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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Good news from Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Friday May 31 2013 at 4:23AM
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Lord og the rings online

Lotro has almost dedicated itself to bring good news. First of all – they offer quest pack sale! Lotlorien, Enedwaith are all 20% cheapier. WHich can mean only one thing: my alts are gathering for Turbine points hunt, as quick as possible (have some 503, need 556) I need about 55 TPs which would be kind of easy to achieve. Especially on low-level characters: hunt sickle-flies or just find locations in Shire and Ered-Luin.

I have finally finished purchasing all I wanted from Spring festival. Even managed to collect all missing flowers within one run (1 hour). It was incredible, but it’s a fact and now all the steed cosmetics are mine. Thanks to God, I am free from grinding flowers/leaves.

Kinship brought me to Goblin town. We helped one kinnie to hunt for missing Champion book pages. Oh, I do know what pain may it be. I hunted for these alone – and now our friend was hunting with serious support: 1 tank (lvl.85), 2 medium tanks (lvl.60 and 64) and one lvl.40 player. We ran through Goblin city sweeping away any opposition and I was lucky enough to test my AoE attacks. No one died, no needs for serious healings – it was just one big slaughter. I had my own profit too: killing goblins meant looting reputation items with Elves of Rivendell.

And then fellowship decided to move to Angmar  and while I was  looking at the map – offer expired, I was left alone. A pity – I’d like to revisdit Angmar, grumpy Angmar and kill some evils here. However, I had some quests in Goblin town, did some of them, then teleported to Bree.

Not so bright news: Turbine is increasing cost of Turbine points in Euro. Players argue it has no economic background since fluctuation between USD and EUR is not so huge. Would be bad if they do so: the higher the prices, the less people buy and the less people buy, the less profit for game.

And so the day has ended, full of good news. Weekend would be an alting day, doing almost all doable deed and grinding for TPs. And then – Lothlorien awaits!

Lotro spring festival:last grinds

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday May 30 2013 at 5:51AM
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Lord of the rings online

Festival is slowly going to its end (3rd June) and I am completing the last quests that give me 40 spring leaves. Was quite satisfied to finish Dire beer quest in some 4-6 minutes (there were 6 players only so sometimes beer was less than 1 minute away). Race was won from second time. In the maze I also did “find lost elves” and “place misleading signs” quests.

Ered Luin: standard 3 quests, shrew stomping is not an options. Some players from Kin agree it is impossible to win if there are more than 3-5 players.

Asked in Kin chat if there was anybody to help me with Angmar forced fellowship quests. So far, no player responded, but I am sure somebody will. All I need is some lvl.60s player: together we may own that monster that has >20.000 hp.

Some thoughts about thgis festival. It has several things worth to purchase:

  • Steed of a Jester. A must for any players, worth 2-3 days of flower grind (100 of each flowers). Why a must? Just because of +68 speed as opposed to +62 of almost all others.
  • Festival steeds (2). Just to have festival steed.
  • Maps of Eriador. 4 of them offered, they are a part of deed “Cartographer of Eriador” that awards user with 20 Turbine points.
  • Maybe – keg of Moria beer. Effect: transports player to some places that cannot be visited any other way

Optional things are: cosmetics for steed bartered for flowers (some 160 of each) and spring leaves (40). However, that is for complectionists only. Of course, there are many other fluff items, including Gift boxes.

And so the day has ended, I left satisfied, reaching level 64. Festival will soon be over for me and then – new adventures await, new TP grinds and maybe new discounts (hint-hint, Turbine…) from Turbine?

Grumpy grind:festival…

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday May 29 2013 at 7:25AM
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Lord of the rings online

Spring festival is still going on and I, as usually, am doing festival quests. Once again, had very hard times with “Dire beer” quest. Entered the maze – no beer at the start of it. From 5 runs – managed to find only one beer at the begining. And later competition began. There were some 15-25 players in the maze and I heared “bumps” (when player drinks dire beer, he/she fells to the groud with sound, hence “bump”) some 10 times in one minute, sometimes – up to 3 in 2 seconds. My record was 3 beers in 9 minutes. Almost all tries failed, sometimes I was able to find only one beer within 5 minutes. Finally, at the 5th or 6th try, I was succesfull.

If Turbine is up to destroy any fun – they are going the right way. Make quest in as little territory as possible, make it in an potentially over-crowded area and players anger is guaranteed. One kinnie tried “Stomp the shrew” quest and soon acknowledged it was impossible, because only players with light-speed (some 0,05 seconds to realise where shrew is, thgen up to 1 second to stomp it) reaction, top-speed internet and best mouse would win. Since there always are at least 5 players for 1 shrew (sometimes – up to 12), first 2 or 3 will win. others are doomed.

However, race was won. At least some relief. Now I have 21 spring leaves and soon will be able to purchase both mount cosmetics. After that – flower grind to purchase remaining cosmetics too and I am done with this festival.

I wish I could advice developers about festival. I would say: make it less grindy, make it fun and not a contest who has top-speed internet connection. You wanna shrews? Ok, make a quest: stomp 20 shrews, receive 2 leaves (daily quest). Wanna dire beer? No problem, we have all Ered-Luin, where Dwarves could hide enough Dire beer to feed all Middle Earth. Just drop beer in all Dwarven lands, let players collect it within same time.

Festival ends – and soon I will have to grind my TPs for Lothlorien, fighting my way to Kindred reputation with the locals. After that – I will be forced to ask Kinship help with Angmar killing quests as well as some Moria quests/deeds.

And thus the day has ended, I am close to my Festival goals, though had little fun from Festival: too high competition in a very little territory.

Spring festival:maping

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday May 28 2013 at 5:43AM
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Lord of the rings online

The day was short. At Bree maze I did 3 quests (find missing Elves; place misleading signs; drink beer before times runs out), bought one map of Eriador. Then went to Ered Luin, did 3 quests in local Garden (find spring flowers; find materials for boots; how Shires shoos shews)…and could purchase another map as well. Now I have purchased all the maps offered by this festival and have to grind 40 Spring leaves to buy Warstead appearances. However, I did not finish race, always having problems with one.

While questing, was approached by lvl.22 player. He sent invite for fellowship, I declined it 2 times. He insisted on doing quest, I finally agreed. he wanted to take quest which is easier solo than in group. Well, it wasn’t too hard to for me to wipe Orcs at Weathertop, even top-level ones that had some 4000 and 6000 hp. After that we went back to Candaith camp, instance was finished, I asked player if it was finished…and there was a silence, he just rode away.

I left group feeling strange. At least he could say “thanks” or at least tell it was over for him. No thanks, no goodbye: strange guy.

Kinship was busy questing in some high-level regions. I asked for somebody to polish precious stones – one kinnie logged his alt, sent me more than I asked for. Yet another kinnie asked for some rare Ruby Shards: immediately there were some 3 players (+me at the end) that offered him. When next kinnie asked for “some half dozen” adamants, there again players that told they had. I do like this approach.

And so the day has ended, I felt satisfied both with Festival and with my Kin. Life is good once again in Lotro.

Lotro:new Kinship, old Festival

Posted by Lithuanian Monday May 27 2013 at 3:57AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys is now a candidate to Edhel–Annon Kinship. They have an interesting acceptance: first, an interview, then some 2 weeks probation period and then – final interview. I spoke to one of Kin’s officers and it was a very frank discussion. Told about my positive and negative sides. About why I am no more in Dunedains of the North. My playstyle. My need to get answers to lots of questions. What I can do for Kinship. Now, I am to wait for June 7th for a final interview.

Kinship impressions: so far, so good. Received first help at the first demand: needed to locate Drake eggs in Angmar. One lvl.85 tank responded immediately, guided me there. My Weaponsmith so far was not required (but I do hope they may need him), but I was able to help one kinnie with some advices concerning festival and some quest packs/expansions. Most of Kin’s tanks were doing some high-level instances/raids. From what I could see – Kinship is kind of active in Moria: a good sign for me, one day I would have to finish it.

Met one person from my former Kin and we talked for some time about what we do now, how is former Kinship doing and alike. It is always good to meet old friends for some talk.

NaktiesKarys did some non-slayer quests in Angmar: the grumpy region is now all grey, so no danger awaits me. Tried to kill one monster with some 20.000 hp, but failed: monster left with only 4000 hp. A pity, but I said to Kinship that one day I will need help with all those quests. Some quests are left in Angmar, since they do not give reputation with the Council of the North or quality rewards.

Spring festival continues. Race is the most problematic thing so far: one time I fell to the mud: “You have failed the race” and I managed to finish it from 4th try. Beer quest was problematic since I could not find any mug within 3,5 minutes. All others, except Shrew stomping, give me good xp and I have purchased all 2 mounts for spring leaves + 2 maps of Middle Earth. Flowers were used to purchase Steed of the Jester (+68 speed, yay!). Now, only horse cosmetics remain to grind.

Deeds were not advancing: maybe I should log in my alts and grind for some…then wait for discounts.

And so the weekend has ended. Life is starting to be good in Lotro.

Lotro spring festival:having fun

Posted by Lithuanian Friday May 24 2013 at 4:00AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys is no longer a member of any Kinship. Currently looking for a new one, talking – one day I will find my new home. Met few players from my old Kin, we talked a bit, wished each other a good luck.

NaktiesKarys continued to grind for Spring festival leaves. 2 leaves for entering festival. Then: Shire – 3 leaves for winning the race, some leaves for planting misleading signs in the maze, finding wandering elves and (first time!) for reprimanding tweeds. Ered Luin (Duillond): some for planeting flowers and gathering materials for boots (Shrew stomping was impossible to do, since there are always way more players than shrews).

Also continued to grind flowers: this time in the Shire. Was kind of hard, since I lost some time for travel and there was some competition. Now, only Ered Luin awaits.

And so, the day has ended. I had 38 Spring festival leaves, done 2/3 of flowers for a steed and am waiting for a new Kinship.Things are going good in Lotro.

Lotro Spring festival:first impressions

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday May 23 2013 at 4:08AM
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Lord of the rings online

The purpose of any game is to have fun, I think. I got a bit tired from grinding Turbine points, so NaktiesKarys went to the Spring Festival: time to grind those valuable Spring leaves and Flowers for news steeds and maps.  And here goes the impressions (Kinship questions – at the bottom, please read).

The Maze: offers two quests, one to find wandering Elves and other – to display misleading signs (that’s why Elves are lost). I ran through the maze and it was kind of quick. Earned Legendary item experience and some Leaves. Comments: these quests are looking good and promising (well, as long as you can navigate the maze). Enter the maze quest was tricky: you enter and have 14 minutes to exit, when exit – receive 1 leave…and NPC tells you could try to make it within 10 minutes. I did not take the second part of the quest – too risky. Comments: take on your own risk, even it’s not too worthy. Race: this time I won, even if I slipped into the mud twice. Comments: probably a must, Turbine did listen to players’ opinions (previous races were almost impossible).

Bree flowers’ quest: consists of few parts. First part: get Violet (near Bree), then some other near Michel Delving and third one – near Duillond. Second one: go to Prancing Pony, Burliman awaits, then bring vase to the Cat lady’s house. Oops, vase did not belong there, go to take the vase, ask neighbour (there is only one nearby – you won’t miss), bring some sweets – quest completed. Third part: a timed quest. You got one hour to get as much flowers as you can. I started with Bree and it was some competition there. Found some 116 Violets (those grow best near Bree) as well as other flowers.

Why to collect flowers? Just for Jester steed, I do love to be completionist. However, this steed requires 300 flowers: 100 of each kind. Bree is done, have to grind Shire and Ered Luins flower patches.

Shire activities involved Brockenborings, collecting clovers and then delivering stuff. Only one or two leaves were awarded. There is a challenge to drink some Green Beer and go on fence (if you drop, you lose). Since you are heavily drunk – it is difficult to finish this quest, I abandoned it. Party tree activities are mostly up to Ale/Inn leagues. Did not take them.

Ered Luin activities: mostly in Duillond, local cave (somehow called “Garden”). Involves Shrew stumping: toop hard to complete, since there may be 20 players trying to stomp one Shrew. I did not make it any time I tried. Comment: worthless quest, maybe worth trying when/if you are alone there. Making boots quest was easier: speak to NPCs, coillect materials (all all nearby, just 1 category a bit further), bring to NPC…and then may repeat daily quest one time for the first time.  Comments:surely reccomend, it is probably the best Ered Luin can offer.

At the end of the day I had some 21 Spring leaves, 116 Violets and God knows how many other flowers. Had 3-4 days to work in the Shire/Ered Luin and Jester steed may be mine. Then I will need to grind for some more flowers (I do need every steed!) – after that I will abandon flower gathering.

Leaves grinding is very limited and it would be hard for me to earn them within Festival time. I need some of them: 80 for two steeds, some 40 for maps of Middle earth. Maybe I may find some time interval when SHrew stumping has less competition (current is just insane and makes it impossible to finish).

Kinship question: got one beautifull proposal, just what I need…but not on my Withywindle. A very big pity, I wish I could migrate all my toons (NaktiesKarys, Vytautaz, Dunedanmule, WoneF) here – but it would be way too expensive. There are many Kinships that are big and nice and offers help for newcommers…just they do not like to respond.

I would really like to join some Kinship. It does not have to be big, it may even not have Kinship house, all I expect is a friendly cozy atmosphere. I will need help with Angmar/Moria. I may offer help in crafting Weaponsmith production, making one toon as a Kinship’s mule (but have to give all the stuff to Dunedain of the North kinship before that), protecting those of lower levels in Eregion, Evendim, part of Angmar and Moria, maybe even in Misty Mountains/Forochel. We could even do some deeds together.

Hope I am not asking for too much. Any reccomendation would be of great value.

Lotro:Spring Festival

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday May 22 2013 at 4:26AM
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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continued to fight in Evendim. Was one time killed (bad idea to fight 2 stone giants at one time…especially when they do stun). Kindred with Wardens of Annuminas reached, some TPs gained.

Turbine introduced Spring Festival. It goes mostly in Maze near Bree and, of course, at each login player has a huge notification without ability to turn this off. Currency of the festival are “Spring leaves” and they are given mostly by quests done in a maze: to place misleading signs, to find wandering Elves and to travel maze while drinking strong Beer. Other quests are located in the Shire and I am not sure about their awards.

Turbine has made some wise conclusions: this time, they offer some steeds to purchase and even steed cosmetics: now, players would really want to earn Festival currency. Other items include various house decorations, including valuable Dwarven beer. I think, developers listened to players’ opinions: player may want to play and earn tokens if he could exchange them to steeds or something interesting. I wonder, if there is any hidden deed like “Purchase 20 kegs of Beer, receive title and 2 Turbine points”. Downside is that most quests are in the maze (I do not like mazes) and are very time-consuming. I wish there were more innovative quests with “Springs leaves” rewards.

However, things will become clear when my NaktiesKarys will revisit Festival area and check things out. If there are new steeds, I need them. If there are deeds that may reward me with TPs, I need them.

DunedanMule has left the Kinship. Now, only one toon, my main, remains in the Kinship. I am waiting for any fresh ideas about new Kinship that may not be too big, just have a friendly atmosphere and be able to help me with Angmar/Moria. I could offer some weaponsmith services (what could be better for a Dwarf than to craft things at Superior forge?) as well as protecting new players should they travel in risky region like Angmar, Eregion or even the begining of Moria.

Was approached by one Kinship: they thought I was experienced since they do need officers. Well, I am not so willing to be an officer, since my own knowledge is very limited. I’d better be a simple Kinsman in a small, yet cozy, kinship.

And so the day has ended. I had lots of fun in Evendim and fresh thoughts about the festival, also 531 Turbine points out of 695 needed (Lothlorien quest pack). Things are going good in Lotro.

questing in Evendim

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday May 21 2013 at 5:48AM
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Lord of the rings online

Had very little time to play Lotro – but still Vytautaz continued his adventures in Evendim. 90 quests finished, another level of reputation reached. Quests were going very good, I just went and killed any enemy (even those I did not need, but one should have fun, right?). Monsters were kind enough to drop Mathoms as well as Wardens of Annuminas reputation items.

I am already thinking about Lothlorien and its rewards (some 200 Turbine points and big grind for reputation). New content is always good, I will gladly consume it as quick as possible.

When Vytautaz will finish almost all things in Evendim, it would be high time for him to visit Eregion. Angmar is really not an option:too little soloable quests, too much stress.

And so the day ended, I left satisfied with 506 Turbine points (190 TPs remain to be grinded). Life is good with Lotro.

Lotro dividends

Posted by Lithuanian Monday May 20 2013 at 4:01AM
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Lord of the rings online

After a long sleep – Vytautaz is back to the game (my main once…now just an alt). This time he went on foot – riding skill for him not purchased – to sunny and green Evendim. I took every quest I could, selling almost all quest awards.

First steps – of course, that maze-farm in Ort Barton, where farmers need to plant scarecrows, fight some rats, mud the pigs, carry chickens and other usefull things. Since it almost bloodless quests (only few times did I need to kill some evil creatures) – it’s ok. And experience is ok too, I made one level by sorting weed and mudding pigs.

Fighting outside farm was a good one. Sometimes I was 2-3 levels above my social enemies. Used bracing attacks, “sudden defense” a lot of times – these are Champion’s best friends. Killing Tomb robbers was really a good thing: first 120 kills requires very little attempt. You just do quests, kill and defend – and at the end you have like 30 Tomb robbers to kill. They were kind enough to drop Mathoms and Tomb-raider sachels (+30 to reputation with the Wardens of Annuminas).

Quests were doing great, Evendim is a very good place for questing. And so was Turbine points flow. Evendim quest pack now starts to pay dividends for investment I made once. I can make 80 Turbine points without trouble. Way more than that if I invest some time and patience.

Some quests (“ride to Esteldin”, ‘go to Angmar”, “visit Trollshaws”) were rejected: these would be good for the end, when all other quests are finished. Used Arnorian coins to get some stuff for Vytautaz: new cloak and leggings, if I get enough coins – breastplate too. “Nothern star” armor gives +strenght if player has at 2 or 3 pieces of this armour equpped.

Overall I had a very good time, have some 476 Turbine points right now and need some 220 TPs: some would be from Vytautaz (especially reputation with Annuminas), some would be from WoneF (maybe Shire/Ered Luin deeds).

I started to look for a new Kinship. What I really need is some not too big, but old Kinship that has a friendly atmosphere and could help me a bit with Angmar and Moria.

And so the day has ended, life was good and shiny. More Evendim adventures await…and then up to Eregion!

Leaving Moria

Posted by Lithuanian Friday May 17 2013 at 3:47AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys rode through grumpy Moria and ended his journey in some Lothlorien camp. It’s finished with Moria. Epic quest book will not be finished due to stupid “session play” which is impossible to finish. “Kill 2 mobs out of 20 attacking you at one time” is doable only with IDDQD.

There were some debates on Lotro forums concerning this. Most users in forum were against, some – for “session play”, yet developers found “vast majority” for. I interfered too: please, give player a choice. Let us say: if you choose “session play”, you will be Gandalf’s chicken and will be forced to go to spie on Sauron…but if you make it alive, you get 1 million xp for you, 1 million xp for legendary item and “Eternal Hero” title. However, current “session play’ is a pain and I would avoid it at any costs.

Observation: Turbine did some great job with UI. Now, in “House–>maintenance” you have a slider bar and can pay for 19 weeks in advance. I do like it very much. Very good job, Turbine, it’s really helpfull and I hope most player would enjoy it. My rich grinding toons paid for all 19 weeks in advance. Of course, you can pay with mithril coins (i.e. real life cash) too.

WoneF went to Archet to grind for some TPs. Things were going good: spider slayer (adv.) finished, Brigand slayer finished, Bree-land adventurer (15 quests) – finished. To make things better, WoneF paid for house maintenance (1 week) and DunedanMule – for 19 weeks. WoneF trolled a bit. Player asked about kinship, if some would like him. I trolled – “what’s the use of kinship?”. Player answered it was about groups and another one IMed me – like it was about quality armour, jewellery, support. I re-trolled: armour, jewellery can be bought in Auction House, information is in wiki/google and for groups we have LFF chat. What’s the use for kinship then? Answer was: friends. I replied: yes, but friends may be outside kinship…

When logged as DunedanMule – noticed my toon was demoted from Officer to Kinswoman. Weird. She was supposed to serve as a mule: bringing Kinship things to our House chests, giving them to kinnies and serve as walking vault for Kinship.

Despite of this – day went good. NaktiesKarys had all chats turned off, so there would be no complaints like “I feel ignored”. WoneF earned TPs and I need some 390 Turbine points to Lothlorien quest pack. Yes, it won’t pay off (only ~100 TPs in return), but still some fun.

And so the day has ended. I am leaving Moria behind: done with all doable quests, have to wait untill Lothlorien. Things are just…mediocre…with Lotro.

Moria’s end v.2.0

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday May 16 2013 at 4:23AM
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ord of the rings online

Discussion about Hobbits’ presents is still going on with some new thoughts, like “if Turbine sees mithril coin sale is not up, they will abandon wheel of fortune”. Some players are suggesting not so intrusive game, even according to the Tolkien. I do hope Turbine will listen to these – I call them wise – suggestions and make something monetizing and non-intrusive.

NaktiesKarys was Desperado in Moria. Initially thought of doing slayer deeds – yeah, I have a good spot full of Morrovals! Arrived to that spot: well, not so many of them: one outpost with 3 morrovals, then after some travelling – 2 of them and on the other end – 2 of them. Wait a second, I have to kill some 300 (240 for advanced deed and 60 for simple deed completion)? Then how much would it take? Retreated. Tried to look at quests, but had nothing good left. Water-wheel where I must go through sewers, fighting local worms and finding seemingly non-existent spare part. Questing in Foundations of Stone where having map is worse than non having and most passages are full of social enemies – no, thanks, it’s too hard to find even the simpliest things there.

I had no options left. Asked Kinship – almost no answers. Asked in regional chat – silence. Asked in Advice chat – silence. There were tens of players around an still nobody wanted to speak. I bought some book of CHampion, read it, received 20 TP and rode my goat. Many kinnies were around, yet no offer of help from them. Some were doing quests which I have already done.

Switched to WoneF, did one deed, earned 10 Turbine points; then went to Silverlode, paid for house upkeep, tried Hobbit present and logged off.

Day was a very dull one. No help from others, almost no reliable advice, all chats dead – there was nothing I could do. There were tens, if not hundreds, TPs waiting for me as Slayer deeds…but they were so grindy, especially dragonets, gredbyrg ones. No place where I could just stand and kill. And almost no fun: all that was good ended.

I left a bit grumpy and dissatiesfied. I do want to consume content…but there was none, Kin was of no help and I had nowhere to go to. Time to grind TPs on alts :(

Ragequits and presents

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday May 15 2013 at 6:06AM
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Lord of the rings online

Day started with simple option to resize alerts and especially Hobbits’ present.  This “wheel of fortune” is something I do dislike. Lotro experts can call it lore-breaking. Maybe Turbine will do something about this.

Naktieskarys quested in Moria, sometimes having hard times. Finished Martial Champion trait (had to go to Thorins hall). Epic quest was doing good…untill first “Session play”. This was something too hard: I hard to play for other NPC, have no quality armor, potions, only few usable skills…and of course, stay alive. One session play was to survive Orc assault and I found myself in a tiny room, surrounded by some 20 Orcs. Of course, they killed me, session failed. One quest involved “get without being seen” option and then, when the road is clear, to make NPC get to you unnoticed. At least something fresh and good.

I know I had no chance of survival. Used all I had to stop named monster and even killed his two bodyguards…but to fight 20 Orcs with half-dead Dwarf was impossible. Kinship offered no help with this except “try harder” advices. Overall, I am having some hard times with getting help from Kinship. There are many times that my calls for advice are left ignored.

I refused to take many quests – they seem too hard for me. Once again I have no doable quests, only grindy deeds (like kill 240 monsters). If I find suitable place, I will grind for TPs…and then switch to alts.

However, all these problems do not make me ragequit. I can see some Turbine/game problems, I can see how passive community is, but this can be corrected. Turbine will make conclusions from negative feedback and maybe will c hange Hobbit presents. And maybe my Kinship would aid me somehow someday.

Things are not that bad in Lotro.

Lotro update 11:Treachery of a White Hand

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday May 14 2013 at 4:19AM
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Lord of the rings online

Finally, an update. It took some time to wait and then – voila, updating, upgrading, playing.

Update. Launcher has been updated – I think, it was simplyfied and I did not like this. Required download of some Miscrosoft program (not a problem) and took less time to update than I anticipated.

Hobbit presents are introduced: each day a player can turn “wheel of fortune” to receive some presents. Most of them are low-level things, usable for vendors only. Unfortunately, no option to decline such present or sign off. User interference changed – messages about loot, mail, Legendary items level up became bigger and more cartoonish. I did not like these two things.

Housing has been revamped and now, after some months, inactive houses will be abandoned so that new players could use them. Finally, “ghost towns” will cease to exist and new, live, towns will start to live. Very good and usefull update.

Some armour things had their names changed. SInce it’s cosmetic, it’s ok.Some legendary weapons were considered to have “too high DPS”, so they removed and compensated with experience points. My opinion: it was not needed, since it is legendary weapon, it should be more powerfull. One quest in Bree-land was lowered to help newbies: maybe it was not neccesery. There are some quests player should think: I too was killed many many times when trying to kill Midgewater Queen…but finally I did it without being killed.

Turbine increased use of Mithril coins: now more services are available for them. Maybe it is their long-term tactic: to make user purchase Turbine Points or Mithril coins…and then purchase anything for mithril. You want open golden Hobbit present if not VIP? No problem, 8 mithril coins. Want to revive soon – it’s ok, if you have mithril.

Laila’s market opened in Bree and it would sell dyes (if I understood developers correctly). Somehow -presence of mannequins- I suspect it would be one more “mithril coins only” shop. Since I do not use dyes – I care little about this. Some folks on forum complain about it as complete Lore-breaker.

New content is introduced, some mount Legendary items are updated as well as high-level content. This is something I can’t say a thing, but new content is always good and wellcome.

Forums are alive once again, players are discussing Hobbits’ presents: one part is strongly against spinning wheel, another part thinks free stuff is good at any cost. I wish Turbine made 2 options: 1) get old UI back and 2) sign off Hobbit presents. reason:personally I do not need them at all.

Playing Lotro: NaktiesKarys cursed Foundations of Stone: very hard to navigate, as usual nobody to aid. Map of no use. Quests are doable, not too hard, killed only one time when had to fight some 5 lvl.60 enemies at once…but inability to navigate is bad. Result: do not taking quests from there any more.

Went to do epic quests, received some stuff, some xp and the quests were not very hard, sometimes an annoyance, like “search all nests and in one someday find something you will”. Later found a ‘golden vein’ – Iron Garrison outpost that gives tasks, rewarding with their own tokens. Finish repeatable quest, receive token. And 5 tokens mean “Sturdy iron key” to open lootboxes. I am going to grind there untill I open at least one box to see what was inside.

My toon is still lvl.63 and still in Moria. WIll have to do all the epic quests here and maybe finish some local ones. Then – it would be high time to grind for TPs with my clones. Lothlorien quest pack awaits!

Great Lotro, preparing for Update 11

Posted by Lithuanian Monday May 13 2013 at 5:49AM
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Lord of the rins online

Main news: Lotro is preparing for Update 11. Promising to introduce Hobbits presents, new stuff for VIPs, revised mounted combat and other usefull things. Today game would be on a loooong maintenance.

NaktiesKarys fought in Moria. Quests were going great, there are many of them and experience I received was enough to grow to lvl.63 even when I outlevelled any enemy by 2-3 levels. Received lots of Legendary item experience too.

Quests were very different: to collect goat droppings (Gandalf, if it is your command, I promise I would make you clean every dropping in all Middle Earth without your magic!) and receive reward – Petrified Goat Dropping to lighting alarm fires or fighting huge trolls. I had to hunt spiders, worms, repair Water wheel and even to realise how beautifull is the river outside Moria. I did enjoy these quests. I also enjoyed the fact I am Kindred with all Iron Garrison factions.

To be honest – I do wish to finish every quest in Moria both for experience and fun. Of course, sometimes Moria reminds me our mutual…dislike. Some territories are designed to be very hard in navigation, some are more user-friendly. My Kinship was surprised with me in Moria at the begining…now they are surprised if I leave it.

Now I am questing in Foundations of Stone – big maze full of angry mobs. Legendary quest took me directly to Mirkwood: too early, I suppose, I have some other things to do.

However, I am levelling too fast. I’m level 63 and it is quite good for Lothlorien and Enedwaith – also, normal for Mirkwood. Even if I had that much TPs, I would outgrow any region too soon.  I do need to grind Turbine points (have >200 right now, need at least some 500) and purchase Lothlorien quest pack. No, it won’t pay off, but at least it would offer some fun.

Things are going great for me in Lotro, once again I am addicted to this game and love it.

Lost in quests

Posted by Lithuanian Friday May 10 2013 at 4:49AM
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Lord of the rings online

The day was spent in Moria, 2 of its regions. One region was entirely about Morroval: kill them, destroy their nests, challenge their Queen, slay their slingers, then go and finally kill her Queen + her guards. Action took place in mountains, so it was too easy to take the wrong path (which I did several times).

Second region was Waterfalls, I just got stuck there with unedning quests and rewards. Kill toads, kill spiders, test the water, kill some Globnagas, then their leader, find Water-wheel…It was instant running forwards and backwards. Few times I ran into dangerous situation and hardly managed to escape.

But experience flew like a river. I made it to level 60. My Legendary weapon got fully upgraded – had to go and barter for a new one. It was some kinf of new experience: destroy previous weapon, get xp back and use all xp on a new weapon. Added some tier 2 add-ons to weapon: hope it will serve longer and act way better.

Later I returned to 21st hall just to relax…well, and only to find I had more quests there. Did some of them. Was a bit sad to do quest where one brave and rational Dwarf got killed by Orcs. He was avenged, but who will replace the brave Dwarf?

Overall it was a very positive, immerisng day in Lotro. I managed to do things alone. When in need, I got a kinnie who helped me to kill one big Orc with 13.000 hp. I did not feel lone, abandoned and lost. And the experience – it’s just everywhere, come and take it.

I’m quite happy with the way things are now. Soon, I will have to purchase Lothlorien quest pack (and well, grind, grind grind for TPs…). Things are going well with Lotro.

Mines of Moria:return of a Dwarf

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday May 9 2013 at 4:38AM
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Lord of the rings online

Mines of Moria, this half-grumpy blueish maze again. NaktiesKarys continued his adventures there. I ran through the quests from one territory to another, discovering surprising enviroments and stables. Got killed one time, but maybe it was a bad idea to run into horde of enemies with little health?

There were plenty of quests, from “honour fallen Dwarves with the Story of the ancient battle” or “collect Dwarven music-sheet” to “defeat Orc-taskmasters” and “destroy Morroval nests”. Some deeds were auto-completing without doing any extra job. Drops and tasks resulted that I was ally (or kindred?) reputation with one of the factions – can’t remember which one.

Even the map was not that evil: I could navigate there alone. One time got lost in some mountains, thought about killing myself…but fortunately, escaped. Experience was flowing, had to reforge my Legendary weapon once and am some 50% enroute to lvl.60. I’m levelling quite fast, even if I fight lvl.53 monsters. The worst of them (so far) being Orc Berserkers that can heal themselves: very bad surprise…

Kinship, however, encouraged me for travelling in Moria. Almost everybody enjoyed that fact. Some support, at last.

I ended my day, full of questing and running, with some >100 Turbine points. If things would go as they should, I may earn some 300 TPs more and then invest very little for green and golden fields of Lothlorien. No, I’m not into Moria fanclub – it’s big maze, but with some company it’s doable and maybe even worth the job.

Moria again

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday May 8 2013 at 4:55AM
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Lord of the rings online

The day started with my colleague – Dwarf’s question if I wanted to quest in Moria. Of course, I accepted and we went for some fun. There were three of us: lvl.49 Champion, lvl.58 Champion (me) and lvl.56 Guardian (main battle tank). We went through the basic quests with almost zero trouble. Then proceded with the quests I once failed several times in a row.

Yes, it was possible to find the area, it was easy to locate:all I needed was an advice like “go 20 meters west and take first turn”. Things went easy there…anbd then we started the run. Took any quest, found one NPC, escorted him, received xp and good loot.

It was just great: Moria was acceptable for a group. My colleague grew to lvl.50; I grew up to lvl.59, got many Legendary item xp points. Of course, Moria’s mazes sometimes did their evil job with us getting stuck for a while – but everyone except me was able to navigate.

Questing ended with the neariest lag. It was late, I had to go to sleep…but went to sleep feeling satisfied. At last I have found someone who really wished to fight side by side in Moria! I have received xp, legendary items xp, advanced to new level and gained valuable Turbine points.

Things are getting better with Moria – well, at least as long as I have this group.

Brothers of Khazad

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday May 7 2013 at 5:48AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys succesfully retired from officers: quit Kinship, then rejoined as Kinsman. It’s over then. Some players were asking why and I answered to one of them. Gave detailed list what was happening. He said it was not good – obviously, it was not good, if player leaves Officer ranks, something is not good with the player, Kinship or game.

To my rejoicement that player organized one skirmish and one raid in Moria. he is lvl.64, I’m lvl.58, soon we had a tank – lvl.50s Guardian. We went, we killed and looted. I tried to stay alive and do all I could, damage monsters as hard as I could. It was a bit hard to top level  monsters since they were immune to stun and my attacks did some 7-22 damage. But still, it’s better than nothing: we won 2 times in a row, I finished several Moria deeds, received reputation, advanced Legendary weapons by two levels, looted one piece of Jewellery for lvl.61 and was quite happy with the raids. Unfortunately, was killed as teleported to Bree: raiding was over.

However, I returned to Moria alone. While in instance, looted item I had to show to one Dwarf in Moria. Dwarf was satisfied and gave some 5000 legendary item experience points. Then, one player asked if anybody “was in Moria/Eregion”. I answered – who better than me knows how hard is it to hear eternal silence?

Player – brave lvl.46 Dwarf – wanted to do quests in Eregion and I helped him. We rode together, two Dwarves, sometimes joking about monsters. Calling named monsters – noobs, like “noob owned. what’s next?” and the death of the last was commented – “Another self-confident noob owned”. I was happy with it: we both loved Eregion, sunny and green. We both were Dwarves and he even called me a brother, brother of Khazad. Together we smashed any enemy we encountered, together we did all the quests we could (except fellowship one) and together we had no need to fear anything in battlefield. I think we finished 2 regions in one run. This player is very enthusiastic about Dwarves, loves everything Dwarven-related and rushes to enter Moria. He will either love it or hate it, there’s no in between about Moria. And maybe we could do quests together, he and me – if he could navigate there. I could do the fighting, he could do navigating.

Unfortunately, had to log off: it was time to sleep. I understood I dislike Moria, even hated to look at the map, knowing I would be lost there without help (and there was no help, local chat had one message only).

And so the day has ended. I felt kind of satisfied. Maybe life in Lotro is becoming easier once again.

Lotro:good-bye weeekend

Posted by Lithuanian Monday May 6 2013 at 3:23AM
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Lord of the rings online

Weekend was almost as all days in Lotro: festival quests, impatiently waiting untill that 30 minutes or 3 hours ends, then running to do quests and waiting for timer to cool down. No quests, no deeds.

One Kinship member crafted me a good, modern armour so that I could fight better. I’m grateful for that. From my side – was able to craft some things for others. Sent some Khazad gold to “my” Jeweller, but she needs it no more.

I am resigning from the position of Kinship officer. My official explanation is true and simple: I feel I could not be an example to other kinnies. Of course, there are more reasons, all them listed on my blog, but I just don’t tell them. It’s no use to blame other people, they won’t change their attitude towards me. My “Vytautaz” left Kinship. “NaktiesKarys” try to demote himself to Kinsman – but failed. Asked somebody to do this for me. Only DunedanMule remains as an officer, to carry Kinship stuff and give it others. It was not too easy to tell this, some Officers thought I was joking – but I wasn’t.

Yesterday it was the first time when I was offered help with Moria. It took me almost a month of asking and being ignored. However, it is just too late: rejected that offer. It is “nice” to remember only 2 players offered me some help. And most players just did not understand me ir maybe were not able to listen to. A pity.

Only xp counting remains, I need some 150.000 xp to lvl.59. It would take forever: Festival event gives me some 12.000 xp and it ends today. Crafting in Enedwaith gives some 5000 xp – so I would have just to live there, gathering every Khazad iron/gold. How would I reach lvl.60 in such way – remains unclear: raids gives very little xp (7-20 per kill), skirmishes too. I do have some quests to do, but must wait untill they become safe and non-fellowship.

The weekend ended: no TPs, no quests/deeds done, almost every question ignored, even my grumpy “hi” in the chat left unanswered. Life is just grey, without any real option to advance.


Posted by Lithuanian Friday May 3 2013 at 3:58AM
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Lord of the rings online

Just another day in Lotro. Vytautaz went to the house, took away some stuff to free up space. DunedanMule was checked – alas, she is a Prospector, not Armorsmith (for some reason I thought she could make tools/armor).

Kinship chat turned off. Yet nobody missed me at all. Officer chat was almost dead all the time.

NaktiesKarys did what he does every day: all the available Festival press. Bought “ANniversary rainbow fireworks” – 5 pieces for 5 tokens. It’s a standard-looking firework, just firing all the colours. What to do with my remaining festival tokens – is a mystery. The only practical thing is “mystic powder” for making of fireworks. Besides, found “war-steed appearance”. I don’t have war-horse, so can’t see where this stuff went to.

At the end of the day I went to Enedwaith to gather Khazad iron/gold. I will gather as much as I can, untill all pockets are full. Then, I will ride to Bree and craft. Each metal vein hit brings me some 30 xp; each smelted ore – some 40 xp; each produced weapon – some more xp.

The only positive thing I have done – consulted one new player about riding (it’s most popular question). Today or tomorrow we have Officer meeting and I will probably announce that all my toons, except Mule, are leaving Officer position.

Just a very mediocre day in Lotro.

Leaving so soon?

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday May 2 2013 at 4:02AM
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Lord of the rings online

New clone, WoneF was born and she immediately done two deeds, earning 10 Turbin points. Also, she took 2 bronze swords of might and used some of reputation items stored in the shared vault.

Vytautaz was more than happy to supply one Kinship member with silver, gold, platinium. I did not need that and for kinnie it meant faster way to leveling Jeweller. I have one Jeweller toon and know it is difficult to level up.

Dunedanmule stored some stuff in her vault (which, in fact, is Kinship’s vault).

This aside, there are no good news from the game. Same running with Anniversary quests, same 2500 xp + 27 silver coins + 2 festival tokens (>120 tokens at the moment). Same no help from anybody with Moria. Same approach “go and finish” without ability to listen what am I saying. Yes, I am upset.

I could go to Moria (I’m lvl.58) and most players finish Moria getting lots of Turbine points at this level. It is not too hard to do deeds, except some Dragonets (too hard to find). But I can’t navigate there. And most funny thing – in a server with tens of thousands players I can’t find anybody of my lvl who would know each Moria’s passage, each tunnel, each quest location.

Yes, I have asked in Kinship chat, like “Is anybody hunting in Moria at the moment?” or “If anybody goes to Moria, plz let me know”. One or two players responded, but they like me, were not experts in navigating. Almost all others turned a deaf ear to me. Oh yes, our kinnies were doing something in Moria – and still only 2 or 3 confessed: all others kept silence.

One kinnie was very generous and offered to log in his Hunter and help me with Moria. However, this is just too late: Moria is over for me and with a pain I would have to reject all offers.

I thought about leaving, but there are negative sides: first of all, my “mule” toon that carry Kinship’s goods; then, I would need some Jewellers or just advice – and I have to bear in mind that any regional chat would always be dead; I may need somebody just to talk to about anything, be it weather or quest. I am left in situation where I can’t go back and can’t go forwards, can’t turn left or right and cannot stand for too long. My disappointment with the Kinship is growing every hour. And partial disappointment with the Lotro – too. They made Moria the only region to level up from lvl.52 to lvl.60, leaving no alternatives. Besides, I have no other mmorpg to go to: need PvE with a good crafting and real f2p. Istaria is the only alternative, but there is too much grind even there.

I would possibly resign all my toons, except Mule, from Officer position. What would happen next? Nothing uncommon: festival quests as long as possible and after festival finishes – I will just harvest every metal ore in Enedwaith (some 50 xp per 1 ore while at least 300.000 xp is required for one level…).

Feeling just upset situation iin Lotro.

end of Moria

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday May 1 2013 at 5:48AM
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Day was going as always: festival quests and later - Enedwaith. I rode there without any real purpose. Had nothing to do, no doable quests, almost no doable deeds.

One deed was finished - controlled burn. Received 5 TPs.

In Enedwaith, gathered all I could and supplied "my" Jeweller with Khazad Gold ingots. I hope she would make some use.

Today I deleted last 3 Moria quests related to Silvertine lodes. I receive no help from anyone, although I keep asking if anybody is hunting in Moria. Disappointed in my own Kinship. I would gladly resign from officers and leave Kinship - but I don't know of any other that would be capable of helping me when I desperately need help. And I have a "mule" character that carries Kinship stuff. If not these 2 reasons, I would leave.

Moria is finished for me. Since I will not get any help (and all I need was 1 player of lvl. 57-59 knowing maps of Moria well and wishing to hunt mobs untill we both are lvl.60) - I am leaving Mines of Moria.

Completely out of any fun in Lotro.