toon that carry Kinship’s goods; then, I would need some Jewellers or just advice – and I have to bear in mind that any regional chat would always be dead; I may need somebody just to talk to about anything, be it weather or quest. I am left in situation where I can’t go back and can’t go forwards, can’t turn left or right and cannot stand for too long. My disappointment with the Kinship is growing every hour. And partial disappointment with the Lotro – too. They made Moria the only region to level up from lvl.52 to lvl.60, leaving no alternatives. Besides, I have no other mmorpg to go to: need PvE with a good crafting and real f2p. Istaria is the only alternative, but there is too much grind even there.

I would possibly resign all my toons, except Mule, from Officer position. What would happen next? Nothing uncommon: festival quests as long as possible and after festival finishes – I will just harvest every metal ore in Enedwaith (some 50 xp per 1 ore while at least 300.000 xp is required for one level…).

Feeling just upset situation iin Lotro.